Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Friday, August 09, 2013

This post was meant to be published on Dylan's birthday, which was a couple of days back at 6 August but we were sooooooooooo busy preparing for his birthday, I wasn't able to complete the post so it got delayed to now, some 3 days later hahaha.

This was last year:

And this is him, now. 1 year later. 52 weeks. 365 days.

Amazing how fast a little one can learn and grow, isn't it? :D

Nian and I found out that we were pregnant on November 2011. I remembered how excited we were, as he waited outside our toilet while I was inside fumbling with my pregnancy test kit. As the double lines revealed as though we struck Blackjack, we know our lives are gonna change forever. :)

I carried this little pumpkin for 39 weeks. He was scheduled to be out on his daddy's birthday, but he decided to make his entrance earlier and I delivered him naturally, after 40 hours of labour. I still remember the contraction. I still remember how it was so painful, it made my hair stand and I had to clench my eyes shut whenever it comes. I remembered how I pushed him out and how the doctor threw him on my body.

If you people don't believe at love at first sight, you should just give birth.

My first words to the little boy was.. "Hi Dylan. Omg I love you."

One of my favourite thing to do is to recall his little memorable happenings. Even though this little boy is only with us for 1 year, so many exciting things happened! You can actually just scroll past this chunk if you don't really care what Dy can do hahahaa. (I think it's only because I'm his mommy, that's why I gush about everything regarding him :p)

1 week old: he had to be admitted back into the hospital because his jaundice level was too high. I was heartbroken. I thought about him being hungry and wanting to suckle, but all he got was the cold, hard teats that the nurse would shove into his tiny mouth. Despite being in confinement, I visited him every single day and nursed him for hours until I had no choice but to return him under the blue UV lights.

2 months old: We brought him to his first staycation at Changi Village Hotel. It was very fun! We also brought him to watch Nian play soccer for the very first time and the dreaded immunization.

4 months old: He learned to flip over to his tummy at 4 months old. I think this is when the terror begins lolol.

5 months old: he fell really ill. He usually gets colds and runny noses from his classmates at the infant care, but then, his fever was really high and it refused to subside even after paracetamol. Nian and I brought him down to KKH at freakin' 4AM and had to draw his blood for a blood test. My heart breaks again.

6 months old: He started eating solids and just like his mummy, he loves food! Even until now, food makes this little man a really happy man. He is not afraid of trying new taste, even after me feeding him with chilli-laced porridge accidentally once. He also learned how to sit independently and was able to crawl a little. That was also when he was allergic to Dumex and developed hives. Boy. That was scary. He learned how to wave byebye too.

7 months old: His first two teeth started to cut through and he fell off our bed for the first time ever. He cried like mad!

8 months old: Little boy went for his first overseas trip to Indonesia to look for his daddy, who went over for a couple of weeks for work. It was a very challenging trip to bring him on a flight alone, but thank goodness Dylan was really cooperative and we didn't have too much of a problem. He could also say simple words like "Mama", "Dada", "mummum" (which is a baby language for eating), "duck" and "ball".

9 months old: He learned how to stand.

10 months old: He started swimming regularly. He is now pretty good in water now, I'd say! He also started to cruise, which is a really amusing sight. Apart from that, he also learned how to climb up the sofa. He also learned how to do a high-five, clap his hands and twinkle twinkle little stars. He can also imitate you and wink, if you wink at him! Hahahaha that was really funny.

11 months old: Fell off the sofa and knocked his head. Cried like mad again, but it never stopped the adventurous him from climbing up the sofa at all. As we speak, he is attempting to climb up again! He also learned how to stand unassisted and is doing quite well now. He can now wobble his body to dance and do the incy wincy spider when we sing the song together. :)

Why do I write down all these? I don't know about you, but I am really afraid that I may forget all these milestones as he grows older. I don't know what use it will be for me to remember, but writing down all these happy memories help me to remember them and if one day I really forget, these are here to remind me. It doesn't really matter if they are useful or not, I guess. :)

Okay! That will be all for today. We're heading out to celebrate Papa Chan's belated birthday right now so I'm just gonna keep this post short and sweet. I'll be blogging about Dylan's birthday celebration with his happy friends (which technically are our happy friends) and our staycation at Sentosa.

I'll also be posting about Hello Lobang's latest promotion, which has been a big hit so far! Till then, Asta La Vista, baby.

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