Bringing Dylan to East Coast Park

Friday, July 12, 2013

I love public holidays. The thought of a workless day (be it for Nian or myself) really perks me up even though the little boy wakes up at 6.30AM, rain or shine, public holidays or not.

Kinda sucks that we won't be having any public holidays until August (why are you so sucky, June and July?) but I guess we will just have to trudge along and maybe... take some annual leave or two? (You would see that I'm not recommending taking MC *eh-hem*)

So anyway, we decided to head down to East Coast Park during the Vesak Day weekend. It was quite an impromptu outing (as you can see from what I was wearing), but it was really fun nevertheless. :D

It was little Tan's first time to the beach!

Here's a #ootd post for Dylan and myself - Mama Chan has been giving me hand-me-downs from my YOUNGER sister, no less, but I'm glad that I have new clothes to wear and most of them fit me even though my sis weighs probably like 38kg wtf.

I don't know why she buys clothes so many times bigger than her own size but her loss is my gain, yay!

And that's Dylan werking the model pose and the intense stare.

The drive to the beach is really quite a peaceful one. Dylan just sat in his little safety seat, with me beside him and Daddy at the front... and we are all singing to random children songs while Dy claps along.

It's definitely a time I don't mind getting trapped in! Despite it being a public holiday, the beach was rather quiet too, which was nice, because who likes noisy beaches wtf.

Check out Dylan's "fringe" HAHAHAHHA and probably another intense stare from him.


"My mom takes a ton of nonsense pictures. Can't we just enjoy the breeze and sand?"

Alright, alright. Throwing you the last picture of our first beach trip.


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