Celebrating Father's Day

Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally a post that is "on-time"!

Thanks to the support of different advertisers and PR personnels, I've been trying to clear as much backlog as possible yet I don't want hellomrstan.com to become a blog that has nothing but just ads after ads after ads. And ads are usually boring unless there are giveaways, correct or not? :x

So here it is! Slotted in our Father's Day celebration post right after Father's Day. #efficient

I don't know about you, but I personally think that Father's Day are not as hyped up as Mother's Day.

I think it is really because Dads are generally more chillax about celebration whereas mothers... if we missed a celebration, I think they will sit and emo one corner thinking that their children all grown up liao forgot about mommy liao wtf.

Okay, at least that's how I think I will feel when all my kids grow up liao but never celebrate Mother's Day or my birthday with me. 你们忘记我了是吗!!!

The celebration this year is also slightly different.. we usually go for brunches but this time, the whole family purposely took leave from work just to have dinner! It was also partly because my uncle passed away a couple of days ago and the whole family had to make a trip into Malaysia for his funeral.

Come to think about it, it's actually quite sad. While my family is happily celebrating Father's Day for Papa Chan, my cousins are mourning their father and they will never be able to celebrate Father's Day with him anymore. :(

Anyway anyway, let's not dwell on unhappy stuff and move on to something happier!

We went back to the tze char place near our place for a crab feast. We tried out the restaurant previously with Dylan and we were pretty impressed with the quality of the crabs and the rest of the dishes.

This time, we went back and ordered TWO crabs, one cooked in Chilli and the other in Salted Egg. Both are their signature dishes but personally, I think their salted egg crab is a little lacking. I don't think I will order this the next time round, but the chilli crab was good, as usual!

Their crabs were also rather reasonably priced. For a mega crab that will probably cost $80 over dollars in Mellben only came up to $70+. The claws were so huge, they were longer than the diameter of a dinner plate ok!

We didn't get any presents for my dad... LOL. Like I said, I think dads are generally very chillax about these kinda things. When we celebrated Mother's Day, I'd be like thinking, "Should we buy a cake? How about something small for Mama Chan? Will she like the dim sum there or not?"

For my dad, it was like, "Eh Papa, the crabs near my place not bad leh. Wanna go there and eat?" and my dad will always say, "Ok lah sui bian la"

How's that for an easy-going father! So yeah, that was all for his father's day celebration lololol.

As for Nian, he got a little more than a crab feast because it was his first father's day you see, so we went for Gelare's half-priced waffles!

I really, really, really like their chocolate chip waffles. When you eat them hot, all the chocolate chips within the waffles would have melted and it becomes so awesomely chocolatey and delicious! Sigh, you know how they say sugar is bad for you and all? I don't think I'd EVER be able to quit sugar, seriously... but now that I'm battling with thrush, you bet all of these are going to be on stand-by mode until I fully recover. Sadded.

Using "first father's day" as an excuse, I got him Man Utd's 13/14 kit

It's nothing pricey, but it's the thought that counts, right? ^-^ My husband was also quite funny; as soon as he found out that I was getting him this jersey, his next question was, "Did you buy one for yourself and one for Dylan?"

Of course, I said no lah.

Then he was like, "But I don't wanna wear it alone leh! I wanna wear it with you guys!"

I think he proceeded to look around for the women's and baby's kit right after the conversation lolol.

As for Dylan, here's what he prepared for his best friend:

A finger-printed tie cut-out! It was super cute, they did this project a couple of days before Father's Day and Dylan came back with his right hand all super colourful from the residual paint. We asked him what he did in school and obviously, the little boy couldn't tell us a single thing!

I could tell that this was Dylan's work without even having to see his name written on it. How? His love for green, just like me. Just look at how green his daddy's tie is!

Other kids painted their daddies' ties in pink, purple, blue and green but according to the teachers, Dy just kept reaching out to touch the green paint.

I think this is a really awesome piece of artwork, what do ya guys think? :D

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