National Vertical Marathon 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last week, Nian and I headed out early in the morning to take part in the National Vertical Marathon 2013. Before I go any further, let me spend the next few seconds shouting out to the NVM committee!

Thank you for sponsoring Nian and I for this year's race, I am feeling really humbled and privileged to be one of your sponsored runners. You guys have been doing such a great job in ensuring that the entire programme flows smoothly and I think all of you deserve a virtual pat on your backs on! ^-^

Nian and I are also thankful for X-Bionic Singapore for his apparels. To give you a small background knowledge, X-Bionic is a high-end compression wear that helps to maintain and regulate a runner's body temperature. You can wear it while running in low temperatures or in the tropics like Singapore, either way, they regulate your body such that you don't waste extra energy and will be able to use it to fuel your runs.

As for my apparel..... I bought them myself hahahaha cuz I'm not so pro to have apparel sponsors la. :x

Back to the race day itself, I was feeling really blurry-eyed because we left home at 6 in the morning so as to meet my detail flag off at 7.45AM for the Women's Open.

The NVM Committee was actually very kind to shuffle our details around so that Nian and I can meet one another at the top, but because we brought Dylan along, we had to give up this rare opportunity and instead, raced separately so as to take turns to take care of our little boy.

Poor Baby Tan was really very poor thing that day because he had to wake up 1 hour before his usual wake-up timing, and because everywhere was just bustling with activities, he found it difficult to dose off for his nap.

Then as if that wasn't enough, Asia Square was kinda stuffy after a heavy rain and he was perspiring buckets... And then he passed motion and there were no nursing rooms AT ALL in the CBD what the hell. Little boy had to endure all the way to Raffles City (nearest shopping centre already) before I could finally change and nurse him and then he fell asleep... like finally.

Despite all these hiccups, the little boy never shed a single tear and never threw a bit of tantrum at all. He deserves the best supporter award! ^-^

Although this is the second time I'm taking part in the National Vertical Marathon, it is the first time I'm scaling the Asia Square building and I was really looking forward to it cuz they have two different flights of stairs for different categories, which was good because two races can take place simultaneously without causing a jam at the stair wells.

As compared to the past race at One at Raffles Place, the Asia Square building is definitely more manageable for newbies - the steps are not too steep and the stair well is quite well-ventilated. I think it was quite a stroke of luck that the Women's Open was conducted at Staircase A, which goes clockwise because I can then use my master hand to pull myself up when I was tired!

Bumped into Daphne again after FOUR years! I first met her when I was racing my first Vertical Marathon at Swissotel back in 2009 and now this is us, with Dylan no less.

So many things can happen in four years, yet some things remain the same. :)

Us back in 2009, I'm inclined to think that we never really aged hahahaa

This year, we are required to scale 41 floors and then go down to the 38th floor where the finishing line is. Personally, I think this up and down slowed many of us down. I don't know about the rest but I was so concentrated in going clockwise from the first floor to the 41st, the sudden U-turn and going on an anti-clockwise direction made me a little giddy!

There were also no railings while going down, so I think many were forced to slow down so that all our wobbly legs don't give way and then slip down the steps.

The NVM Committee was very receptive towards these feedback but if you were to go look at their Facebook page, it really makes me a little annoyed because some people there damn talk cock lor.

I mean, why can't people feedback and say that going down the steps may be a safety issue? There was this guy who said "With adequate training, there should not be any issue of fatigue going down unless one did not train sufficiently for the event."

Wa. Seriously?

What a lack of empathy from this guy. Obviously he just thinks about the fit men and women running the race. What about the children involved in the family race? What about the veterans? You let your ah gong ah mah run all the way up and then while going down, they fall down you blame them for not being well-trained? Simi sai.

Here's another one: "i agreed w XXX that with adequate training running down competitivly or as a fun 'race' shouldnt be a problem. It just makes ur 'training' more worth. I did a 200storey vertical marathon before and though my fatigue legs were crying i still manage to get 3rd among the ladies."

Erm, yay congrats, but question: Did she climb DOWN the steps after completing the 200 storey marathon? I doubt so. So what's the link?

Please lah. Don't make it sound like you were the only one who overcame the odds and emerge a winner. Everyone deserves a commendation for even trying okay!

I think these people are really self-centered. Just because they can do it doesn't mean they can expect everyone else to do it what. Really talk cock to the max.

Okay, let's come back from my digression and back to NVM 2013. Nian and Dylan, just before his race. Grumpy Dylan is grumpy haha! And another big thank you to X-Bionic Singapore for the apparel. ;)

And this is us, all changed and shagged out, on the way home. Dylan is not in the picture because he totally knocked out in his pram while this photo was taken.

Great job to the Tan's! I look forward to Dy (or our subsequent kids) when he turns 9 so that we can take part in the family category. Please still be around by then, NVM!

Okay, ending off with a picture of our goodies bag. I must say this year's goodies are pretty good! Can you spot the mega big bowl of instant noodles? It's the popular bowl noodle from Taiwan with awesomesauce beef one!!!!

There are loads of usable stuff with very little leaflets this time. Very good! I cannot stress how much I hate receiving leaflets in my goodies bag. -_- The Dating Violence notebook also quite right in your face lol.

Nian came in 14th this year, out of 570 participants in the Men's Open, clocking about 8 minutes, while I came in 161st out of 317 female participants, clocking about 17 minutes. Not a very impressive result, but I think most importantly, I tried! Now THAT'S THE SPIRIT isn't it? ^-^

Comparing with the results for lover's challenge, I think next year, maybe, just maybe, we can give it a shot. That is if I go slightly faster than 17 minutes, of course.

See you at the top next year!

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  1. Hey Jacqualine! Huge thank you once again for being so receptive to the collab & for all the positive vibes you felt about the event! :) We'll definitely be around for the next ten years or so, hopefully the family category will still be on & then you guys can participate as a family :)

    Glad that you had a good time with your family! Personally it makes me happy when participants enjoy their day/race/goodie bag/ shirt etc despite the little hiccups along the way. Hope to see the Tans again next year! See you at the top in 2014! :D

  2. Please lah. Don't make it sound like
    you were the only one who overcame
    the odds and emerge a winner.
    Everyone deserves a commendation
    for even trying okay! (This comment is imba for `potatoes` to reflect themselves)


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