[Ocean Butterflies Special] So I sang another song~

Monday, May 27, 2013

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Hi guys! It has been quite a while since I last posted something about my singing classes, so here's an update for all of you.

If you don't already know, I'm one of the eight vocal ambassadors with Ocean Butterflies and we are all gonna be specially trained in singing! We have our lessons once every fortnight (to give us more time to practice) and so far, I've completed my 5th lesson.

In these five lessons, I've learned to sing three songs:

1. 刘若英 - 后来
2. 江美琪 - 我多么羡慕你
3. 张惠妹 - 知道

I think apart from the first song (which I chose it myself lol), the rest of the songs are really superbly hard! What happened to all the popular songs I used to sing in KTV...?

Okay to be fair to myself, I do know 我多么羡慕你 cuz I kinda hear before.. but the only sentence I could sing was... "我多么羡慕你~~~" -__-

And when it came to 知道 right, I was completely 不知道 wtf.

But of course, me being me, I won't give up so easily. The harder the song, the more effort I'm going to put in and sing better. Gonna leave you with this song that I sang in class.

I hope you will enjoy my (terrible) singing! :)

Ocean Butterflies is located at *SCAPE. If you're interested in taking up a singing class, feel free to call them at 65347177 for more information. ^^

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