Planning for Dylan's birthday

Monday, June 03, 2013

If you don't already know by now, Mrs. Tan here is a hardcore planner. I love to plan things and I love it that things go according to plan.

I planned for all our holidays - I print maps of everything - the country and the transport system map. I write down itineraries right down to the TIMING. It will be like "Ok honey, it's 2PM, we have to leave this place now so that we can get to YYY place on time!" It drives me absolutely nuts if circumstances happen (like traffic jams) and we are forced to skip a place lol.

I planned for our wedding - so much so that there are people who called me a bridezilla, remember?

But that is okay. I no longer blame them. It is every girl's dream to want a perfect wedding, isn't it? I just hope nobody will judge them like how they judged me, but I'll be glad if there is, then they will know how terrible they were back then!

Apart from my big day, I also plan for all the big/small events at home - Dylan's baby shower, Nian's birthday, Papa and Mama Chan's birthday, both sisters' birthdays... the only thing I probably don't plan, is my own birthday.

Which sucks lah cuz nobody else plans a birthday celebration for me as detailed as I'd plan for, myself. :p

So talking about birthdays, my baby is turning one in slightly lesser than 3 months' time! As you know, a baby's one-year-old birthday is a BIG thing.

When I was one year old, my mom whipped up a storm in the kitchen with all the wonderful dishes - fried bee hoon, nuggets, fishballs, chicken wings, satay, ice-cream... and a MEGA cake. Papa and Mama Chan then carried me and we blew the candle together with all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfather.

Everyone says Dylan is the male version of me hahaha! I don't think I'm as smiley as him when I was younger though. &... I look bored on my own birthday hahaha wtf
It was such a good memory my mom and dad remembered it until now... and I want to create a wonderful memory for Nian, myself, Papa and Mama Chan (because it is their first grandchild!) and of course, the Tan's family. I want to remember every detail of it and then relate it with such gusto (like my mom) to Dylan when he grows up so that he knows too.

And of course, I wanna take SOOOO MUCH pictures he will be embarrassed of me but he will be glad that I did, because he wouldn't have remembered anything at all. :)


Unlike most 1-year-old parties, I don't want to have a mega party with all our friends and relatives because Dylan WILL be overwhelmed by so many people and... I don't want it to be like a party he is not enjoying.

So, I am looking at something that is very close knitted, loads of fun for us AND our little birthday boy. I'm also looking at a celebration that can somewhat incorporate our wedding anniversary and both dads' birthday... so it is like a 4-in-1 celebration.


Usually, Nian and I will check in to Changi Village Hotel to have our favourite Crabmeat Linguine and then spend a quiet night together for our wedding anniversary but this year, we wanna do something different and I plan to separate into two different days to complete it.

Grand plan, grand plan!

Day 1 - S.E.A Aquarium & Staycation

I was thinking of a small stacay at Sentosa as a family to celebrate our wedding anniversary and then make a trip to the Aquarium - it may be pretty fun since Dylan seems to be rather fascinated with those fishes we saw at SeaWorld Jakarta.

Thanks to the equally-enthusiastic-about-Dylan's-birthday Daddy, we've made our hotel reservations and bought our Aquarium tickets already so DAY 1, CHECKED! :D

Day 2 - Indoor Playground & a CRAB feast!

Apart from the staycation (which only involves our small family), I also thought about bringing Dylan to an indoor playground to let him have one helluva fun. Day 2's celebration is mainly for the little boy, while the dinner is a combination for our fathers and him.

I've shortlisted some indoor playgrounds that I thought we could explore....

- Go-Go Bambini (Dempsey): They've got the highest indoor slide in Singapore! Not so sure if Dylan will appreciate the height though, lol.

Kids under 12 months play for free.... so I was thinking of bringing him there days before he hits his first birthday. *cough* It costs $12 for 12-23 months old babies for unlimited play but I tell you, they will probably shag out by the second hour lol.

- Kiddy Fun (Turf City): They've got a Kiddy Baby section specially for babies below 18 months. Good if you're a kiasu mommy like me who is always worried that your child may get bullied by older kids I guess... Also $12, but kids below 18 months all must pay.

- Fidgets (Turf City): Another one at Turf City also, so we might check out both IF we decide to go there to have our dim sum lunch. $15 for kids above 1 year old, unlimited play. Free for kids below one and free for adults too (We should all go there to rest and relax, no!? Wheeee slidessss!!!)

- Hokey Pokey (Millenia Walk): Suitable for 6 months to 6 years old. There are a lot of indoor playgrounds and gyms in Singapore but most of them are more suitable for older kids, like probably 4 to 12 years old? To look for these playgrounds that are suitable for the really little ones are quite limited! I'm really attracted to the pool of 8000 balls lol.


Apart from all the above, I'm also hoping to bake Dylan a birthday cake, probably less sugary (& also uglier lol), BUT he can have a slice of cake for his birthday!

And of course, the crab feast! Where shall we go?

We usually go to Uncle Leong or Melben for crabs... but in recent times we also tried out No. 3 Crab (which I find it only so-so) and the one near our place. This time, I'm determined to find one place that serves good tze char and wonderful crabs!

I'm thinking of No Signboard at Geylang or this Fortune Seafood Restaurant along Bukit Timah because both seem to have good reviews on the Internet. Oh boy, Kiasu Mommy here sure is excited about her little boy's first birthday. Heehee!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Maureen! Next time u need lobang u know who to look for! ;)

  2. i prefer royce to hokey pokey for kids under 12mths though the place is smaller. they have ALOT more toys than hokey pokey. and to be frank, they dun care for the ball pits until they are 2-3yrs old. and many places dont allow mummies to join the kiddos in the pits. *bleh*

    Polliwogs is pretty fun but go during the weekdays :)


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