Dry Season

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In the 12 months of the year, there will be time where there would be lots of rain and there will be time where it is so dry, the grounds crack.

I think my blog is undergoing the dry season right now lol.

I guess this entire month has been really hectic on my end because it is peak period at my work place, which means I'm basically just fighting a war throughout the entire working hours and then when I come back home, I make dinner, slump in my huge, comfortable sofa and rot my evening away with Nian and Dylan.

That certainly ain't a good piece of blogging material - telling you guys how boring my life is for the moment hahahaha.


Oh, did I mention that my Note 2 is still down? We haven't got a chance to make a journey down to the repair center at all... Sigh. I really miss my phone.

*glances at the iPhone and not feeling one bit of remorse*

Apart from missing the big screen and the easy pressing, I also miss a lot of my games and paid apps from the Play Store. Unfortunately, even though I've technically bought the app and it should allow me to use it across Android and iPhone, this ain't happening.

I can't migrate anything to and fro these two phones at all and I'm really pretty upset. :(

Also, our Internet connection died on us shortly after my phone crashed. LOL FOL. We couldn't stream Running Man or anything like that for the past four days because our wifi is down and our 3G/LTE is completely useless in our new estate. -__-

I think I've proven my point of how monotonous our lives have been for the past week.

BUT OF COURSE! When you go all the way down in life, the only way to go is up! The Internet is back up again yesterday and we finally got our fibre plan up and running. My internet speed is officially as fast as Sebastian Vettel, and that makes me happy. :D

And... I... uh... also did some shopping. :p

I know I'm not supposed to feel guilty when I shop but I'm imagining my husband reading this post right now (he reads my blog #truestory), shaking his head and muttering to himself, "But this woman has SO MUCH clothes already wtf."

In my defence, I always re-wear my clothes! I don't just buy them, wear them once and then chuck it to one side and let it rot.

So anyway, I bought this pair of printed jeans from an actual store in a shopping center. It's definitely worth a mention because ever since blogshops start to sprout out in the Internet, I've hardly bought anything from actual retailers anymore... until recently.

I realized that there are actually a lot of benefits from shopping in an actual store! Come, let Auntie Jac share with you.

1. They are no longer as expensive as they were in the past

Last time, many people flock to buy clothes online because these blogshops have lesser overheads to pay (i.e. no rental charges) and thus their clothes are somewhat cheaper.


I realized that most of the clothes from my regular blogshops range from $23 to $35. I think it is very expensive! I also realize that there are little shops in shopping centers that sell really nice clothes at $10 to $15. You just really need to have the patience to look through those clothes lah.

2. You can try!

Which is really a bonus because how many of us have ordered clothes online that come in weird sizes that you can never fit? Talking about that, I hate those blogshops that state size as FREE SIZE. Free size technically means that it can fit from Size 0 to Size 20 - it is FREE, it fits EVERYONE.

But most of the time, the damn free size is Size 6 or something. Like I can't even squeeze it past my shoulders wtf. What kind of bullshit free size is that. -__-

Ever since I become an auntie, I also think that material is quite important. I'd feel feel touch touch and see if it is too thick (too hot lah) or too thin (may look slutty), will shrink when I wash or not, will become crumpled easily or not... I can only do this at proper shops, y'know?


I'm not even shy to tell you that sometimes I try to bargain when I buy clothes from actual stores and 70% of the time, I get a couple of dollars off. Maybe you may think that I'm stingy, maybe you may think that I'm cheapo but a few dollars discounted off, is a few dollars saved.

I think my husband at this point of time will say, "You will save the most if you don't buy it."


4. It's harder to spot someone with the same clothes

I think this is one of the bonus advantages for me because sometimes it can be quite sian to see people wearing the same clothes as you! And honestly, it is not hard to buy the same thing when the item is bought from a blogshop.

I realized that most shops carry clothes that are quite distinct and unlikely the same design. So far, among all the clothes I bought from actual stores, I haven't seen anyone wearing the same thing yet. Which is good! Because I really hate the awkward moment when you see another person on the street and voila! Wearing the same dress. Wa lauuuu siannnnn.

So yeah! My top 4 reasons why I prefer doing proper shopping right now. :D

Just a picture of my cooking adventures in the Tan's Residence.

I think my mother-in-law is right, the skill of cooking needs practice. The more often you cook, the better you will get and the more short cuts you learn.

I'm not saying that I'm a very good cook lah, but at this point of time, I am definitely better than what I was, 1 year ago, when we first moved in.

In fact to date, I become more adventurous and more willing to try a lot of different cuisine - nasi lemak, chicken rice, Japanese curry & Nian even did Pineapple Fried Rice a couple of weeks back. Not bad right.

In the photo above, I was attempting to whip up some Pajeon and Bulgogi Pork. Something Korean, but I won't be shameless and say that it is ultra delicious hahaha.

The pork was fine, but I think I need to be a bit more generous with oil when pan frying the Pajeon (which btw means seafood pancake).

Oh well, there will always be another chance to try again! ;)

Miss him?

Dylan is 13 months and 2 weeks old as we speak and he is becoming so insanely fun to play with!

He has learned how to walk last month and this month, he is in this "copycat" mode where he will repeat whatever we said. So funny I tell you.

He has also learned how to eunounciate "Mama" and "Papa" very accurately now, using it on the right person. (Dy used to call me Papa wtf)

We introduced him to the 20 cents rides we used to play on when we were young recently and he is also now quite addicted to it -_-

Here's him on a Barney ride hahahhaa and it costs $1 to play! Of course I didn't spend that money lol #stingymom

So yeah! Even though we are kinda down on our tech-luck, everything else has been great and dandy. ^~^ 

Nian and I are celebrating our 5th year paktor anniversary tomorrow! He will be bringing us out for a nice lunch and I think my next blog entry will be a little bit more interesting than this. :p

In the meantime, take care y'all and keep warm in this rainy day! Thank you for reading!

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