Choupinette Brunch

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ever since I have Dylan, meeting up with my friends have been extraordinarily difficult because most of us work and the only free time we have is in the evening. But evening I have to take care of Dy so many a times I miss out meeting them.

Fortunately, a month ago, I managed to meet up with my ex-classmate, Samson, for some coffee and brunch because we happened to be free in the middle of an afternoon, what are the odds!

Whenever I meet up with my friends, I take it as an opportunity to conquer a diner that I have been wanting to try. We usually start off with places that are more accessible so that it is more convenient for friends, like us, who don't drive.

So Choupinette is placed at almost right at the end of the list because it is so obscure and out of the way, I had no idea where it actually is. Thankfully, Samson drives and he is always enthusiastic and supportive to whatever we classmates planned, I managed to conquer Choupinette that day. YAY!

Because we were there on a weekday afternoon, Choupinette is relatively empty, except for a group of four diners who were exceptionally noisy. Please! There was simply no need to talk loudly and roar in laughter given that the place was quite small (I'm sure they can hear each other perfectly), yet they talked like they were separated by the Indian Ocean wtf.

Being first-timers, we are also not very sure whether we should seat ourselves at whichever table we like, or wait to be seated. But when we entered the cafe, nobody entertained us so we just took a seat wherever we like and then went to the counter to place our orders.

Turns out, they were supposed to seat us and give us a menu lolwtf. Service a bit fail there.

The first thought I had when I flipped through the menu was... "Boy, they are expensive."

In the end, both Samson and I ordered The Tristan's cuz it looked like one of the more filling ones on the brunch menu. I wouldn't wanna pay $21+ (which comes up to about $23?) and then still feel hungry. #IfYouGetWhatIMean

Turned out, both Godzillas here were not full after a serving of it. -__-

Portion size aside, I like how The Tristan's taste like - the baguette was warm and crispy when it arrived, and the insides were super fluffy, I was gonna die!

The eggs were poached perfectly and the sausage had a delectable meaty taste to it and it is very chewy and succulent. Those mushrooms were crunchy and flavourful. The only thing I can complain about is probably the portion size.

Not feeling very satisfied after the breakfast, Samson went ahead to order a Le Croque - Monseiur for himself. It looks really very good and according to him, it actually tastes better than The Tristan's... and more filling too.

I should've ordered it as well wtf, but I didn't, because I wanted some desserts but to my dismay, the display shelves were filled with a rather sad selection.

Ah well! I guess the saving grace was the food quality and the ambiance. After the noisy quartet left, the place beame significantly quieter and I had a lovely time catching up with Samson so I I'd say this trip wasn't wasted. :)

Ending the post with an #ootd because I'm very proud of my buy - $8 for the lips shirt, shiok or what! :D

607 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269708

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