[Pampers Special] Parenting Tip: Dealing with Diaper Rashes

Thursday, May 02, 2013

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Diaper rashes are one of the most common boo-boos in a child, after common cold and food allergies. It is painful and uncomfortable - afterall, it is located at one of the most sensitive parts of their little bodies!

What causes diaper rash?

There are several causes of diaper rash - for example, wetness in diapers. The reaction between your child's pee and stool forms ammonia, which can be very detrimental to their delicate skin. This is exceptionally so if your child has sensitive skin, or wearing diapers that don't absorb well or he is being left in his wet diapers for too long.

Another reason could be chemical sensitivity, where your child is sensitive to the chemicals (or fragrances) on the diaper. If you're using a reusable one, he is probably sensitive to the detergent used - try to skip fabric softener, many mummies say that fabric conditioners are usually the culprit to diaper rashes.

The third reason is infection. Because the diaper area is moist and warm, it becomes a really great place for bacteria to flourish and eat up your babies' bottoms cuz... you know, babies' bottoms are really yummy. #TriedAndTested

In this last installment of Pampers Parenting Tips, I will be sharing some little advices I've gotten from mommies and BabyCenter (what's new, hehe) on how to prevent these annoying inflammation.

Change diapers regularly

Since wetness is the number 1 cause for diaper rash, it is essential that we keep the babies' bottoms clean and dry. If your child is very prone to diaper rashes, then you should change his diapers even at night. Try not to let him wear overnight.

You should also air your baby's bottom if he has diaper rashes. When Dylan had a bout of rash when he was about three months' old, I had him going commando for about an hour or two. Of course, he sprayed pee allll over the place but if you are on alert mode and a thick towel on hand, you should be able to minimize damage.

Use a more absorbent diaper

Reusable diapers are generally less absorbent as compared to their use-and-throw counterpart. If you don't already have a desired brand of diaper to use, then maybe you can try Pampers Active Baby.

The Pampers Active Baby has elastic sides for a comfortable fit - this prevents abrasions and pressure marks on your baby. Apart from that, it also has extra-locking layer to lock away the wetness, keeping our baby dry. It is also highly breathable, so you don't need to worry about your baby's bottom being cooped up for so long, it becomes wrinkly LOL.

Of course, its hypoallergenic lotion with aloe vera extract is also gentle to the skin and specially formulated to reduce diaper rashes.

Keep it clean

Instead of rubbing on the intimate areas, pat on it. If your baby poos, remember to wash his bottoms with warm water and gentle soap, then pat dry. Also avoid wet wipes that contains alcohol, propylene glycol or fragrances, especially when the rash is present.

Use barrier cream

Currently, Dylan uses Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream on a regular basis, simply because the zinc oxide content (which creates a barrier between his pee/poo & his skin and it is also mildly anticeptic) is lower than that of Desitin, which we will only whip out when he has a case of stubborn diaper rash.

Desitin is also more pastey as compared to Johnson's, which can make application a little more difficult. However, I swear by its efficacy.

We've also recently received Bepanthen from Bayer (thank you!) and currently trying it out. I'll write a review on this next week, plus a giveaway too! Basically, Bepanthen is a little different from Desitin and Johnson's. Instead of using zinc oxide as an active ingredient, Bepanthen is in a form of ointment that has despanthenol as an active ingredient, which will convert to Panthothenic Acid (also known as Vitamin B5) in the skin cells.

Simply put, by using a barrier cream, it should reduce diaper rashes as bacteria is unable to get to our baby's skin. We usually apply a thin layer on Dylan every time he has a diaper change and so far, so good. :)

Okay!! With these little tips I've shared with you today, I hope it will be useful for both yourself and your little babies! Do remember the giveaway next week, I'm sure it will be useful. :)

Lastly, I'd like to thank Pampers Singapore for the generosity you've showered on our little family and Omy.sg as well, for linking us up! We're indeed very thankful. Stay dry and comfortable everyone!

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  1. Bepanthen is quite popular in Australia as it is usually given as a sample in our hospital gift bags. The other popular one is sudocrem and I swear by it. Missy didn't get any nappy rash as it was a top notch barrier cream. If you chance upon a slight nappy rash, just use sudocrem and it will be gone by the next nappy change :)

  2. I have pretty much been a loyal buyer of honest diapers from day one, but have tried expensive diapers on occasion, only to come back to these. They are the better deal and don't fall apart. I have had tabs rip off on Huggies while attaching them to my kids. I like the expensive diapers best
    honest company


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