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Monday, July 15, 2013


Someone sent mummy here a secret parcel, but Little Mr. Kaypoh decided to investigate for me first. Unfortunately, this little 10-month-old boy couldn't figure out what was it... so Mommy was asked to take over!

Check out what we've got

Loads of Nescafe coffee for Mama Tan and Mama Chan (who LOVES Nescafe's coffee) and Kit Kat and Baci chocolates for our family!

You know, when I posted it up on my Twitter, gushing about my gift basket, many of my friends also wished that they can have one. The thing is.... you can also send someone a gift basket too!

From now till 31 October 2013, all you need to do is to LIKE Nestle Singapore's Facebook Page to participate in the Give-A-Basket contest where you can send your family, friends and colleagues virtual gift baskets.

I've decided to send another Togetherness basket to my husband because I think he truly deserves a commendation for all his efforts in being a good husband and a good daddy. Without him, our family will not be together.

There are also the Activity basket (consists of loads of Milo products! A good choice if you love Milo) and the Goodness basket (consists of loads of Maggi products - good if you cook often!)

Is there someone in particular that you really want to send a token of appreciation to? In fact, you can also send it to a deserving stranger - perhaps a friendly bus driver, a hardworking cleaning lady at work... anyone!

Nestle Singapore will be giving away 18 baskets weekly so I'd say, chances of you giving a REAL basket is pretty high.

Let's keep the Appetite of Life going!

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