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Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello hello! I'm back!

I was just telling you guys that I've been really busy over the week because first it was Dylan's birthday, then it was our wedding anniversary (which we celebrated really simply but I still think it is quite sweet) and then it was Papa Chan's birthday. It was celebration after celebration!

Moving on, Dylan had a mini celebration with his happy friends just a few days before his birthday! Both Nian and I are very touched by all our friends who made an effort to gather just for this little one. A big thank you for all your time, angbaos and presents! <3

It was a very small-scale party where we sat around our living room, feasting on the cakes and pizza and watching Warm Bodies and Ah Boys To Men II, but it is indeed very warm, fuzzy and cozy.

Yolanda went all the way down to Cake Spade to pick up a couple of cakes for all of us to share and I must say they are really delicious! I personally like their carrot cake and red velvet cake best, while Nian like their signature Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake. I must certainly go back there next time to try more cakes!

Here's Dylan messing around with his new toy from Daen. It may look kinda small in the photo, but it is GINORMOUS in real life. It is so huge that Dylan would sit on it and his toes would not touch the ground. It is so huge that it is longer than Dylan when he is lying down side-by-side to it.

It took up 30% of the space in his playpen, to be honest. LOL. With another 30% taken up by the borrowed Jumperoo, we had to expand his playpen, much to the little boy's pleasure, of course!

On Dylan's birthday itself, we woke up early to prepare our stuff for our staycation at Hard Rock Hotel in Sentosa but before leaving for the staycay, we decided to cut the cake first!

To be honest, even though I already had an initial thought to bake him his first cake, I was seriously considering to buy him a beautiful birthday cake cuz I was quite sure my cake is gonna look ugly and the little boy certainly does not deserve to have an ugly cake for his first birthday!

In fact, I even narrowed down my selection to Swirls, Muffins and More or Sweeetoothaddiction but eventually, I think Mama Bake is better, so mama baked!

Spent 4 hours after I put Dylan to sleep baking this cake so by the time I was done, it was midnight. Decided to do up the frosting, but I overwhipped it and it turned into buttercream omg, so I had to redo another batch in the morning and finally got it ready just moments before we are leaving for Sentosa.

How do you find my blue ombre cake? It was actually a revised recipe from my previous bake for Mama Chan's birthday. The cake I baked the previous time wasn't as vibrant and it was thinner because I didn't have enough batter (oh good lord) so this time, I used coloured gel instead of food dye and the colour is like.... an explosion. SO VIBRANT!

My frosting skills still sucked, so I've to apologize to my son for the delicious but still-ugly cake. But hey! You got them nicer than grandma! #superpositive

Of course it will be presents time after the cake-cutting session! Nian and I went around Kiddy Palace just a few days before his birthday to look for something nice for him. We ended up with two Hot Wheels cars and a MegaBloks ship that can float on water!

First time so excited about buying toys lolwtf.

Ok! Now that everything is done, we are ready to head out for our staycation!!!

But that will come in the next post. Hehe. Because now, I have to go and make dinner already (yes, this post is written in the late evening, even though you're reading it at 12 noon now.) so do stay tuned! We took so much pictures, omg. Can't wait to share with all of you! :D

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