Foto Friday 23: Cookin' Adventures

Friday, June 07, 2013

Ever since I started to work out again after my 18 months pregnancy hiatus, I've been wanting to be in a better shape than before. With work, housework and Dylan, losing all of my pregnancy weight wasn't really difficult. Besides, I didn't really gain a lot of weight during pregnancy.

Now, before you think that is self-praise, it is not. In fact, the more weight you gain during pregnancy actually shows how skinny you were before pregnancy. That is why obese people may not gain any weight at all during pregnancy.

Anyway, one of my 2013 resolutions is to take better care of my body which somehow, I think my not-so-good diet isn't helping me very much.

So, I decided very recently that I will quit soft drinks, fast food and yes, my most favourite bubble tea. I also decided that I should cook more often so that I can make sure that I eat clean food.

Then again, I wouldn't call my diet "clean" because some of my friends who really practice clean eating stop eating white rice - they eat parboiled rice instead because it is supposedly better than white rice. Hardcore ones also stop eating anything pan-fried, which...... sorry, it's a no-go for me hahahaha.

I cannot imagine having to steam/boil my food only omg!

Also, with the latest McDonald's Hello Kitty releases, it is really very hard to stay away from fast food. I'm just making do with only eating their hotcakes or Filet O' Fish meal and changing my drinks to orange juice or just tea for the time being... until I collect all the kitties. Sigh. -_-

Anyway, here are some of the dishes I've made over the weeks. ^-^



Decided that I haven't been cooking macaroni for a long time and I'm really not a fan of macaroni in soup so I did it the makcik way and here's Auntie Jac's macaroni goreng with random mushrooms, carrots, tomato, egg and crab stick.

Not that it is super healthy, but it beats fast food and all the MSG-laden food correct or not? :D


I kinda regretted cooking the potatoes with stewed pork because I didn't expect the pork to be soooooo oily and I had to absorb all the oil using kitchen towels and it is STILL oily wtf. Healthy eating fail for this one hahahahaha


Bought some pork tenderloin but had no idea what to do with it until I googled and a lot of people recommended striped pork in hoisin sauce so... here it is!

I really love capsicums by the way. They are so crunchy and peppery... I love it the most when I eat them on a chicken kebab. Do you?


Chives. The only reason why I ended up cooking with chives was because I grabbed them too quickly, thinking that they were spring onions. I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw the little words on the packaging that said... "Koo Chye".

It was like a fml moment wtf.


Made a pot of random soup just because I haven't been cooking soup for a long, long while. Threw in fishballs, veg, carrots, tofu and crabsticks. Eat and be happy. Ultimate comfort food during rainy days!


My husband loves broccoli so I try to make it a point to cook it as regularly as I can (i.e. probably once every fortnight?) Cooked it with tau pok.... I LOVE TAU POK! Especially when it sucks up allllll the oyster sauce and then when you munch it.




Probably one of my proudest dishes so far, apart from the Gourmet Pork Burger I tried whipping up last October. The curry was relatively easy to make because I followed Ellena's recipe and it turned out pretty well, except that it is a little too salty for us.

I think the difficult part is actually wrapping the rice up with the omelette. I kinda destroyed the first one (picture above is my 2nd try!) with the omelette tearing in the middle omg.. and then this one, barely made it lah LOL.


Also another dish that I'm really very pleased with! It's very simple actually, just a normal pan-seared salmon flavoured with some sea salt and coarse black pepper but because I actually went all the way to a fishery to get these salmon, I LOVE how fresh it tastes!

Besides, I purposely chose a fatty one.. simply because it will taste really super yumz on its own and a fatty fish is probably the only fatty stuff that is good for you yeah?

All in all, I really enjoy working out in my kitchen, either baking a whole lot of sinful goodies (I haven't been baking since Chinese New Year!) or trying out various recipes I've seen online. It's quite a nice experience I'd say, but sometimes, I get terribly scared that it may end up disgusting, I feel discouraged to even try.

The thing about me is that I am not choosy with my food and if it is edible, I will eat it (hence my size, I suppose. LOL). 

But this is not so much for my husband. Nian is a very meticulous eater and sometimes, I have to say he drives me up the wall when he insists that the broccoli is too hard or too soft, the omelette is too salty and the most classic "How come your teriyaki fish tastes funny?"

I know that he is trying to be more constructive instead of a "Ew tastes bad" or a everything-also-okay feedback, and trust me, I really appreciate it because his intention is clear - he never meant to put me down but wanted me to improve.

I used to cook very often even before I met Nian and I never once thought my cooking sucked balls lol. But after I married him and started to cook more often.... I have to say every night when I bring the dishes out to the dining table, I feel like I was submitting my exam papers to the invigilator. It is super stressful and so far, there isn't a perfect dish, yet.

I guess I'm feeling a little bit discouraged about cooking as I'm typing this, but I'll definitely never stop. I mean, we all gotta start somewhere right? I may be a really bad cook (in Nian's context, I think I'm quite an okay cook for myself lol) but I know if I continue cooking, the "feel" will come and soon, I'll be whipping up a storm.

Wish me luck! And oh by the way, our little boy turns 10 months yesterday!

He's really a ball of fun nowadays. Did I mention that he knows how to wink at people now?! Whenever I tell him he shouldn't be doing something (like climbing up his bouncer cuz he will fall), he will shoot me his cutesy wink + a cheeky grin walaoeh. How to be angry with him like that???

Together with the cruising, crawling, yanking of stuff everywhere.... he is officially the little monster of the house now.

But you know, I really love him with all my life.

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