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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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One of the most intolerable things that can happen to me is to work with an empty stomach. I know some of you are God-like; you can be so concentrated at work, you go without food for the entire day.

For some of us like me, we're the exact opposite. I cannot concentrate at work unless I am full and happy. That being said, sometimes our work require us to run from one meeting to another, and another... AND another.


As all of you should know by now, CP Foods provides busy working people like you and I a huge range of ready-to-cook frozen food so that we can whip up a storm easily in our kitchens but... what if we don't even have the time to head into the kitchen?

That's where Snax! come in. Located at Takashimaya B2 and JEM B1, Snax! serves a variety of ready-to-eat CP snacks on convenient kebab sticks.

Only at $1.80 per skewer or $5 for three

Apart from skewers, Snax! also caters to people who are looking at a fuller meal. Here are three variations you can choose from:

(Images from left to right)
1. Two chicken skewers + rice / fries - $4.60
2. One chicken & one shrimp skewers + rice / fries - $5.10
3. Two shrimp skewers + rice / fries - $5.60

If the variety is still not enough for you, here are some Tortilla Shrimp Wraps to go at $4.90. There is also a chicken version at a dollar cheaper.

My personal favourite has to be the Korean Chicken that is only available for a limited period of time!

Korean Chicken spiced up in Honey Lemon, Soy Garlic and Spicy!

The last time I tried the Spicy version, I thought it was too spicy for me so this time, I tried the Honey Lemon and I'd say, it fits my tastebuds perfectly.

The serving is also quite substantial so I'm quite sure you will be full enough to last through another meeting without fainting.

Now that you've read it so far, I'd like to give six readers a chance to try out some snacks at Snax!

Just follow the simple steps below, good luck!

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