My Mother's Day Edition VanityTrove!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A fortnight ago, I received a set of Mother's Day edition VanityTrove and I was pretty excited to rip the vacuum seal apart as soon as I set my eyes on them. *eyes glistening*

When my husband picked up VanityTrove for me from the delivery man, he was like, "What's this thing? So cute one." If you're like my husband who doesn't really know what VanityTrove is, in layman terms, it is like a tikam box.

I know I should've used a nicer sounding name than a "tikam box" but as you know... men probably wouldn't care for a nicer sounding name LOL. As for the ladies, the tikam box is called the fukubahluku.

No, just kidding, not bahluku lah hahaha it's fukuburuko, which is a mystery grab bag filled with surprise products. At $25/month, each VanityTrove will be filled with specially picked surprise mix of beauty goodies (think hair products, makeup, bodycare, skincare and fragrances etc) and delivered right to your doorstep!

Check out the range of products I got for my May edition of VanityTrove. ^-^

My favourite item in this month's Trove has to be the JapSpa Sea Salt.

This Aroma Bath Sea Salt helps to exfoliate dead skin calls and it is not only suitable for use in a bathtub, it is also good for shower use too. I love how soft my skin feels right after a hot shower with the Aroma Bath Sea Salt.

Personally, I prefer the Rose Bath Sea Salt more, because I smell so romantic (can you actually smell romantic? Hahaha!) and sweet after the bath, it makes me feel like I'm on a holiday! Both of these sea salts are available in coarse and fine salt version, so take your pick.

I've also tried out the range of NUXE Skincare and the cleansing gel is surprisingly good at removing make-up as well, so I didn't need to use a make-up remover on my lazy days. The Gentle Toning Lotion is non-alcoholic, so it doesn't dry your skin out, yet provide immediate freshness.

If you have oily skin, the Clarifying Cream Mask can deliver a clear, matte complexion after usage. All of these products have a gentle rose scent to it, which I really like!

You don't need a huge amount for these NUXE Skincare, so with these sample sizes, it was enough to last me for a week.

The Bach Rescue Pastilles is both alcohol and sugar-free, which makes it a better alternative to soothing throat discomfort as compared to other lozenges in the market. When I first opened it, it reminded me of those Ricola pastilles, except that this is significantly less sweet.

I'm sure Sebamed is not a stranger to many of us ladies. This intimate wash is specially formulated to set the female hygiene area at an optimal pH of 3.8 and it is also effective against pathogenic micro-organisms.


Apart from a Trove of wonderful products, I also like the palm-sized Vanity Magazine that comes along with it.

Apart from the usual product write-ups, I also like these interesting features below... such as these:

PowerPlate gym - quite interesting, it is supposed to work much faster as compared to traditional gym!

A feature story on how to take care of your hair, with some home recipes included!

Dunno what nail designs to get for your next manicure session? Vanity magazine has got some features on the popular nail arts that is on trend.

If you like whatever you've sampled in the VanityTrove, there are also vouchers for you to use when you purchase retail sizes.

So there you have it, aallll of these for $25/month! 

June's edition will be Summer Crush - look out for exciting beauty stash suitable for sunny brunches to sunset parties. If you sign up by this week, I think you'd still be in time to receive June's Trove!!

CLICK HERE : you can subscribe it for yourself or as a gift to your girlfriends, sisters or mummy cuz good things are meant to be shared. :)

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