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Friday, August 23, 2013


I think I've said it a million times that Nian and I got married on 8th of August back in 2010... yes? But what I didn't say, was that my sister-in-law is awfully talented with art & craft.

What's the link? Well, three years ago, she made us little "robots" of us as a deco piece for our ROM ceremony. I looked everywhere among these pictures, but I couldn't find their appearances so here's a picture to show you guys!

I like how it comes in yellow, our colour theme for our wedding and these robots look almost just like us!

Many of her friends wanted her template to make these little robot couples but honestly? Even if I give you the template, you also won't know how to print it the right way. It was crazy hard work to cut it precisely, slot it in and PHYSICS come into play too - how else do you think our robot can stand with heads are so big and legs so tiny????

So even though I think these little robot figures are really cute, the chances of me replicating it is almost zero....

Until Richard from sent me an email, asking me to give it a go at their latest customizable project. They are also the brains behind my favourite Instagram magnets, Stickygram, how cool is that? :D

With this brilliant online programme, I can almost replicate myself on little boxes now, with just a few clicks and a little trial and error:

Chose a boy for my first because I wanted to replicate Nian first!

Once you have selected your gender, you'd be brought to this page where you can customize every single feature on your little - from the hair to the eyes to the goatee to the shirt and pants, everything!

Hahaha how is this!? I think I nailed his spectacles, don't you think so?

There are also a huge range of clothes your can wear, but I decided on the #1 Dad for him because... well. Obviously he is the #1 Dad. :p

Similarity Level: 85%
Difficulty in constructing foldable Nian:  60%

I thought it was a little harder to replicate myself because I can't seem to get the eyes right. What do you think? (& of course, how can I miss out the chance to print a #1 MUM on my *eh-hem*)

Similarity Level: 60%
Difficulty in constructing foldable Jac: 75% - I couldn't find a smile similar to mine... and I wish the team can add on some dimples for us to add on! That'd be totally rockin'.

Because Richard had very kindly given us three to customize, I decided to give it a go to try to make Baby Dylan.

Boy. It was HARD.

Similarity Level: 1%
Difficulty Level in creating foldable Dylan: 99% - I can't seem to get the baby features right, no matter how hard I try! I suppose is more suitable for creating adults and not babies.

After customizing your, it will be sent to print and if you live in Singapore like me, you should roughly receive them within a week or two.

I really like the quality of the print when I received my own It is printed on nice, thick paper with matt surface so that your will remain sturdy after you construct it.

All these printing require high-end printers to produce, so it is something that our home printers will never be able to do it.

Here's a comparison between the home-made ones by my sis-in-law, and the ones from I'm sure the print quality difference is rather noticeable, which, by the way, doesn't mean that my sis-in-law's skills suck. It is a limitation from our home printers, ya?

If you look closely at home-made Nian's head, you will also realize that it is slightly lobsided because the paper used is our normal printing paper, hence it can be rather flimsy and fragile.

Having said that, let's take a look at the fixing up process!

Each is split into various parts to be folded separately: the head, the body, the bottom and two hands. They have all been laser cut so all you need is to pop them out from the cardboard - no scissors required at all.

Apart from that, there are also scorelines at the back of each cut-out so all you need to do is to follow the scorelines and fold.

It takes me about 10 minutes to fold a, but I've to say that it is extremely easy to do it even for someone who is terrible at art and crafts. (I also kinda forgotten about my arms of my, but it is already attached to it now, as we talk)

All in all, I like the quality of each of these little robot-people and I think they would make a rather cute gift to someone you love. In fact, I think it may be quite a quirky prop to use during a photo shoot!

What I Think Can Be Improved:
I think the selection base of can be improved. Like mentioned earlier on, I'd LOVE it if there are dimples for us to choose!

I also had some problems deciding the correct hairstyles, noses, eyes and face shapes for the three of us. I wished I can have the option of uploading a picture of ourselves and get the programme to assign (or cartoonize!) our faces so that we can skip this mix-and-match hassle. That way, we will get a even more identical to how we really look like, don't you think so?

Thank you for this review opportunity,! I really had a lot of fun fixing these little boxes of us up and display them on our mantlepiece. It's absolutely lovely. :)

Each of these is available at USD$11.99.

Thanks to, I'm giving away ONE PAIR of for my readers! Would you like to have a set of on your display shelves too? Try your luck below, contest is open to anyone, anywhere ( provides free worldwide delivery!)

Contest ends on 2 September 2013. Good luck!

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