Dylan's Birthday Celebration Part 3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

And so we have it.... the part 3 of a supposedly simple celebration lol.

Fortunately, even though we didn't have a king sized bed and there were renovations going on, the sleep at night was a really good one. There's something about hotels that I can't really identify, but they always make me sleep past my usual timing!

It's a good thing I guess, I do know of some friends who absolutely cannot fall asleep in foreign places and they would stay awake thinking of all those horrifying, creepy hotel ghost stories lolol.

The room we booked wasn't supposed to come with breakfasts, but because they couldn't deliver the king-sized bed we had specifically booked for, they threw in a free breakfast for the three of us out of goodwill.

Not too bad a service recovery, I'd say. Afterall, serving your guests breakfasts isn't a huge investment and it makes them happier in their stay. But that being said, we are very appreciative of this gesture; otherwise we would have to go food hunting early in the morning.... meh.

The food and service are pretty good. Despite the crazy queue for breakfast early in the morning, most of the service staff were very organized and food was constantly refilled, except until towards the end of the breakfast hours, there were no more tea. -__-

As you can see, Dylan is enjoying himself very much at his staycation! ^-^

Right after breakfast, we then adjourned back to the room, changed into our swim suits and headed to this little man-made beach at Hard Rock Hotel for Dylan's weekly swim!

Even brought down his little floating boat for this occasion. Sorry ah, I think my sitting posture a little bit unglam there. :p

Spent a good whole hour soaking in the pool and having fun before we decided to head back to the room to shower and change, before heading to our birthday celebration finale - the S.E.A Aquarium!

Remember I was telling you guys that something epic happened during our stay? Well... here it is.

Nian was carrying Dylan while I was trailing along at the back while on the way back to our room. Just as we were a couple of steps away from the entrance to the hotel, we heard something falling down from above us and before Nian and I could respond, a t-shirt dropped right over Dy and Nian.

And what happened? The wooden hanger hit Dylan squarely on his head.

Everything happened within like... 2 seconds? Dylan was crying really badly while Nian and I looked up, seeing a woman, probably in his late 50s, peering over the balcony.

I was so angry, I tell you... I'd have stormed into their room and whack her damn head with the hanger until her head breaks, if not for that angel in my head.

"SMASH THAT WOMAN'S HEAD, JAC!" says the Devil. "She wouldn't know that the hanger will fall off, it was an accident, Jac. Breatheeeee!" says the angel.

While Dylan was still wailing his head off (did I mention he had a little bump on his head? Talk about 中头奖), I marched into the hotel where the manager on duty, David, happened to be on his way out.

Long story short, Hard Rock Hotel offered to buggy-ride us to their doctor, but because Dylan was still wet from swimming, we decided to shower him and calm him down and monitor him.

In the end, he fell asleep out of exhaustion (cuz he doesn't really cry, this baby. So I think crying + swimming exhausted him lol) and we skipped the doctor because we didn't wanna wake him up. It has been ten days since the accident, and he is okay, if not smarter than before hahahaha.

He just took his first steps yesterday too, so I guess the knock is rather superficial. Thank God. Even though I am still rather mad with that PRC lady, I do hope that she will NEVER hang anything outside the hotel room without securing it properly and I do hope that Hard Rock Hotel changes their hangers to that kind where it is non-removable from the wardrobe.

Can't always have hangers falling on babies' heads, can we?!?

After an eventful morning, we finally headed on to the last activity we planned for our staycation - visiting the S.E.A Aquarium! With this visit, we have successfully completed the attractions at the Marine Life Park Singapore, yayyyyyy. *mission accomplished*

The Aquarium is quite interesting actually. Housed at the basement, I suppose the aquarium is probably a couple of storeys high (deep). So on our way to the basement, we will pass through this museum where you get to go through interesting Indo-China history.

Of course, a lot of photo op as well lol.

Then we entered the Aquarium proper after this:

Aquarium review:

All in all, I think the experience at S.E.A Aquarium wasn't spectacular, largely because of the mad crowd. There were obviously insufficient seating area to accomodate to such a large number of people, so the visitors ended up sitting everywhere and anywhere, which makes it really hard to walk around without kicking someone unknowingly! (Doesn't help that the aquarium is so dark eh?)

There were also no nursing room in the aquarium, so I don't think it is suitable for families to bring babies in... whether or not you're breastfeeding. I mean, if your baby shits, I won't know where to change him either.

Which I don't understand why. It is the world's largest aquarium yet they can't make space for a nursing room. #nologic

Will I go back there again? Personally, not so soon, even though it is possibly a good place to go as a family, it can be quite inconvenient if you have a baby. I think the aquarium is more suitable for families with older kids - kids who will be fascinated with bobbing jellyfishes, smiley stingrays and schools and schools of fishes.

Dylan is annoyed with me because he wants to look at the fishes while I insisted him to take a picture with me lolol.

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