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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

This post is brought to you by Bayer

In my previous blog post, I talked about diaper rashes and how uncomfortable it will be for your child if he/she is suffering from it. I also talked about Dylan using Bepanthen, and as promised, here's a review for you!

Bayer will also be giving away FULL-SIZE Bepanthen and a free diaper clutch for hellomrstan.com's readers so to find out how to redeem it, just continue reading. :)

To give you a background knowledge, unlike ordinary nappy rash creams that use Zinc Oxide as an active ingredient, Bepanthen is an oil-rich ointment base formulation that contains despanthenol as an active ingredient. Dexpanthenol is converted in skin cells into pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B5 is known for its skin healing and repairing properties and plays important part in both the formation and regeneration of the skin, making it suitable for more than just a nappy cream.

Not just a nappy rash cream

Apart from using it as a barrier cream for nappy rash, Bepanthen is also good for nursing mothers suffering from cracked nipples. Some reviewers online even used it on fresh tattoos and it relieved their itch and scabbing greatly!

As a nipple healing ointment

Here is a confession: My son MUTILATES my boobs. He chomps at it with every single chance he has. Sometimes he grinds his teeth, sometimes he will choose to bite and pull when he is hungry and frustrated... it sucks, really. #punny

I'll talk more about how I'd punish him the next time, but bottom line is, this boy doesn't care. If he needs to chomp, he will chomp.

With that, cracked nips are really common for me nowadays, and I can safely tell you, that is probably one of the most painful experiences on earth.

Before using Bepanthen, I've been using Medela's Lanolin. It works really well, except that it tastes a little funny and I feel bad having Dylan to taste a funny tasting barrier cream like that.

Bepanthen tastes okay (yes, I do taste tests cuz I don't want Dylan to taste funny stuff smeared on my boobs la lol), but what I really like is that it heals cracked nipples much faster than Lanolin.

Apart from that, it also moisturizes the dry areas around the aerola. Ever since I start to breastfeed, the tender skin becomes really dry and sometimes, slight eczema occurs. Application of Lanolin did not help to heal these areas, but Bepanthen does.

Dylan had some redness around the backside area this morning because he passed a lot of motion, but after only ONE application, his backside is as smooth as... I dunno. Butter? LOL by the next diaper change.

Although it is said to be oil-based, it is not oily per se and it gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly. My eczema around my aerola became less inflammed in just 30 minutes, so I must say I'm really impressed with the results!

(I usually use Bio-oil for my eczema on my elbow but I don't use it on my breasts because I don't want Dylan to be injesting it when he drinks milk lol)

Bepanthen is also useful for chapped lips, cracked skin (especially on your heels), minor cuts and burns as despanthenol can accelerate natural skin healing.


Interested to try out  Bepanthen? Why not redeem one and try it for yourself? It is absolutely free! Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to bepanthen.com.sg
3. Fill up your details and key in promo code: hellomrstan
3. Wait for products to arrive!

Hurry as there are limited stocks! Bepanthen is also available in NTUC Finest (I went shopping and saw them on display) at about $8+. Pretty affordable for a good boo-boo ointment, I'd say.

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