Turning 28

Monday, August 26, 2013

As we move on to the last week of August, we finally ended our month-long celebrations and merry making with my birthday.

It all started on 20 Aug, just 2 days before my birthday. Nian and I were walking home after a hearty dinner, pushing Dylan on his pram when I told him, "Laogong, I think I'm having PMS. :(" Then I went on to tell him how I felt like ripping off the heads of people at work LOL.

He smiled, gave me a sideways hug and said, "I'll give you something to make you feel better when we are home, okay?"

Turns out, he bought me a 32GB MicroSD card because my phone was running out of space from storing tonnes of Dylan's videos and photos! I was really quite happy for the night and forgot about my PMS lol.

According to him, that was Part 1 of X for my birthday. Initially, he didn't want to give it to me in advance but since I was having PMS, he decided to give it to me to try to cheer me up lol. #BestHusband

21 August went by in a breeze, with my PMS mysteriously out of the way. I was walking with a spring in my steps... probably because it was my last working day of the week and I REALLY FELT DAMN SHIOK!

The Actual Day

Dylan woke me up at 7.30AM and as I turned to my side, I realized the husband was not in bed anymore. Carried the little boy out of his cot and trotted around the house, wondering where the hell my husband disappeared to... until I saw his text message, saying that he was out buying breakfast for us.

Sounds good! I had wanted to go out for breakfast with my two boys but if Nian is buying back, all the better, right? (No need to get changed and apply sunblock hehehe #lazy)

Budden I waited... and waited and waited. 7.30AM became 8.30AM - no signs of the husband. Wtf the market so crowded meh????

8.30 became 9.30AM.

TWO HOURS ALREADY and that stupid husband is still not home yet. He went JB to buy breakfast issit!

By then, I was thinking of all sorts of things already.

"OMG did he meet an accident?" (Then the MTV of 叶子 started playing in my head wtfffffff)
"OMG maybe he went to meet another girl!" (It happened to me before, so don't laugh at my thoughts!)

I was like worried + annoyed but wanna pretend that I didn't care so I didn't call nor text him at all. In my head it was like, "你这次回来就死定了!(This time you come back sure die!)"

Just then, I received another text from him.

"I meet kor for a while before coming back."

I was sooooooooooooooooooo mad I tell you! Dylan and I were hungry at home, waiting for him to come back with breakfast but it was TEN O'CLOCK and I haven't even seen his shadow yet. Dylan was going for his nap by then and if he were to come back home and wake our son up, I will rip his face off.

Turns out, he came back at about 10.30AM and promptly woke Dylan up right after he fell asleep.

I don't even.

He hurriedly came over to my side and helped me to put Dylan back to sleep while I stormed walked away to calm myself down. Ended up rolling in the bed for a couple of minutes, telling myself to calm down, breatheeeeee and quit being angry on my birthday. It's supposed to be the best day of the year!

I then decided on fold-clothes-therapy. Do you know that it is actually very therepeutic to sit down quietly and fold clothes? So as I was folding and folding in the room, the stupid husband came in (STILL WITH A STUPID SMILE ON HIS FACE SOME MORE) and slipped an envelope into my hands. "This is part 3," he said.

Before I could even open up the envelope, he handed over another huge box.

"And... this is part 4."

He bought me a Chouette.

I've been lusting over their Chouette X Hello Kitty watches ever since they launched it back in 2010 but I never wanted to get it because I think it is not really cheap. One particular model that I really liked was made of plastic with LED lights and silicon-something and it was asking for $1000 okay.

Plastic. $1000. Siao boh?

So it was left as it is. Besides, the collectors are snapping them up really quickly because they were limited editions and by now, most retailers in Singapore are no longer carrying them so I've no idea where my husband got this lobang.

And because he had to work on all days before my birthday, he had no chance to pick up the watch after reserving it since they operate only during office hours. Leaving with no choice, he had to sneak out in the pretext of "buying breakfast" so that he can collect the watch before I wake up.

Looks like I've misunderstood him. :x

Anyway, here's how the watch looks. I RURVE IT!

As though I didn't feel guilty enough for being angry with him as he was rushing out my birthday present, he actually spent time writing me a card.

I... am a sucker for cards.

It makes my heart swarm with warmth whenever someone writes me a card because most of the time, it is very difficult to pen down your thoughts and emotions and cram them all in a small space. To do that for another person, it just shows that you mean a lot as a other half... or a friend, or a family.

Bear's head is popped-up you know! <3

It's nothing really mushy in there, but it is this very card that got me tearing like nobody's business while sitting on the bed. Thank you for all of your efforts, husband. It is really very sweet of you and to think you went through so much for me on my birthday makes me feel paiseh that I only baked you a cake for yours lol.

I will put in more effort and love you as much as you love me!

After cleaning up my tear-strewn face, I called my mom and dad because I wanna go have brunch with them, but my daddy also one kind.

Me: "Hello papa? Wanna go eat?"
Dad: "Ok, where do you wanna eat at?"
Me: "I wanna eat dim sum!"
Dad: "Why today wanna eat dim sum?"


In real life: "I wanna eat la, let's go!"

Turns out my dad pretended to forget my birthday! First thing he said when he saw us was, "Happy Birthday hor." Idiottttt. :)

Mama Chan also gave me a toaster (for days where I think it is ridiculous to turn on the oven just to toast 2 slices of bread) and some NTUC vouchers. I was so happy hahahaha. ^-^

Alright! That'd be all for today. I'll leave my birthday brunch and dinner to the next post. Stay tuned okay?

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