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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hiya guys! It's yet another FF post. ^-^

Writing FF is one of my favourite past times because these posts are one of the few posts I write weekly to really share about my life and it's not really advertorials so I don't feel so bad making you guys read ads after ads. Hee.

I've also decided to edit this post and kinda re-write it because this was actually written probably a fortnight ago and got scheduled to be published today. And then when I read it... I was a bit embarrassed because it sounded so backdated, it does feel like reading a History book wtf.

Anyway! Everyone's talking about the damn haze that has been plaguing us for the past week. When it hit PSI 170, a couple of my friends were making jokes that the PSI level is higher than their height hahahah.

And then when it reached 290, people start to say that the PSI level is higher than their PSLE results.

Now that it has hit 400 today.................................... I dunno what else to say anymore.

We've stopped sending Dylan to the infant care for the past few days as the haze came in full force and this morning, I woke up with a pair of majorly sore eyes, blocked nose and phlegmy cough - even though I closed every single windows and doors at home and the air purifier had been turned on.

This is war man, Indonesia. How can you allow irresponsible slash and burn acts to put ALL of us in jeopardy?

Then I thought about the homeless and those stray animals out there, without shelter from the harsh, harmful haze. Evil. Bloody evil irresponsible industrialization.

*blows nose hard on tissue*

I also cannot tahan some of the people I see/meet. Like my mom and pops. I TELL YOU. I am so annoyed with them!

You know when the PSI hit 321, I called home immediately to Mama Chan and told her to stay indoors and wear a mask. "These smog are very harmful to the body," I said. Guess what my mom said?

She waved me away nonchalently and said, "Aiyah we are very strong people. This one just a little bit only!"

I tell you. I really wanna facepalm. You know what was my dad doing when the PSI hit 400 today? He was washing his car. Seriously, pops. NOBODY WASHES CAR IN THIS HAZE. It is just gonna get dirty again!

And then one of my friend's aunt went to open all the windows in the house because she said it was very hot. -_____-

Why ah. These people. Just because they can't see the harmful effects of the haze means it's not harmful meh? They should take care of themselves because there are people who love them and are worried about them! *angry*

Then recently right, I met very weird people. Okay, to be more accurate, they are not weird, it's just that their behaviour doesn't sit very well with me and I'm extremely bothered by it.

Starting with something least agitating, I was recently very shocked that there are girls not wanting to give up on a lousy relationship just because they think that they've invested a lot of time, effort and feelings in it. I'm not gonna repeat my rant but I'd just like to say it again - relationship is like wearing a pair of shoes. Choose a lousy fitting pair, you will limp in pain the entire distance and eventually STILL throwing it away.

If you don't throw it away, you will end up with a distorted foot (analogy for your entire physical well being) that even a proper, good pair comes along, you can't fit it in anymore.

There is another one that made me quite angry yesterday.  It was more of an accumulated thing, I'd say, but I really, really dislike chee hong guys.

If you're single and you wanna chee hong, go ahead. But if you're married and have kids and STILL wanna chee hong, wah. I really despise such guys. And I tell you, this guy that I know, chases after young girls that he knows from his scope of work (girls half his age OK!!!!) and when he doesn't exactly succeed, he will 公报私仇 and try to take that girl out of job.


Then one more is the kind of client where you don't chase money, then no complains. Then when you start chasing for payment, they come and tell you all sorts of bullshit. This not good la, that not good la.

Then how come when people never chase for money then no complains leh?


Phew! It was really nice to be talking about people I meet, even though I don't like them as much. I think talking about it in my blog will probably relieve Nian's ears a little because I always complain to him about these people until he is very sian of listening I think. Hehe.

Moving on, let's start today's FF proper with my completed set of 7-11 Hello Kitty X Tokidoki collection! I'm very thankful for all the readers who have responded to my appeal for the Hello Kitty exchange I posted in my previous FF because without these readers, I will still be two kitties short. :D

Now that this is done and nicely stored in the Kitty shelf.... it is back to McD with their latest Hello Kitty fairytale collection. It is honestly a never-ending journey if you're a Hello Kitty fan.


Mobilized Mr. Tan to go queue for Hello Kitty for me because the haze was quite bad. I didn't wanna go out and bring Dylan along, so Warrior Husband wore his N95 and went out to buy us breakfast and got two kitties back for me.

Kiasu husband more kiasu than me hehehe.


I had Han's brunch with my parents one weekend at Han's. This is exceptionally worth a mention because I never thought my parents would like Han's and I never thought that the two old fellas will actually go Han's for meals by themselves cuz they are such coffeeshop people lol.

Then one day when we popped into their car, brainstorming where to go for brunch, my mom suddenly suggested Han's. So there we were!

I had the Fish & Chips and I kinda regretted it because it was really very oily. I usually order their omelette, but that day I was really hungry and greedy so I ended up with the former. Felt sick the whole day after I ate it. :S

No more Fish & Chips for me for a long time I think.


Chanced upon Adidas sale at IMM one weekend while I was hosting a show there. Most of their stuff were going at 50% - 70% discount so everyone who was working with me was telling me to go take a look.

Most importantly, one of my work friends passed me this little card that would give an additional 40% discount ON TOP of the existing sale okay!

With that 40% discount, you can say I went slightly mad - I grabbed whatever I could, don't think about the size first. Grab first, decide later. I finally emerged some 2 hours later with a pair of trainers for myself in happy yellow, 3 tops for me to look nice in gym (lol), a sports bra (would have gotten more but that is the only design I saw) and a pair of shoes for Dylan and the classic Adidas t-shirt that is too big for him.

