Dylan's Birthday Celebration Part 2

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It doesn't feel like it's mid-week, does it? After such a long and wonderful weekend, it kinda feels like we're paying back all the holidays this week - it's just SUPER BUSY the moment you start work and bim bam bim bam all the way until you knock off, no?!

Well, at least it is for me. I'm kinda tired as I'm typing this, BUT blogging will still go on and today, it is STILL about my little boy's first birthday celebration! I thought there wouldn't be anything much to write about since there were no big parties, but as you can see.... I dunno whether it will stretch to the third post or not. Heeehee.

So after we cut the cake and opened the presents in the previous post, we took a bloody long train ride to Dhoby Ghaut, then to Harbourfront, then to Sentosa Waterfront. It does feel like Tang San Zang going on the Journey to the West. Except we're going to the South.

Checked into Hard Rock Hotel the first thing we reached Sentosa and was disappointed immediately because they ran out of rooms with king sized beds and we were allocated to a twin-bedded room. Booooo.

Not only that, they had some maintenance going on and the drilling noises, good lord. We ran away from our home to a hotel to escape the drilling noises at our place, only to check in to a room with MORE drilling, on a long weekend, no less!!

Actually, shouldn't maintenance work be done during off-peak periods?

Thankfully, we have Daddy around to help us combine the beds so we ended up with a mega bed that Dylan absolutely enjoyed bouncing on! (The housekeepers were s'posed to come by to help us but they took like half-an-hour so by then we've already got it settled.)

As you can see, the experience at Hard Rock Hotel isn't spiffy, but since we are out celebrating, we try to take it as a pinch of salt and continue to be happy. But I tell you, worse things happened later. You read on ok?

Settled for Ding Tai Fung for an early dinner, after reaching Sentosa and checking in at 4PM. Food is good as usual, but they now charge for warm water. -__-

Can someone remind me again if they ever charged for warm water? I remember their tea was FOC, but I'm not sure about their water.

I don't mind paying $1 for a refillable glass of water but I can never understand why would a restaurant stinge on it and charge $0.30, $0.50 for a glass when we've already spent tens of dollars on their food. What's next? Pay for wet wipes like Sakae Sushi and then eventually we have to bring our own chilli sauce?

Anyway, since food and service was good, we didn't mind paying the extra dollar to have some warm water for the three of us. Besides, I was coughing like mad then and couldn't drink anything cold either.

Went for a walk around Sentosa after that and I must say Sentosa has really evolved into a really vibrant island! Do you remember how we had to take the open-air monorail into Sentosa? I really, really loved that. I think it makes a nice experience as compared to the air-conditioned monorail we have now, don't you think so?

Nian and I were also reminiscing the long-gone Fantasy Island and Asian Village (& how I vomited after a Viking ride when I was at a class gathering back in Sec 1 lol) along the way to the beach. It was really lovely. :)

What else do you remember about the old Sentosa? I remembered Underwater World being one of the BIGGEST tourist attractions in Singapore, before the mega S.E.A Aquarium opened its doors in RWS.

And of course, Tanjong, Palawan and Siloso Beaches! There was a period of time where my friends and I were super siao about tanning (like as though I'm not dark enough pfft) and we would go to Sentosa every. single. weekend. We would play volleyball, frisbee, binge on junk food and then lie down on our mats to barbeque ourselves.

In fact, it was one of these trips that I got to know one of my ex-boyfriends hahahaa. My god, those were the days.

My favourite beach was the Tanjong Beach (that one that is super quiet one, with only one bar there last time) because Siloso will be so frickin crowded, you can never find a good place to lay your mat without getting hit by a stray volleyball. 

This little fountain area was also preserved, despite the major upgrading of Sentosa. I'm sure people my age will recognize this, right? I love the lights at the end of this walkway!

This is taken later in the night, after we walked to the beach and were on our way back to our hotel. Everything's really quite different now, after this re-visit after five years, I think. There is this iFly thingy right beside this walkway when previously it was just... nothing.

Siloso Beach is also quite different now! They have these really cute signboards rooted to commemorate (can this word even be used for a living person? Hahahaha) Sticker Lady. I like it very much!

Oh by the way, do you guys know that the popular Cafe Del Maar is no longer around? What is this!

A lot of clubs that I used to frequent have all closed down liao. One fine example is MOS. Do my younger readers even know what is MOS or not!!? I was kinda sad that it closed down because I had a lot of memories in there, good ones and bad ones hahaha.

I also used to hang out at China Black very often! Wtf I think China Black closed down close to ten years already. That's how old I am. :(

Anywayyyyyy, today's post is about Dylan and his birthday celebration lah, why did I even digressed to talk about clubs!

Don't learn that okay, Dylan? Clubbing is affordable for ladies cuz there are ladies nights, but it is extremely expensive for a guy to club cuz you still have to be gentlemanly and send a girl home after midnight. WHOA SHIONG LEH.

I actually had the intention to continue on to Day 2, which I mentioned earlier, something worse happened during our stay but I have no time to complete it today. I'll work on it probably later or tomorrow, but I tell you, the experience was really pretty scary.

Tell you guys more when I have more time on my hands!

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