Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How are you guys! I know, this may sound kinda weird to you guys but it sounds perfectly normal to me because I haven't been blogging for the past two weeks. Hee.

Of course, you still see updates on this blog from time to time because there was once I was very, very hardworking and I churned out like tonneeees of posts at one shot and then scheduled them to appear during times when I think I needed a break. (Which was like the past two weeks, I guess.)

Lots of things have happened over these two weeks, of course! And I am blessed to say that everything that has happened are all wonderful, happy things. I wanted to say that I cannot ask for more, but that would be lying, wouldn't I? Hehehe. I want more good things to happen!

I will be doing a small recap below, most of the images are from my Instagram and I would like to think that I'm more active there so please follow me! (I'm most active on Twitter la. What to do? I'm damn talkative LOL)


Bought a whole lot of wire ties to replace all the fugly looking ones at home and now all my wires looked so cute! I kinda squealed in happiness when I opened the stuff, but I think my husband almost fainted when he saw the amount of these cutesy stuff I bought. Hee.

Anyways, since I have so many extras, I am letting them go! Do you want to buy? I will throw in free postage ahahahaha.

Quite a lot of my instagram and facebook friends bought it and I'm really happy. Share the joy ma, correct? :D


Did I mention I got key covers too? Now my keys SO CUTE lor!!


Nowadays, I keep opening and closing my doors randomly just to use my keys. HAHAHAHA damn bo liao!

(I've a couple of extras for this also. You wanna buy?)


Sorry, looks like this whole post is gonna be on Hello Kitty liao. No wonder I said I spent it wonderfully!

A dear friend whom I know online actually went through the trouble to help me purchase this pair of Hello Kitty ear studs when she was travelling to Bangkok and so!!! I have this pair of very cute, very sparkly ear studs on my ears now as I type. IMSOHAPPY.


Le husband brought me to Singapore Favourite Foods 2013 after I read Maureen's blog entry on it. You know, that's the thing about some eateries these days. When the media goes, everything is super-sized and super-yummy. When the public goes, it's a different story. -___-

First off, both the husband and I were shocked by the prices at Singapore Favourite Foods. I'm so sure the prices are jacked up at least 100% as compared to the usual times at their usual hawker centres! I mean... wtf. $4 for a plate of rojak with such a tiny serving size is a sin ok. So is a plate of $5 carrot cake that looked like a $2 serving.


The rojak is not bad lah, but I am extremely shocked that there were no tau pok in my rojak. Ohmaigot no tau pok in my rojak.

My reaction when I realized that there were no taupok in my rojak
The best dish for the day was the crispy pork with salted egg yolk. It was so good, it makes me wonder what the hell are the other stalls doing there. WTF U NO UPKEEP YOUR STANDARDS U STAY IN YOUR HAWKER OK.

The carrot cake, I tell you. It was so bad I think my toes can cook better. It was the most disappointing of the lot.


Well... uh. I guess that is all, after my rampage on the stupid Singapore Favourite Foods lol. Of course there are other things, like having a weekend lunch at Pizzahut and we ate so much, I thought my jeans button was gonna burst and fly out.

We also went to my favourite tze char restaurant, after a long, long time, to have my favourite fish maw soup. It's really a very small thing, but it makes me very happy. ^-^

Oh. I also fell sick this week. I was coughing so bad I felt giddy, can you believe it? I then tweeted that I'd rather have a whole month of runny nose than to have a day of cough. Then the next day, I had such a bad runny nose I had to stay in bed all morning. On a weekend. -___-

Luckily, the runny nose subsided, but the cough stayed. Geez. I really hope I'll recover from this cough soon cuz it is making me so breathless man. :(

 Ok lah! Really nothing already. I just thought of doing a simple update and there I am, going on and on and on. Really becoming loh soh like auntie. :x

Little boy turned 50 weeks old yesterday! He is learning how to walk now, which can be really terrorizing because he is cruising everywhere and CLIMBING everywhere!

He also learned more new words recently. He can differentiate between cats and dogs, calls a dog "wou wou", knows where his nose is and all. Aaaaand.... he's so ching chong because his infant care was celebrating Racial Harmony Day! SO cute to see all the little bubs wearing traditional costumes I tell you. :D

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