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Monday, May 06, 2013

This post is brought to you by Dettol Radiance

Very often, we put in a lot more effort on our face more than any parts of our body, which is not a really good decision because many of us end up with very, very good skin on our face but what about our body?

Today, I've put together a three-course meal not only for you, but for your skin as well!


I've come up with two simple, yet healthy dishes that you can prepare easily at the comfort of your home. Why did I choose these two dishes? Well... that's because the Baked Field Mushrooms are served together with TOMATOES, and tomatoes are bursting with Vitamin C - the best 'food' a skin to have!

As for the Cajun Spiced Breast, I've incorporated it with loads of garlic because garlic contains a lot of Niacin, which is also known as Vitamin B3. If you want firmer and younger looking skin, Vitamin B3's the thing to take.

After a simple yet delicious, healthy and sumptuous meal with your loved one, pamper your skin to its main course.

Many of us don't have the luxury of time to rest and relax after a long day at work, so I guess the best place to sneak a break has to be bath time, isn't it?

Prepare a warm tub of water, some rose petals and set the Jazz CD that you've bought far too long ago into the player. While many will seek the refuge of a sip or two of wine, I'll say go for something with low alcohol content, or none even, because alcohol causes water retention and makes the skin look dull.

Give your skin another direct boost of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 with Dettol's latest product - Dettol Radiance.

The specially formulated blend of ingredients not only contain the essential vitamins for healthy skin, it is also capable of deep cleansing and of course, its renowned germ protection capabilities will keep your skin well pampered and germs at bay.

Finally, treat your skin to a delicious dessert of moisture boost. I usually go for a body butter that smells of Lavender - my favourite smell, because it relaxes me and puts me right in the mood for bed. Coupled with some good, strong massage (ask your other half to help, I'm sure he will be more than happy to!), the dull skin will then be brought alive once again with the improved blood circulation.

Do remember to serve your dessert between 10PM to 2AM because that is the time when skin cells proliferate and repair the damage caused in the day. Have a wonderful 8 hours rest and say hello to beautiful, radiant skin the next morning. :)

The new Dettol Radiance is available in both body wash and bar soaps and retails from $3.20 to $10.90, depending on its size. It is available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and phamacies in Singapore from May 2013.


Wanna win yourself a set of Dettol Radiance to try? Just leave me a comment below with the following details:

1. Your Name
2. Email Address
3. Why you would love to try the Dettol Radiance

There will be three sets to be given away, good luck!

Terms & Conditions:
- Winners must reside in Singapore
- All participants must have an email address with the entry so that I can contact you if you win
- Winners must respond within 48 hours, or else a new winner will be drawn
- Giveaway ends 11 May 2013, 2359 hours
- Strawberry jam and marshmallows in the picture above have been eaten and therefore will not be included in the giveaway.

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  1. 1. Your Name: deedee
    2. Email Address: deedee.lg@gmail.com
    3. Why you would love to try the Dettol Radiance: I've been using Dettol bodywash (light blue "cool" and sweet pink "skincare") and I can do with some Radiance! :D

  2. 1. Fabulous Malcolm Sunny
    2. sunny_creationz@hotmail.com
    3. I love the Dettol Aqua Bodywash and I want to experience the new Dettol Radiance. Plus I have been working night shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I want to have Dettol Radiance to make my skin glow and make me look fabulous again. Also cos I'm a cheapskate who want freebie lah! :D

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Pep Chen
    As a relatively new mum, cleanliness is one of the most important thing before handling baby. And since delivery my skin has been dull due to all the hormone changes. Maybe this range of dettol can help me with both issues at the same time! thanks!

  5. Jingting
    Because Dettol smell nice and i have never try this new favor, will love to try this :)

  6. 1. Karen
    2. kai.huang.lun@gmail.com
    3. A avid fan of dettol (heavy user of Cool Shower Gel, Antiseptic Germicide and Disinfectant Spray), would like to win this Radiance set for prettier skin and nice citrus scent! ♥ They nourish and protect the skin at the same time. Whats more to ask for?

  7. szemin
    there's nothing like radiance that i've missed since the days i've taken up teaching in dusty classrooms and mucked about in dirty kallang basins on sunday rowing trainings. S.O.S i need some dettol! pretty please? :)

  8. 1. Angeline
    2. angelinekoh_hp@hotmail.com
    3. I have been a fan of body showers and have always love dettol products! Therfore, i would love to be given a chance to try these radianceeeee products which sounds soooooooo good! :D

  9. 1. Connie Huang
    2. sherbetgal@yahoo.com
    3. I have been a big fan of Dettol for many years and would love to try this new Radiance range. The formula of Dettol always leave my skin moisturised and supple!

  10. 1. Your Name: Shirley
    2. Email Address: shirleylye12@gmail.com
    3. Why you would love to try the Dettol Radiance: I love to have radiant skin!

  11. 1. Your Name: Elicia Yeo
    2. Email Address: babycookie@gmail.com
    3. Why you would love to try the Dettol Radiance: I love the clean feeling that Dettol leaves me with each time I use it. Would love to try this new range to see how the Vit B3 it contains helps my skin become firmer and more youthful!

  12. hui min
    ARGH! tried posting comment from my ipad but it disappear! so i am trying it once more to see if i can win the shower gel! weeee~! Really hope to WIN and GET this new range of dettol! just nice I'm finishing my shower gel too! The color on the packaging is so PRETTY! Nice new colour after their pink packaging dettol. :p


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