Nursing Room Rant

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Have you ever gotten into an argument with fellow parents over nursing rooms?

Well, for the past 9 months, I've gotten into 2 "arguments" with parents and I honestly think the main reason was because the nursing rooms were too freakin' small.

Of course, the patience and manners of these parents are also highly questionable, plus the ridiculously conservative society that we live in just makes this whole breastfeeding issue a really touchy one.

If people are more accepting towards breastfeeding in the public, you won't have 10 mothers fighting to use one nursing room to feed their kids right?

Usually, people don't get into an argument with you if you have your child by your side. The problem comes when I'm alone and needed to express breastmilk.

Once, I was in IMM expressing milk. After pumping, washing and packing up, I opened the nursing room to find 2 angry mothers staring right at me. One of them was trying to breastfeed her child in the handicap toilet opposite to the nursing room.

"Do you still need the nursing room?" I asked, with a smile.

Both moms threw me a dirty look and one of them said, "We're almost done."

Fine. Whatever. Then she went on, "Do you know that the nursing room is for nursing mothers?"

Of course I know nursing rooms are for nursing mothers wtf. What kinda stupid question is that?

But I smiled and replied, "Yes, of course."

Then she demanded an answer, "What were you doing in there then? Do you know that we thought you were feeding your child that's why we didn't hurry you? But you were not even nursing."

My god. I cannot stand people who assume. What else did they think I was doing in there? Sleeping? Dancing cha cha?

So I retaliated, "What makes you think that I was not doing what I was supposed to do? Where else do you think I should go to express my milk?", while waving my Medela storage bag about, angrily.

Mom then softened her tone and apologized. She said that she met many incidences like that where people were not using the room for the right purpose.


It spoiled my evening lah that one. I wanted to be angry with her, but I could understand her frustration - it is not easy to be feeding in a handicap toilet, but she shouldn't assume things about me and be so rude and condescending, correct or not?

Then this another incident even better. It was at NEX.

I honestly think that NEX has the worst nursing room from all the different places I've been to. It is so small and cramp, it can only accomodate one family at one time.

I really don't understand why shopping centres will come up with small-ass nursing rooms. Do you know how long the waiting time can be during peak hours?

Anyway, back to the story. So I was happily expressing milk in the Level 1 nursing room when this really stupid, rude and impatient woman kept knocking on my door.

I mean, WTF? Do you like people to hurry you when you're feeding your child? Just because I'm only expressing milk doesn't mean that I can hurry up what. The boob needs to be drained from milk and if it takes 15 minutes to do so, I WILL TAKE 15 MINUTES!

It's just like if you need 15 minutes to change your child's diapers, it doesn't help if I keep hurrying you right? Stupid shitty woman.

So about 5 minutes after her incessant knockings, I opened the door and viola. Angry face again.


"Are you done?" She snapped.

"Yes, I needed some time because I was expressing milk." I said.

"Can I use the room now?"

I stepped out of the way but before she closed the door, she shouted, "You think people stupid issit!"

I wanted to confront her immediately because, waddaya mean! She was obviously trying to imply that I was not expressing milk and was lying to her, which pisses me off through and through.

Doesn't help that she is being such a bitch; but Bitch slammed the door in my face. Bitch.

Determined to give her a piece of my mind (and maybe a slap on her stupid face if things get worse lol), I waited outside the nursing room.

But at that time, a PRC couple came along with their daughter and guess what?

She knocked on Bitch's door impatiently as well HAHAHAH #karma.

I then told PRC Mom that Bitch just went into the room 5 minutes ago and should be done soon, since she is only changing her child's diapers. But PRC Mom wouldn't buy it, she continued knocking and knocking and knocking (which really makes me 暗爽 lol) and then commented, "5 minutes still cannot finish changing a diaper! People 2 minutes already more than enough!"

Bitch's husband happened to be outside the nursing room and he got really angry hearing that comment so he confronted PRC Mom. "You so clever you change now lah! Go back to your country lah!" he said.

Then Bitch opened the door. PRC Mom chased her out of the room and slammed the door on her face. HAHAHA TAKE THAT, BITCH.

Bitch's husband is still pissed off with PRC Mom, so he refused to let it rest. I was pissed with Bitch, so I didn't wanna let it go too. Turns out? 3 people quarelling outside the nursing room lolol.

You know what was the funny thing? None of the children were crying. They were not uncomfortable, yet parents are so overly anxious that their backsides will rot if it takes them 5 minutes longer to change their diapers.

I tell you lah. If your child can survive a 12-hour sleep without changing his/her diapers, a 5-10 minutes wait won't kill them.

And I think, a mass confrontation wouldn't have occured if the parents are more patient and understanding. And most importantly, I think this situation would have been avoided if nursing rooms can accomodate more people.

At least, separate the diaper changing area from the feeding area. Then parents who only need to change diapers can do so without having to wait for nursing parents, who will take a longer time.

Have you mommies gotten into such uncomfortable nursing room incidences? Gosh. It really makes me hate expressing milk in public!

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