Foto Friday 22: Food

Friday, May 31, 2013

Lots of F's up there isn't it LOL.

I've been slowly but surely filling up this week's FF with loads of foodscapade our little family had for the past weeks.

Food is one of the thing that makes me happy... apart from family and friends. I've been making an exceptional effort to do a whole lot of positive things with my body!


Back to our weekly FF, Nian, Dylan and myself finally went to Poulet to try out their roast chicken, after listening to so many of my friends raving about it!

Dy is still smacking the table asking for food, as usual, as my husband looks lovingly at him. The little boy is turning 10 months old in another week, can you believe it? He's a funny boy as usual, always bringing laughter to the both of us. :D


Started our brunch with fries as a side order because I was worried that given my godzilla appetite, sharing half a chicken with my husband won't be enough lol.

 The fries were ordinary, I mean, we were not expecting anything spectecular out of this bucket of fries but I appreciate it being served hot and crispy - the way I like it!


Here comes the star for the afternoon. The Poulet Rosti is supposedly brined for a full day in a traditional recipe and then slowly roasted until the skin turns into a crispy golden brown.

There is this mushroom chardonnay sauce to go along with the Poulet Rosti, which I kinda like to go with the breast meat. The breast meat portion tends to be a little dryer and tougher so if I eat it with the sauce, it turns out to be pretty flavourful.

One thing I must say is that the chicken is really chewy, it is pretty obvious that they used fresh chickens for the Poulet Rosti, because frozen chickens never taste this.... soft.


Ordered the Banana Bread Pudding with Vanilla ice-cream. I think so far, none of the bread pudding I've tasted beats Carousel's. This one is okay, but I think it is still lacking in something... like the whiff of vanilla fragrance.


Take a break off the yummy food and let me show you my fukuburuko loot! My friend was selling a bag of random girly stuff priced at $70 each and to support her, I bought one bag for myself. It was a half-hearted buy actually, because I don't usually have luck with such grab-bags.

I was saying on my Twitter that there was once I bought a grab-bag from this blogshop at $15 - the deal is pretty good I'd say: 2 dresses and one accessory. But too bad, when the mail came, I hate both dresses because they looked so ugly. The accessory was cute though, but I never got around wearing it because it doesn't really fit my clothes well -____-

So ends up, I spent $15 for nothing. Gua gua.

To be honest, to ask me to part with $70 is quite a huge risk to take but this time, I was really happy with what I got in the bag because firstly, there were SO MANY stuff! Most of them were sample sizes, but there were quite a bit of retail sized stuff as well.

My favourite loot has to be the Chloe make-up pouch and the Balenciaga armband (above in purple)!

Initially I was quite skeptical about the authenticity of these two 'luxury' items - I even went to google an image of the armband just to see if they have the purple version. Turns out, it IS authentic, but it is a gift with purchase so it looks slightly different as compared to the real deal. (The texture of the hardware is different)

Next few items in my squeal-list were:

- the pink baby kabuki brush, which I can bring out and stuff in my (new) make-up pouch & leave my big-ass one at home

- Philosophy's Hope in a Jar which I had the intention to buy but never got around buying. I've already started using that so I hope I can post a small review soon

- Revlon's mascara, which works really well and doesn't give me any clumpy lashes and

- Kardashian Kolor by O.P.I. which I intend to try on my toes after I remove my colourful manicure

I'm also looking forward to try out the Clarisonic, Shu Umera and KOSE skincare samples and I've already brought out the MBMJ Daisy Rollerball (already costs USD20 for this one!).

All in all, I'm SUPER happy with the loot this time and I'm seriously considering to buy another bag from her. Will my good luck last till the next bag? :\


Moving on back to food! There is a newly opened tze char restaurant near our place and they claimed that they are really good with crabs so even though we usually have crabs only on our birthdays, we made it an exception and brought Dylan out for his first crab feast!

Ordered this seafood wrapped with tofu skin and four season beans as a side dish and both were not bad. Dylan was also happily eating the veg lor!



Their Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Crab are their best dishes. Hmmm I'd say that the crab is really fresh and the flesh is really very tough and chewy. I don't like those crabs that have been stored so long, their flesh become mushy.

The bill came up to about $80 and all three of us went home as happy boys and girl.

Crab days are AWESOME!


Here's a photo of the three of us. I have to declare that Dylan has a left-side face. He looks significantly cuter when he looks to the left as compared to looking to the right isn't it?

Or maybe Daddy's a bad photographer. :p


Super-friend-cum-manager Laien is finally back from her long trip and we finally got to meet up! I like how she looks like now - got her hair trimmed and dyed (we now have the same red hair!), I feel she looks so much more refreshed from her usual look.

I dunno what else to say, except that I was really happy to see her again. Thing was... I brought Dylan and Nian along and it turns out to be a "babysitting Dylan" session instead of the gossip session we had intended to be. :x

But that's okay! We have many many opportunities for gossiping. Hee.


Tried Black Ball for the first time and I opted to mix and match instead of going for their best-seller cuz... I'm not a fan of taro balls and sweet potato balls and red bean so I opted for han tien jelly, pearls (I RURVE PEARLS), grass jelly and I think.... Nata de Coco.

It was very yummy!


Received a carnation from a fellow work-friend on the Mother's Day weekend. I love how pretty the red is on the carnation! This is probably why I'm a sucker for red roses.... the red is so pretty. *sigh*


Ending off this week's FF with yet another #ootd - Inspired Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats (so cute, but the real Charlotte Olympia would have cost me a bomb!) and dug out a set of overall to go. Overalls were so popular when I was young... I'm glad it is still somewhat "in trend" now so that I can wear it without being 'orbit'. :p

Ok, have a good weekend y'all! And look, May is almost over already wtf. We're coming to MID-YEAR liao. 2013 is flying off too fast and furious!

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