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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today's FF came a little late because... uh. I actually don't have a very good reason, hahaha! Not that it matters right? I don't think anyone ever comes into and wonders why my FF is not up so I suppose whether I come up with a reason or not doesn't really matter. :p

This week has been exceptionally tiring and traumatizing, to say the least.

On Monday, my Ocean Butterflies classmates and I were caught in a rude shock that our singing classes have been terminated and the entire ambassadorship called off. I mean.. I didn't see it coming at all and to be terminated with such a last minute notice certainly doesn't sit very well with me.

But of course, I'm thankful for the sponsorship for the past three months because despite this short sponsorship, Zhi Wen Laoshi is a really wonderful teacher who taught me not only to sing, but also to read 简谱 (jian pu), which is essentially a manuscript but instead of all those squiggles of notes, we write them in numbers. Much easier I'd say!

I also learned more chords than I ever knew in my entire music education. (I don't know if I've mentioned before, but I have a Grade 5 in Piano but meh, my skills pretty much sucked ass.)

Apart from learning how to sing, I can also play the keyboard now - that means I can play a pop song in instrumental style or I can play and sing. I wouldn't say that I'm good at that because I don't get to practice much but my classmate, Mint, does it really well!

Now that this whole thing is over, I feel a little sad because I did make a lot of new friends through this programme as well. I don't think I'd be able to see my classmates as often, now that we don't attend a class together anymore. :(

On Tuesday, I think I met my first annoying customer from Hello Lobang.

I don't want to elaborate on it though; afterall, in business, we meet good customers and not-so-good ones. I can only cross my fingers and pray hard that bad customers don't come my way lol.



Most epic happening of the week. I felt sooooooo mentally exhausted even though I was sleeping when the rest of the world were queueing outside all the McDonalds in Singapore, simply because I couldn't get a Singing Bone kitty at a price that I was willing to pay. -__-

I think because it was so hard to get these kitties, most people sell them at really crazy exorbitant prices. I ended up spending the entire Thursday morning scouring through the Internet with the help of one of my Tuesday Girls, Tiffany, before I finally settled for a Singing Bone at $37.

Would you pay $126,000 for a Hello Kitty?!?
Of course, when I told some of my friends that I bought the kitty at $37, many of them facepalmed and exclaimed, "I really don't understand what is this craze all about. You spent $37 on a soft toy????"

Well WTF what am I supposed to do then? I'm so close to having a complete set and I absolutely refuse to queue and sacrifice my sleep and be in this emotional turmoil of knowing that I may never be able to get a kitty despite investing my time in queueing.......... so that leaves me to only one option.

I've explained on Twitter and I'm just gonna be a lil long-winded and explain it here again. A kitty isn't just $4.60. It involves the following:

- Kitty: $4.60
- Meal: $5
- Time spent queueing: $30 (assuming they queued for 3 hours)
- Ride home: $20 (cab, maybe slightly lesser if they drive / walk)

So yes, $37 is a reasonable amount to pay. Do you not think that I'd of course want a cheaper deal? The point is where to get it. And that explains why I was scouring through the net the whole morning. And that is why I was tired.

Maybe I should've just gone and queue up for the kitty wtf. -__-


Went back to La Pizzaiola with my ex-classmate, Samson, for lunch and crossed over to Wimbly Lu next door for tea. I had actually written a post on La Pizzaiola quite a while ago, after my first visit with my polymates, but it is still in the queue waiting to be published lol.

Wimbly Lu is a rather whimsical place to wine and dine. They've got really cute deco, like fluffy cotton wool clouds and sparkly little raindrops attached to them and stuck at the ceiling, and blue curtains that resembles the sky, as you can see in my picture above.

The service was pretty good too, but somehow, that place doesn't capture me. Tried their highly raved Rootbeer Float cake and I wasn't exceptionally impressed as well. I may drop by again to try out their waffles and bread and butter pudding, but this place is ridiculously inconvenient without your own transportation.


Visited LIME at PARKROYAL on Pickering over the weekend for their Sunday buffet and we really enjoyed ourselves a lot! A review has also been scheduled to publish by next week. Keep a look out for it because I'm giving away a pair of buffet vouchers to one lucky reader so you wouldn't wanna miss that. ;)


Attended a dinner event recently. The last time I attended the same event, I won first prize in the lucky draw and went home with a MacBook Pro, iPad, Samsung Note 2 and a Samsung S3. No such luck this year though LOLOL.


I really love food lol. Good food especially.


See, here's another one. Delicious, tangy lemon cake specially baked for me by Ellena! If you are a fan of Cuisine Paradise, you can die of envy right now because I had a cake baked by this kitchen shifu OMG.


Met up with Jess for the first time. We "knew" each other online for quite a number of years, but we never really meet up because she lives in another country altogether. You can say that I was quite thrilled to finally meet up for tea when she came Singapore to visit!

We went to Dean and Deluca at Orchard Central for some Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcakes. I wish I can show you some photos but I actually deleted my entire camera album on my phone so all those pictures are gone, gone, gone. Thanks clever brain.


Who can forget that crazy haze last week. 400-how-much was the PSI? I don't remember, but I certainly had quite a bit of fun wearing my N95 out. I felt like I was a celebrity hahahahaha.

My sister looked like a robber though.


Ending off with Dy's 7th swim session with us! We just got him a neck float because he keeps drinking the water in the pool so let's hope that it prevents him from drinking the entire pool down. Thank you for subsiding, haze.

We wouldn't be able to have our weekly swims if you had persisted in coming right at us.

Woops! Ok, almost midnight. I really have to hit the sack. Goodnight everyone! Happy weekends!

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