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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy midweek everyone! As all of you should know by now, Nian and I are running Hello Lobang, which essentially sells discounted attraction tickets. Since we started back in May, many of our customers had been asking us lots of difficult questions like:

"Where exactly is S.E.A Aquarium ah?"

"What's there in Adventure Cove?"

"Oh, apart from Pandas hor, what else can we see in River Safari ah?"

They may sound easy to you but it is actually quite difficult for us because we've never been there before ourselves so when our customers ask us where exactly is the Aquarium, we also dunno. -__-

So one day, Nian decided that we should do a little homework and visit these places ourselves so that if our customers were to ask us, we will know what to say, right? And knowing what we're selling will only make us better businessman & woman lolol.

Having said that, we took a day off last week and headed to Adventure Cove together! As you can see, it was just the two of us, hence we have a rather retarded self-shot above.

Because motorcycles are not allowed in Sentosa (I dunno why. Why ah? Motorcycle too low class is it?), Nian and I parked our bike at Vivocity and then took the monorail in. To get to USS/Aquarium/Adventure Cove, you will just need to alight at the next station, Waterfront.

Got a bit lost for a while while we naviagated through Chili's, Reese's Chocolate, Garrett Popcorn etc before we found the Aquarium.... and then upon walking in further, we found the entrance to Adventure Cove!

Changed into our swim gear and we're ready to go! I wore a sports bra instead of the usual bikini top because I foresee a lot of splashing and sliding down of slides, so I didn't wanna 走光 (expose myself accidentally).

Generally, the staff there aren't really particular about what you wear. I've seen ladies wearing really tiny bikinis to ladies wrapping it all up with tights and full sleeved tops attempting the rides with us so I guess you can wear whatever you like lol. No own pictures after this because we kept them all in the locker to thoroughly enjoy ourselves!

The lockers are expensive by the way. $10 for those usual small ones and $20 for a large one. I guess the good thing is that you can reuse it again and again.

We started off our adventure with the lazy river, also known as the Adventure River.

Adventure River

Photo taken from (here)
The river is 620 meters long and you can spend up to 30 minutes if you just let yourself float along the river channel. There are several exits to lead you to different parts of the Cove, so Nian and I did the first half when we first got there, exit halfway and went on to play other slides.

Dueling Racer!

Photo taken from (here)
Our first ride was the Dueling Racer! This attraction really set my adrenaline flowing, even though it is only a straight ride down!

Basically, you and a friend grab a mat each and then prone on it. When both of you are ready, you push yourself off and race down the steep slope to see who can travel the fastest and furthest! What you can't see in this photo is that the slope isn't just a steep downward slope. In fact, it looks like this sideways:

Sorry, drawing still hasn't improved after all these years. :p

So as you can see, there's this plateau part on the slope before you plunge down again and THAT'S EXACTLY THE SCARY PART because you are going so fast down, the sudden flat ground will cause you to fly and then land back on the slope!

Omg lor I was screaming as I went down the first slope, after which I was just so horrified I couldn't scream anymore LOLOLOL.

But it was fun! And be sure to kick off really hard so that you can enjoy the maximum thrill!

 Pipeline Plunge

Photo from (here)
Before I went into Adventure Cove, I had the plan to just sit around the Adventure River, rest and relax and avoid all the exciting attractions cuz I thought maybe, just maybe I'm a leeetle beet too old for these scary stuff.

But no, my husband will not allow me to wimp my way out so after the Dueling Racer, he pulled me to join the queue for the Pipeline Plunge and Tidal Twister! Both queues snake side-by-side so it can be quite troublesome because most visitors won't know that they have to queue for either one..... and they end up in the middle of both queues.

By then, I had already toughened up and my awakened adventure spirit was more than ready to splish splash our afternoon away!

I personally like the Pipeline Plunge more because it is faster. The Tidal Twister is more bumpy, but not as fast so if you're scaredy like me, perhaps you can try the Twister first to build some courage. :p

Whirlpool Washout

Picture taken from (here)
Whirlpool washout is also one of our favourites. To imagine how psychotic this ride can be, just imagine yourself to be a particle being washed down the sink because that's exactly how it is!

We were being pushed into a short, dark tunnel that went super fast. It was so dark, we couldn't see where we were going! Guess that's what the excitement is, right?

We then emerged into this open "sink" area, where we would go round and round several times, just like how a particle will swim about in the sink before it gets pulled down by the whirlpool suction and when you get sucked down by the whirlpool, OMGGGGGG!

The Whirlpool Washout shares the same staircase as the Spiral Washout. We skipped the Spiral one because we wanted to try Riptide Rocket, which is like the most popular ride in Adventure Cove. We queued 1 hour for that and by then, we had to pick Dylan up so we didn't have time to queue for this one anymore.

Riptide Rocket

Picture from (here)
Riptide Rocket is probably the most popular ride in the entire Adventure Cove because apart from making use of the hydro-kinetic power to make your float go super fast, this ride makes use of hydro-magnetic power - South East Asia's first!

I don't know how this magnetic power works, but the wait is really, very, very long considering that we went on off-peak period (i.e. a normal weekday afternoon!). At some point in time, I think the conveyor belt or something broke down and the queue was stationary for a good whole 30 minutes. -__-

Of course, the ride was reinstated after a trial run by the life-savers and proved to be working well so we managed to get on it after a painful one hour wait, only to zoom zoom zoom and end within 20 seconds. Gua gua gua.

I don't know to be excited or to be disappointed. You see, the ride itself is really good. The conveyor belt leads up to a steep slope behind, where you will drop off with a crazy speed. All I knew was I was plunging downwards again and again and my heart kept leaving my body!

I didn't even remember if our float went upwards anymore during the ride :x

It was disappointing because of the queue. I don't find it justifiable to queue for something for so long, only to end it within seconds. It makes me annoyed.

Overall Review

All on all, I think the Adventure Cove is worth a visit if you have children, or are between 9 to 35 years old. I've seen some older people there, but there's really nothing much you can do, except to laze around on the beach chairs or wade around in the Seahorse Hideaway. You can go touch the Stingrays, but at an additional cost.

If you're not keen on touching the stingrays, you can take a ride down the Adventure River. At a particular part of the route, you can see them stingrays upclose! There's also another part in the Adventure River where you go through a tunnel and you can see an array of river fishes up close.

Those two were the best parts, I think! ^-^

You can also choose to snorkle at the Rainbow Reef. You don't need to pay extra, and I think it is quite a good experience. Another one that I didn't mention above is the Bluwater Bay. It is really fun when the waves are coming because they are good and strong, unlike those public swimming pools one lol.

Tickets are at $33 for adults and $23 for children if you walk-in and buy at Adventure Cove but you can get it at only $28 if you buy it from Hello Lobang. Children tickets are at $20.

I hope you like this review! Thank you for reading!

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