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Monday, July 01, 2013

Wow, first of July already.

This also means that half of  2013 is gone.... so soon. How has your resolutions coming along? I hope you're in the midst of completing / achieving them as we are speaking.

As for myself, I think I'm still on track. Started off with four resolutions for this year:

1. Take good care of our body,
2. Learning to let go,
3. Avoid social comparison and
4. Buying a car.

We've been trying to "eat clean" - I haven't had bubble tea for almost two months! I think I can set a record already hahaha. I've also been cooking rather regularly to control the amount of MSG and salt we are taking in and of course, exercising. I hope it's a good effort!

As for buying a car, Nian and I were contemplating really hard just two months back if we should just buy a car before the 40% downpayment nonsense comes into force again in June.

We decided to not buy the car after several rounds of discussions.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed because I don't think we will be able to afford a car in the next few years if we hadn't commit to it right there and then because a 40% downpayment for a $70K car will mean we have to fork out $28K of cash the next time round.

I honestly don't think it's a smart decision to throw in such a huge sum of money as downpayment wtf, unless of course by then we have lots to spare... then it's another story altogether lol.

Also, we were looking at a second-hand Volkswagen GTI (which I really like, after their Scirocco) that was going at quite a good price. I thought we probably missed a really good opportunity... but I trust Nian. If he thinks that we will be able to make a better purchase next time round, I will trust him in that. So.. no car for this year! :)

I think letting go and no social comparison go hand-in-hand.

So far, I haven't been engaging in any social comparison, which is good because it really puts my competitive nature to a rest for a while. It was quite difficult when I first started because so many people are comparing so many things!

How much is your pay, how far are you 'up there' in your professional ladder, what new accessories have you bought, is your son crawling already and the "how much is your husband earning" omg wtf.

Let me just say... while money is important, it is not an absolute term to define success. There are people who earn tonnes of money but splurging none to show, yet there are those who are spending money that they have not earned.

When you see people working hard, does it necessarily mean that they are not earning enough? Some work hard because they don't know what is enough, and some, work hard because they truly love what they do.

How do you compare things like that?

I think most importantly is to be contented with what we have. We're happy and healthy. We've got a roof above our heads. We have a little bundle of joy who is climbing all over the sofa as we're talking. It's quite a success too, isn't it?

Of course, I'm not saying that people shouldn't work hard to try to earn more money. You should, but you should only do it for yourself and not for comparison and not to impress others. At least, that's what I think lah.

Moving on, I've mentioned in my previous post that I actually went to La Pizziola with my ex-classmates before my second trip with Samson... so here's the post hahaha.

We initially had plans to visit Wimbly Lu for lunch but because it is more of a desserts place, my classmate, Huitong, suggested going to La Pizzaiola just right beside for some lunch.

I'm sure you can tell that it is an Italian restaurant from its name wtf.

La Pizzaiola is a really small and quaint restaurant, but it can be really noisy and crowded on a weekend. Service was prompt, but not really friendly. That's okay I guess, I can handle less-friendly servers than to have slow service.

Food wise, I would say that the charcoal-roasted pizza ($15) isn't really my cup of tea - the edges were kinda burnt and had a slight bitter taste. The Tortelli Di Zuca ($14) is not bad though, the ravioli is firm to bite and insides were filled with really yummy pumpkin, sage and butter and topped with parmesan.

However, I find that the serving is rather miserable. This is shared between Nian and I and as usual..... I am hardly full after eating four slices of pizzas & 2 pieces of the tiny ravioli. And I think it is rather expensive to be paying $3 per piece of the teeny piece of ravioli wtf!

So after lunch, we wanted to move over to Wimbly Lu for desserts. The annoying thing about Wimbly Lu is that they don't take reservations for huge numbers (we had 9 of us) and when we walked in, most of the tables were occupied and we had to wait quite a while for another large group to disperse.

Not knowing when exactly will they be leaving, we decided to skip Wimbly Lu and headed down to Rokeby further down the street.

Rokeby is an Australian restaurant. Although Australia is probably my favourite country, I wasn't too impressed by whatever they served.

Nian and I shared the carrot cake, which was okay.... it was not bad, but it was definitely not memorable. Heck, it didn't make me wanna take the second bite immediately at all. It was mediocre at best.

Didn't try the Caramel Macchiato - it was my other classmate's and I thought the coffee art was cute... hence the picture lol.

Wore this lovely cropped top, which is currently one of my favourites, for the meet-up. I like the golden details at the hem and I think I've mentioned before, I can never resist a royal blue like this. I have so many clothes in the same shade of blue but I just keep buying them!

And then here's my little buddy and I at La Pizzaiola, just before lunch is served. This was like probably two months ago. This little one now has much more hair and definitely cheekier than before. Haha! He's 47 weeks today btw, which means he has another 5 more weeks to go before he hits the BIG 1 ^-^

It is really quite okay for me to be taking public transport with him for the rest of my life you know? :)

La Pizzaiola
15-3 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

15 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

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