We went to Hello Kitty Town!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Recently, my husband decided to bring me into Johor Bahru for a day trip and I was expecting it to be a really normal day trip. You know, just ride our bike in, eat lunch, shop shop a bit, pump petrol then come out.

It started off quite normal. Nian and I went to explore Bukit Indah, some 20 minutes ride from the Woodlands Checkpoint and had lunch at this little Chinese restaurant that served a huuuuge range of food.

I wouldn't say it is super cheap, the meal came up to about SGD$20 with three drinks so I'd say it's rather affordable. We had a serving of wasabi fries, which was good! I love how choking the wasabi is, hehehe.

After walking aimlessly at Aeon, Nian was saying it was quite sian and all and he said to cut the day trip short and go home.

I was cool, it really doesn't matter where we are lah. I'd be happy lepak-ing at the comfort of our own house too. Besides, I had lunch and I was full. I'm pretty easy-going when I'm not hungry. :p

Then while we got onto the bike, Nian said that we can take the Tuas checkpoint because it is nearby. Okay lah anything. I haven't gone through the Tuas checkpoint before too, so it'll be nice to check it out!

Turns out, he turned and turned and turned, and he brought me to Hello Kitty Town.

I was quite relaxed when I went in because there's really nothing cute about this building, when you see it from the outside lolol.

But when I went in and I saw the Red Bow Cafe.................

It was like I died and went to Kitty Heaven.


So glad I was in the same colour tone as these cutesy stuff. Makes me look cute too, doesn't it? ^-^

I like Keroppi too!

And Little Twin Stars!


After I went crazy taking photos with almost all the Hello Kitties and Sanrio characters I can spot, Nian finally dragged me to the ticket counter where we bought two tickets into Hello Kitty Town. Each ticket costs RM70. If you're MyKad holder, you only pay RM55 I think.

First things first, I don't think two adults will enjoy a trip in Hello Kitty Town, unless of course you're quite a kitty lover like me. The place is rather small; perhaps the size of two school halls put together? And the activities were rather sparse.

When you first head into Hello Kitty Town, you will spot a little verendah on the right and a Canon Photo Centre on the left. Basically, the staff there will take pictures of you with Hello Kitty and all and then you can choose to purchase the pictures later on when you leave.

All visitors are given this Daily Activity Card, which basically serves as an entrance card to all the activities in the Town. Once you get the stamp, you won't be allowed back to the same activity so it's a one-shot-one-kill thing.

That being said, while I really enjoyed each and every activity, probably because of its novelty. Besides, everything is so cute, it is quite hard not to live in the moment and do silly things together lol.

Very ugly smiley face (me) while queueing up for our first two activities in Wishful Studio
After queueing for about 10 minutes, a group of us were ushered into the Wishful Studio to start on our first two activities!

We are in Hello Kitty's bakery!

My husband don't really know how to camwhore, so pardon him. He was looking at the screen instead of the camera. But do you know what is the first activity? There's a plate.....

And a suspicious looking bowl of.... I don't wanna think about it.

That's right, we were supposed to decorate this kitty cookie with the above chocolate and strawberry jam and then eat them up.

The kitty assistants there said we were only given 5 minutes to do it. O_O

I merely painted my kitty's eyes with chocolate syrup and that was all because the paintbrush was really disgusting lah... it was super frayed and dirty and all. *gulp*

After gobbling down the butter cookie (which was pretty delicious lol), we moved on to activity #2

We adjourned to the "living room" of some sort for our next activity which I'd say... It's purely for the girls.

Nail painting. Hahaha!

Nian made himself useful by painting my nails for me while I chose the colour, but the nail polish sucked balls. Some of them were almost dried up because kids didn't close them tight and you wouldn't expect an O.P.I standard, would you?!

LOLOLOLOL I honestly haven't seen such terrible nail painting in a long, long time. It looked like the nail I painted on my mom when I was 3 years old HAHAHAHAHA

They also offer some cheapo nail stickers for kids to stick them on but given that we were in Hello Kitty Town, surely it isn't too much to be expecting Hello Kitty nail stickers??? :(

Too bad don't have lor. Sad.

Moving on to other colours, I'd say Nian kinda got the hang of it pretty quickly. The next three nails were rather pretty and evenly spreaded. *three cheers for the husband!*

My completed manicure. Zero points for looks, but full marks for the effort! How many husbands will be willing to paint their wives' nails huh?

(On hindsight, how many wives will allow their husbands to paint their nails? LOL)

Check out my pinkie:

LOL really laugh die me. :D

After eating a cookie and painting nails, we moved on to the third activity - exploring Hello Kitty's House. This is my second favourite activity in the entire town I think. All of the displays were so pretty and kawaii!

