Nando's Angry Mangoes!

Monday, May 13, 2013

This post is brought to you by Nando's Singapore

Boa tarde~~!! (This means Good Afternoon in Portugese) It is lunch time again! Feeling troubled because you are so sick of eating the same thing over and over again?

Or that your colleagues always ask, "Eh, so where are we going for lunch?" But nobody can give a good answer?

Well.... if you're in this situation right now, you should continue reading because I've got a suggestion for you. 

Why not try out the Nando's Angry Mangoes meal?

Nando's Angry Mangoes in Pita Bread - $14.90 with any two sidelines

A fortnight ago, Nian and I went on a date and thanks to Nando's, we got to try out their latest Angry Mangoes. I had it in the pita bread version.

What is Angry Mangoes?

Not only just Nando's signature chicken in their PERi-PERi sauce, this Angry Mangoes is also mixed with a generous portion of mangoes, giving the already droolicious chicken another punch in the stomach. (A punch in a chicken's stomach is supposed to be a good thing yah.)

The end result is a meal that is spicy, sweetish and savoury at the same time!

I went for HOT, as usual, but Nian toughened up this time and went for a Mild one, instead of Lemon and Herbs (cuz last time Nando's said he was "not so brave" lol) but honestly, I'd recommend you to go for the Mild one because HOT is too hot this time lah~~~

Okay, in my definition, 'too hot' means I've to wash it down with water every two to three bites because if I don't do it, the spiciness will numb my tongue and I can't taste the food properly afterwards.

And for the record, I'm pretty good at taking chilli one!

Nian went for the wrap version and the spice level is more manageable as compared to the hot one.

All in all, the chicken is really tender to bite. Have I also mentioned before that I generally prefer chicken with no bones? :D

These chicken fillets were delectably flame-grilled and then topped with fresh rocket leaves and fiery Mangoes (that's where the extra spice comes from!) - rather delicious and really very filling, even for a Godzilla eater like me.

Nian finds the mangoes a little sourish, but it is fine for me. I'm not a fan of mangoes because of its strong flavours, so I was surprised that I didn't taste any of those overly strong smell from the mangoes. I like it!

The Wild Mushroom soup is not included in our complimentary set this time, but because I love it so much, we topped up $6.90 (It came up to $8.10 after GST + service charge) to have it. Very good as usual. ^~^

You can also opt for the Angry Mangoes in the burger version!

 The Nando's Angry Mangoes meal is available in all Nando's restaurants: Bugis Junction, Tanglin Mall, Plaza Singapura, Katong Mall, Tampines Mall, The Star Vista and JCube.

Ending the post with a photo of Nian and I. Bye! ^-^

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