Stupid Rules, Stupid Keyboard Warriors

Monday, July 08, 2013

Earlier on today, a mummy friend shared this post that was published on Stomp with us:

The gist of this whole report is that the couple's daughter is fast asleep in the pram and they decided to take a bus for two bus stops, with the pram opened. Quite common sense right, cuz their daughter is asleep and they didn't want to wake her up.

The bus driver has another take altogether - he insisted the couple to carry their sleeping daughter out of the pram and close it, or else he will not drive because of safety reasons.


Safety reasons? WHAT safety reasons? 

As quoted by another mummy:

"Safe for who? If the bus decides to break suddenly, won't the baby be more likely to fly out of the parent's arms as compared to him being strapped to his own stroller?"

Also, if you all take buses often enough, you will also realize that these folded prams are often unsecured. Won't it be an even bigger hazard as compared to one that is opened and held down by an adult?

So I dunno for whose safety these bus companies are worried about lah okay.

If the bus companies can make concessions to make it more wheel-chair friendly to disabled people, why can't they make it more pram-friendly to mothers and babies? Disabled people sitting on a wheelchair, isn't it about the same as a baby in a pram?

Do the bus drivers insist on these disabled people to get off their wheelchairs and close them up for safety reasons? No right? How is a pram more dangerous than a wheelchair, may I ask?

And then as if a stupid rule is not enough, there are stupid people who keep harping on a rule that doesn't make sense, calling the mother self-centered, irrational and selfish.

You know what? These people are the exact type of keyboard warriors I detest. When you want to argue something, argue logically. Don't trivalize someone's problems with your stupid none-the-more-constructive comments.

Tie the stroller to the back of the bus? Buy a car? If don't buy car that means the family is stingy? Take a cab?

WTF. I will not comment on the tying of stroller to the back of the bus - I'm giving him the benefit of doubt that he is being sarcastic and not stupid but hello? Even if you take a car or a cab it will still require you to close the pram leh??????

What kind of brilliant solutions are these?


Why so agitated, you ask?

Well............ lao niang has gone through this situation before and trust me, IT SUCKS.

Imagine you're out alone with a baby. A baby ok. Not a child who can stand independently. You have no car and you need to take a bus. And you need to close the fuckin' pram.

How are you planning to do that while carrying a baby on one hand?

Why not let's make this scenario just a little harder - you have a double stroller (those that can sit two kids). How are you gonna carry two kids, a pram and a diaper bag? :)

And oh, don't forget, you do need an extra hand to tap the bloody ezlink card.

This is more Mission Impossible than the Ghost Protocol. How many hands do mummies have? Usual people have two and mummies have eight?

Wouldn't it be much easier if the buses can help mummies with the ramp (that they use to help wheelchairs to board) so that we can push them up easily, and then allocate an area, like how they set it for the wheelchairs, for us to strap the pram, with our child inside?

No, apparently it is much easier to put the ball in the parents' courts. 

YOU close your pram. YOU do this. YOU do that. YOU are paying us for the transportation but no, we are not gonna make the ride anymore convenient for you than it already is. YOU deal with it yourself, if you can't, then take a cab or buy a car, don't be stingy.

No money to buy car or take cab? Then don't complain. Oh, why don't you walk then?
Of course we can walk under a sweltering sun with our babies for two bus stops while people who have no prams can take the luxurious air-con buses and say bullshit isn't it? #sarcasm

So please, SBS and SMRT buses. There is a cause for concern here. You can't expect every mother father gentleman to be closing their prams for safety purposes. It's not that we don't want to do it, but sometimes, circumstances make us unable to do it.

Get rid of this stupid rule. Do something that truly helps parents like us who have no private transportations and have to rely on both buses and prams on a day-to-day basis.

And you stupid keyboard warriors, I hope one day you go through this too. And when that happens, I do hope you will tie your pram at the back of the bus.

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