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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello hello! It's the dreaded Monday again but cheer up! It's the last week of July already and that means that August is coming and that means that WE ARE GONNA HAVE OUR FIRST PUBLIC HOLIDAY AFTER 2 MONTHS!

2 together side-by-side some more!

I'm really looking forward to August because it is my favourite month. No prizes for guessing why ok. It's simply because it is my birthday month and I get to eat cakes for ALL the 31 days of it because my father, father-in-law, Dylan and Nian's birthday all fall in August.

5 people's birthdays in a month, every week eat one cake also not enough!

Ok ok, before I digress and talk about birthdays and cakes and celebrations, let me share with you guys the goodies found in July's Vanity Trove ya. VT also just launched a fully customizable version that is coming to your doorstep (literally) in August. More details on that, later!

As compared to the May and June's Vanity Troves, I would say that this month's trove has more 好料. (Better 'ingredients'!) Masks are usually a frequent item in the trove, so for this month, we have two types of masks - a sheet mask and an apply-on one. Let's take a look!

D'Glamouric Trinity Series Masque

When I first saw the mask, I had a mild shock when I saw "Sheep Placenta" as one of the extracts found in the mask lol.

While I was pregnant with Dylan, many people asked me if I was gonna harvest my own placenta and eat it after I delivered. My expression was like this:

WTF I cannot lahhhhh. How to eat something that is out from my own body!?

Apparently, placenta is one of the richest sources of cell nutrients and anti-ageing compounds. Prized for its high concentration of young stem cells, studies have also discovered that placenta contains abundant levels of active growth factors and anti-oxidants that are supposedly good for anti-ageing.

Then I realized people also inject human placenta into their skin to maintain their youthful look, omg.

I think I'm quite vain and I'm quite scared of looking old, but injecting human placenta into my skin and eating human placenta is quite out of my league so I guess applying a mask with sheep's placenta extract is the next best thing I can try.

REVIEW: Although my skin is moisturized after the mask session, I find that there are no significant effects in brightening nor lightening of fine lines. Perhaps it is because this is the only time I am using it, hence the results are not obvious.

Most anti-ageing products will take some time and definitely more than one application to work.

Box of 10 sheets are going for $80 (promo price, UP $100) and is available at dglamouric.com.

Herborist Whitening and Revitalizing Mask

Herborist is another interesting product because while the D'Glamouric sheet mask makes use of sheep placenta, the Herborist is like a 'vegetarian' version of skincare products.

Making use of the popular Chinese pearl powder and seven whitening herbs, Herborist is able to whiten up your skin naturally without any additional chemicals.

REVIEW: Personally, I prefer the Herborist apply-on mask more, even though it is more inconvenient having to wash off the mask after application.

Somehow, the idea of plants and herbs are more appealing to me as compared to placentas lol. The whitening effect is rather minimal on first use, but the skin feels considerably lighter after usage. Some of the white heads on my forehead are also gone when I washed the mask off.

SKINC Regulate Vitamin C Serum

I think this is probably the highlight of the entire Vanity Trove for the month of July - a retail size SKIN INC Regulate Vitamin C serum worth $169!

Vitamin C in skincare is largely used for whitening purposes as it is highly effective against dark spots and dull skin. Whenever I visit my dermatologist, she will always prescribe Vitamin C serum for my freckles and I think they do a great job in ensuring that my skin doesn't get darker as I grow older lol.

If you have regular acne outbreaks, Vitamin C is also good for your skin as it is anti-inflammatory. It will soothe the angry pimple & heal it such that you don't get a scar from these acne attacks.

REVIEW: I like how light and easily absorbable this product is. I didn't need a lot of it to spread across my entire face - I usually use about 3 to 5 drops and then apply them evenly.

Just remember to apply them on your neck as well, you won't want to have a wrinkly neck to go with that youthful face. :)

Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup

Another product that is worth a mention in this month's Vanity Trove is the Jane Iredale Skin Care make-up. In this little sample, I received a miniature Just Kissed Lip Plumper, LipDrink, Amazing Base Loose Powder and Mineral BB Cream.

I tried on the Forever Pink Lipstain and the Mineral BB Cream for a start:

REVIEW: Stained colour is quite subtle. If you're expecting lipstick kind of intensity, then you may be disappointed. I had it on for the entire day but I didn't spot any changes on my lips. Which can be a blessing, I guess? I don't know what colour the lipstain will change into so it is better to be safe than to be weird! :p

 REVIEW: I personally like the Mineral BB Cream very much. As you can see, the BB Cream blends well and lightens up my skintone by more than 2 shades. This is something I'd gladly use on a regular basis if only the sample size isn't just a sachet.

Some other products available in this month's Vanity Trove also include Avance Make Up Remover and a range of Vichy Normaderm products.


Fully Customizable Vanity Troves

Many of us hesitate to sign up for such fukoburuko concept because very often, we are afraid of receiving a trove of stuff that are not suitable for us.... after paying $25 for it. Vanity Trove has heard about your concerns and so, they've launched their customizable Vanity Trove coming August 2013.

 To customize your Vanity Trove, simply head on down to vanitytrove.com and you will be prompted to answer a couple of questions about yourself.

After completing your beauty profile, the system will generate the beauty products most suitable to your profile for you to pick and choose. Even though I like the element of surprise in receiving a mysterious Vanity Trove every month, this selection will assure you that you are suitable for all the products within the Trove, thus making your $25 more worthwhile. :)

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