A Date at Little Pancakes

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This was way, way back like 2 months ago but the post got shelved further and further back as there were more happenings. Hehe.

It was yet another free day for us when Dylan is still at his infant care while we have a couple of hours to spend together before picking him up so we drove our family car out to explore the little explored (for us lah) Upper Thomson Road and we went into Little Pancakes!

Little Pancakes is a very simple, unassuming cafe that you may just walk past and miss it, if not for its super cute and prominent little pancake man and lady mascot. Apart from serving the usual sweet pancakes, they also offer the savoury option.

As compared to the service at Choupinette, Little Pancakes is a joy to be dining at because the servers were prompt and friendly. One of them very readily recommended us some of their best-sellers, Going Nutella About You,  but as soon as she heard that we didn't want to have our dish too chocolatey, she recommended us to change the chocolate ice-cream to vanilla instead.

Another server advised me to eat my roasted marshmallows first because they will harden as they cool down. It makes me feel that they really enjoy working there, you know?

I really love the roasted marshmallows on my dish, firstly because I didn't expect the marshmallows were toasted (didn't really read the menu actually. It was like "OREOS! OK ORDER.") and secondly, it was really divine when the melted marshmallows were eaten together with the oreo cookies.

OMG super love!

I feel that the pancakes can be a little fluffier. Somehow, I think the surface is a little overdone for mine. I also think that paying $8.20 for both dishes are rather expensive for the small portion, but all in all I'm really impressed with their service and the idea of little cutesy pancakes.

Will I go back to Little Pancakes again? Probably. I want to try their savoury pancakes because I heard their All Day Breakfast & Ham and Cheese is quite yummy too. :D Another Upper Thomson eatery conquered!

Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-04 Thomson Imperial Court

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