June's Vanity Trove

Monday, June 10, 2013

Following my Mother's Day VanityTrove, I was very excited to look out for my June VanityTrove delivered right to my door step at the last week of May and here's a post to share what I've got!


Based on the theme Summer Crush, the June VanityTrove box is filled with items specially to combat the sun and prep you for a beach party! This month's Trove has slightly more variety as compared to last month's. Some noteworthy brands that I was excited to try out are Apivita, Neutrogena, Ultimate Colla-gen, Touch In Sol, Kerastase and Astalift!

Tried out the Apivita series and my favourite among these three has to be the Express Beauty Green Clay Mask because I think it is really good at purging all the little white heads I have on my forehead.

It has also been an awfully long time since I used an apply-on mask. These days, I use sheet masks more often because of its convenience, but really, if you are looking at purging your face thoroughly, apply-on masks are the best bet you have.

As for the Light Texture Face Cream, it offers sun protection at SPF30 and provides a relatively good coverage. It also smells really good, but I feel my skin cannot really absorb the lotion well.

As for the Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion, I'd say that it is quite... different. Knowing that it works as a cleanser, I was expecting it to be slightly thicker in consistency but it really caught me by surprise when it is actually very, very fluid. Kinda like toner, if you'd ask me.

I was confused even further when I applied it on my face... but it doesn't foam up much, so I'm not really sure if I'm using it the right way. Tried googling for usage and it says to apply with cotton pad throughout the face so... is this a non-rinse cleanser?

Moving on, I was also quite excited to try out the Astalift Aquarysta and Essence Destiny. The gist is that you're supposed to use these two hand-in-hand, with the latter improving skin smoothness and moisture retention ability and the former deeply moisturizes your skin.

Upon applying the Aquarysta, I can feel that the skin is moisturized immediately. It is rather light, with a texture similar to agar-agar lol. The Essence Destiny is heavier in texture, upon application, it was a little sticky but give it a little time to let the skin absorb, the moisturizing effect is rather commendable.

Other than skincare products, this month's VanityTrove is also jam-packed with other interesting samples like Ultimate Colla-gen, Neutrogena Hydro Boost, Kerastase Elixir Hair Oil, Touch In Sol BB Cream - it basically covers you from top to bottom, inside and out!

There are actually 4 different variations of BB Creams available under this brand, suitable for various uses. For example, if you're looking for natural coverage with whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV screening, you should use their I'm Covering You BB Cream. (lol what a name!)

There is also another Skin Renovation BB Cream that helps to block UVA and UVB rays and is suitable for sensitive skin. If you're looking at intensive moisturizing properties, then you should use their Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream.

This Silky Natural Fit BB Cream is effective against shine and flaws so if you're going for some serious coverage, this is the one you should use.

Of course, apart from these various samples for you to use and try, you should also take the opportunity to read through the Vanity Magazine! Like I mentioned earlier, the magazine may be small, but it is really informative and interesting.

Here are some of my favourite sections:

I always think that by just applying sunscreen on my face, the sun blocking effect takes place immediately. Little did I know that it actually needs a while for it to start working!

This is another interesting article - it basically tells you what kind of foundation is suitable for you based on your needs. For me, I'm definitely going for cake foundation. I'm using Za's two-way cake for the past five years and it is possibly my favourite cake foundation ever!

The good thing about cake foundation is that it is really compact, hence easily brought around and it is very highly pigmented. That means, if you require a good coverage and matt finishing, a two-way cake is the thang for you. One swipe and all the blemishes disappear!

From what I've read, if you have oily skin, pressed, loose and mineral powder foundations will be the most suitable for you because the powder will help with oil absorption and control. If you have dry skin, then opt for tinted moisturizers or BB Creams.

And then my last favourite bit is a short write-up on scented oils. For me, it's a tie between Rose and Lavender. We use quite a bit of Lavender at home because I really love how soothing the smell is!

Rose is also a really wonderful scent. In this article, it talks about Rose Tea and some of its health benefits. I've never really tried Rose Tea before, but it does seem like it does hell lots of help to troubled bodies!

All in all, I think VanityTrove is not only good for yourself to try out various new and/or popular products in the market, it is also good as a gift for your girlfriends.

For $25, you will be able to receive a Trove with beauty products specially handpicked and packed for you based on different themes of the month. If you sign up within these weeks, you will be able to receive July's Trove towards the end of June and the theme is Midsummer Gala!

I'm thinking of smoky eyeshadows and musky perfumes. Sexy.

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