The bill came up to about $400 (shared with another friend) and after the 40% discount, each of us only paid about over $100 for all these. DEAL SCORED!


Le husb and my Dy came down to look for me while I host and I made them pose with the shoes I bought. LAST PAIR AND I SNAGGED THEM OKAY. *proud*


Brought the little one for his third swim session (the first two times were in Jakarta) and he is really very daring lor, you'd realize there are no floats on him anymore because it kinda hindered him moving his arms and he doesn't really like it.

I was worried that he may not like going into the water but shortly after these photos, he was trying to kick himself towards the slide behind and yes. He climbed up the slide, lost his footing and then slid down while we waited at the bottom to catch him.

We had one helluva fun!


Fourth and fifth swim session followed soon after. We try to do this at least once a week because Dylan really loves swimming! I don't mean to sound like a unabashed mother going on and on about how awesome my son is (although he is, *eh-hem*), but I think he has what it takes to be a good swimmer lol.

For one, he is not even afraid when we started splashing water everywhere whereas for me, his mom, I don't like water at all. I hate it when the water touches my face, seriously.

And when I swim.... I tend to over imagine things. Like I'd imagine seeing ghosts underwater pulling my legs and the silence when your whole head is submerged into the water? I don't like that at all.

Dylan on the other hand, inherited Nian's genes. Although Nian doesn't swim regularly, he is quite a strong swimmer - he can swim alongside a water polo boy and finish almost as fast as him, mai siao siao. #damnhaolian

I hope Dy can be a good swimmer also because I think being able to swim well has its perks! (Btw, I can swim, I just don't like swimming, that's all.)


Wore a high-waisted two-piece for our latest swim session and decided to feature it because I promised my friend, whom I bought this bikini from, that I will help her advertise haha.

Before I bought this high-waisted bikini, I thought the stretchy high-cut shorts can help to shrink all the tummy and I will look skinny. Turns out....... let's just you won't look skinny with a hi-cut waist. In fact, it focuses a lot on your waist I'd say!

This high-waisted bikini (Orange Sodapop) is available at Milch, Scape Basement.


Dylan just acquired this little scooter from jiejie Amanda and he has been rockin it ever since! Apart from sitting on it and pushing his little butt, he also puts his little puppy toy and Huffalump on it LOL.

And you can see from the picture, he is holding this little round green toy that I think is really his favourite cuz he can crawl into his play pen, mess up his entire trolley of little toys just to fish this one out! He was actually opening up the "engine" of the scooter and putting his little green toy in it.

So cute watching him play. <3



Long time since the Tuesday Girls met up so I was really happy seeing them again! I think the last time I met up with them was during Christmas last year so it's a whopping 6 months. Kat and Kelly recommended Sushi Express at Somerset 313 because I'm a sucker for Japanese food and Sushi Express' sushi are at only $1.50 each, ohmaigot.


And because they are so affordable, we ate 40 over plates of it. *burps* Nian and my favourite is their salmon sashimi, of course! I also like their crabmeat sushi but their mango pudding tastes funny... and their blueberry cheesecake isn't cold.

Dylan's favourite is the tamago sushi! Too bad they don't serve chanwamushi, so tamago is the next best thing for the little one. ^-^


Still at Japanese food, I went out with my brother-in-law, Leong, Nian and Dy for a lunch feast at Sushi Tei. I think I've also said it before that I can never get tired of Japanese food. They are so fresh, so low calories if you eat the right stuff and almost always delicious!

Talking about these mainstream Japanese restaurants, Sushi Tei is one of my favourite. Another one I like is Ichiban Boshi. I only go Sakae Sushi if I absolutely bo bian because their standards really vary at different outlets one.


Met up with XY over a short lunch just a couple of weeks ago and we had Swensons again. Hahahaha I think my friends all kinda know my pattern - not Swensons then it will be Japanese. I'm forever eating these lor zzz.
Mandy is very sweet btw! She sat beside Dylan and while she chomps down on her fries, she will look at Dylan and then offer her fries to him. And then my son will chomp on her fries as well LOL. I hope they will be good friends when they grow up!


Got invited to a CP Blogger's Party recently and it was really fun! We played bowling before our BBQ session and you would guess it right - I was one of the drain queens ahahahaha!

Eventually, thanks to Daen, I managed to salvage myself and I ended the game with 91 points wtf.


Dylan had a lot of fun too! CP has very kindly shared with us some recipes for fuss-free cooking. Perfect for kitchen hopeless like me. Hehe. Keep a look out for it, I will be sharing them next week! ^-^


I think this is my 13th week back in gym... I'm slowly losing count already. Anyway, the main point is no longer about how many weeks I've gone back to the gym. The point is I was damn hiao, I wore my new shoes and matching top to the gym hehehe.

My husband told me to continue wearing my worn out trainers cuz it is actually still wearable lah but I refused to. Then when I tweeted this, my caption was, "Does my backside look perkier? Did over a hundred squats for this week!"

Would you like to answer my question? *eh-hem* Ok, I take that back. I don't want you to answer the question already. I cannot take negative answers hahahaha.


Finally ending this lengthy FF with my new short hair. Cutting short hair is actually quite addictive lor!

Okay, have a good weekend ya'll. Cheers!

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  1. Woa, the sushi plates are madness!
    i still haven't worn my bikini.
    I wonder how I'd look like in them. ;p


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