I told my husband that I want a kitty sofa at home too, but he straight away never give face and rejected me. Hahahaha!

Hello Kitty TV, Hello Kitty study table, Hello Kitty display shelves, Hello Kitty kitchen...

Really OD on Hello Kitties!

There's a piano in Hello Kitty's house too!

Hello Kitty dinner? I cook for you?

Hello Kitty bathroom. I love all the figurines in there! Check out the Zorro Hello Kitty and the Geek Hello Kitty. WHY SO CUTE ONE.

Epic Hello Kitty bath tub. I look so short, fat and excited. Hahahaha!

Hello Kitty bedroom. I didn't know Hello Kitty likes four-poster beds!

More toilet and room shots. Hello Kitty LED vanity table omg!

Walk-in wardrobe. Hello Kitty's house really very big loh. :D

Exited Kitty's house and queued up at yet another lengthy queue for our next two activities. Nian was super sian of the queue but I was still enjoying the buzz of happiness from Hello Kitty's house hahaha.

Another activity for the girls - we had to make jewelry! (Wished the Kitty Assistants had nicer clothes to wear. This is so... ew.)

Sounds complicated, but actually we were given a chain each and then we are supposed to pick a pendant and then run the pendant through the chain... that's all. :O

Again, I don't understand why don't they give us Hello Kitty pendants. I'd have loved my necklace to death okay. What's this lollipop and flower nonsense.

The fifth activity is also another of my favourite. We get to play dress up and take pictures!!!

You can choose between Hello Kitty, My Melody and Bad-Batz Maru. This one was super fun!

After the dress up and photoshoot activity, we went on to the Black Kitty station to complete our adventure in Hello Kitty Town. The Black Kitty station is my favourite station!

The background story of this Black Kitty is about Kuromi kidnapping Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. So while they are trapped inside, I am supposed to carry the lamp, look for clues and save the kitties.

The funny thing was, among the three couples who came in, the Kitty Assistant didn't give any of us the lamp. We were just hanging around wondering what the hell was that, until I couldn't tolerate it any further because no machine in the castle would respond, so I asked for help.

Kitty Assistant very calmly stopped her conversation with an abang and passed me a lamp. O.O I cannot believe she was so busy talking to this other guy, she totally didn't care about who is coming in and whatever she was supposed to distribute. Man, that girl must either be very lazy at work or is super infatuated with the abang.

Anyway, with the lamp, Nian and I started on our adventure!

Saving the kitties is quite exciting, I must say. First, we had to answer some quiz on a computer, then find our way out through a stone maze. When we got out, we are supposed to use the lamp to shine on the well (left picture) to reveal our secret logo and an accompanying letter for our password.

After getting the first password, we will then move on to various rooms to solve various problems. Each solution will then reveal another alphabet of the password.

Eventually, at the last station, we will need to key in the password and if it is correct, we get to save the kitty!

With competitive people like Nian and I, you can bet we won't give up until we found every single clue and YAY we saved Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel and was awarded a certificate of achievement ahahaha! *proud*

If you were to compare it with Kitty Lab that was in Singapore back in 2009, I'd say Kitty Lab was worth the money because they had really nice takeaways like good citizen badges and landyards and card holders. The only thing I took away from Hello Kitty Town was painted nails, certificate and two necklaces that didn't bear any Hello Kitty markings.

For Kitty Lab, you have to clear out from the lab within 30 minutes and there were no photography and videography allowed, which sucks balls. This one is definitely less rushed and you can take all the photos and videos in the world you want. So which would you pay for?


Despite the place being relatively small, I'm glad I had a great time nevertheless!

I'm thankful that even though we are together for five years (which is rather long, in my opinion LOL), my husband still takes the effort to bring me out to places to surprise me - it is not just the effort to ride down to Hello Kitty Town. He actually went into JB to reccee the area a couple of times before bringing me along so that he is familiar with the surroundings.

While there are many areas that Hello Kitty Town can improve on, I guess being in each other's company is the priceless part. From eating cookies to painting nails to jewelry making... My husband has done it all with me lol.

Thank you for the trip once again, Hubba Bad-Batz Maru! <3

Yes, being ultra touristy, we bought a photo at RM30. Heeheehee

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  1. Looks quite fun! I'll be bringing my kids to The Little Big Club and Hello Kitty Town in another week or so, super looking forward!

    1. Enjoy yourselves!! Do remember to bring a camera with good flash. We used our phone camera and all the pictures turned out too dark and grainy. :(


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