Foto Friday 21: Lunch Date at Udders, Mother's Day & other things ^-^

Friday, May 24, 2013

Now that Dylan is a little older, Nian and Ihave been sneaking little dates here and there whenever the both of us are free and while Dy is at the infant care.

To date, we managed to go for two movies date: G.I. Joe and Olympus Has Fallen. G.I. Joe Retaliation was really good! But not so much for Olympus lah. You can read my review here, I was just basically complaining and complaining LOL.

Just three weeks ago, we managed another date again and we went to Udders at Upper Thomson! Quite exciting because Mrs Tan here is quite a mountain-tortoise - I've never eaten at Udders before you know! 


Ordered an Om Nom Nom sundae to share - it had some nuts, choco balls, chocolate and cookies & cream ice-cream and loads of oreos at the bottom. So sinful until my sweet-tooth husband thinks it is too sweet for him can you believe it? LOL

Heng we skipped the whip cream. Mehehe.

I was drinking Root Beer from a measuring cup - super big cup lor!


Apart from the desserts, we also ordered this Udders Beef to share. Initially we wanted to order the chicken version, but I cannot resist the little beef patties so my husband had to give in to me and so we had beef! ^^

Goodness gracious me, it was really pretty yummy. I'm glad that we decided to drop by Udders for a meal instead of settling at the bar chor mee stall beside!

I wanna try the Udders Chicken next time. I read some reviews and it said that both are as good. *happy*


Yet another gym session. It was my 9th week back in gym three weeks ago so this week marks the third month I finally got my ass movin'.

As compared to the first time I went back, it is more manageable now, of course. I can last through the entire high intensity aerobics workout without stopping, but I am still quite a distance off being able to last through the entire weights training.

I always die when my instructor does complex workouts - think squats with chest press simultaneously, bicycle crunches etc. My whole body feels like it is on fire every time! And most of the time, I can't get back home without a slight limp wtf.

But I guess there's some truth to "no pain, no gain" right? I will continue to work hard to a healthier and stronger body cuz there was this lady I saw on Instagram, she was over 210lb (that is like 95kg!) after giving birth to her kids. I think she gave birth to a pair of twins? I'm not really sure but here's how she looks like right now:

Can you believe it or not!??!?!!!

I was showing it to my mother-in-law and she didn't believe how can this lady lose so much weight but I was blown away. If she can do it, so can I! I mean, I'm not like 95KG but my heart skips a beat to know that I *can* actually have a body like this (on the right, not the left one huh excuse me) if I work hard enough.

So I told my mother-in-law to give me three years. 36 months. Not too much to ask for right? :x


Another item off my Evil Wishlist. Now my Chanel earrings has a friend! Next, I really want their pearl bracelet so that I have a "set"... whatever that set is. It's just the obssessed shopper in me speaking right now.

It is not cheap so I guess I'll just wait and see. Afterall, the earrings were alone for a good one to two years before I got their friend this year so I guess a little wait wouldn't harm!


I usually host shows (roadshows, dinner & dance, wedding dinners, community centres block parties) on weekends but this time, I took over the DJ console!

Mixing music is pretty fun I'd say, but I'm no good at it lol. I'm still better at talking and hosting. :p


Nian, Dylan and I brought Mama Tan out for a good lunch during Labour Day - one to thank her for always finding time to stand in for us to take care of Dylan whenever the both of us are occupied and the infant care is not opened, and another is to celebrate Mother's Day.

After much research, Nian and I decided to bring her to Taste Paradise at ION Orchard and it was a great decision, me thinks! I kinda shortlisted a couple of dim sum places, like Wen Dao Shi, Swee Choon, Red Star, Yum Cha Garden and Peach Garden.

Didn't consider the hotel ones because of budget constrains, yet we didn't wanna bring her to somewhere too lok kok, so we decided on this! The food was served really quickly and it was hot too. Overall, I think all of the food were really delicious and done with a really good standard.

However, if you were to compare, I think I still prefer Victor's Kitchen's custard buns (even though I really dislike the rude lady boss - gosh, can someone kick her out already?) & Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao. Other than that, the rest of the 15 dishes are really good lah!

The bill came up to $130 for the three four of us. Dylan actually finished the whole plate of Chee Cheong Fun lor! Very good appetite! Hahaha ^~^

I told Mama Tan when Tim Ho Wan is less crowded already, we will bring her there. Sigh, I really love my mother-in-law very much. I think she is a really capable lady, even though she didn't study much, neither does she work. But who says that the capability of a woman is limited to her workplace?


After a hearty lunch with Mama Tan, we went for yet another hearty lunch with the Chan's the following week - we invited Granny Chan along and we feasted on Peking Duck, Ee Fu Nodles, dimsum (again! I can never get tired of dim sum :D) and Cedele's Chocolate Cookies & Cream cake (that's a whole lot of words starting with C wtf) for my youngest sister's birthday!

Went to Yishun SAFRA's Pin Si so we offset the entire $148 bill (initially it was $160+ but SAFRA members have 10% discount!) with Papa Chan and Nian's NS45 vouchers. Shiok!


Finally got some of tthe remaining 7-11 Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines since my last FF update. I know I've ranted about this probably a thousand times so can I rant just one more time? Wouldn't make a difference ain't it lol.

Ok, here we go: In order to get ONE figurine, you are supposed to either get 6 stamps + $3.90 or exchange one for free with 18 stamps.

To get one stamp, you need to spend $4. That means you will need a minimum of $27.90 for ONE figurine, and $72 if you were to exchange for free. WTF RIGHT $72 WORTH OF MERCHANDISE FOR A KITTY.

Well, actually it is pretty normal for a Hello Kitty lover to spend money to collect these figurines. What makes it harder is that this is completely tikam-based, which completely made no sense at all!

Tikam means you CANNOT see what you're gonna get, and that means the chances of repeats are very high. Honestly, I don't like this marketing method at all cuz it is simply too evil ok. Think about it again: $72 worth of merchandise for a kitty YOU CANNOT CHOOSE.

What logic is this? How much money you want us to spend huh excuse me?

But because I'm such a fanatic, I have no choice but to beg, steal and rob for the stamps. Thankfully, I've got very good friends who will chin chye go into 7-11 to buy $4 worth of stuff to help me with one stamp or two. Special mention to my Vibes kids, who really kept patronizing 7-11 and helped me collected like 15 stamps.

FIFTEEN. Do you know how much money that is? $60 worth of stuff.

Other times, I stand in front of 7-11 after I made my own purchases and then begged people who bought stuff but are not collecting these kitties for the stamps. But because 7-11 doesn't give out stamps to people who purchase cigarettes, coupons, cashcard top-ups, bill payments and god-knows-what-else, many of them couldn't give me a stamp at all, even though they would love to.

Anyways, long story short, I managed to scrimp up 60 stamps after a month of begging - not so much of spending, I probably spent about $40 on ice-cream and junk food -__- - and topped up $39 for ten kitties at one shot.

Nian had the liberty to choose all ten kitties and he actually got 8 different ones, out of the 10. 80% success rate, I'd say it's super awesome la!

I now have two extra kitties (Sunshine and Moo), hoping to exchange for the Rocket kitty. I will not be going back to 7-11 for a long time now, so if anyone of you has an extra Rocket and looking for Sunshine or Moo, I'll be happy to trade! Just drop me an email at and we will discuss from there ya. :)


Because of my obsession of boxes and compartments, my kitties have a new house. Bought them at $2 each at Daiso! Daiso sells all sorts of ingenious stuff, really. I can never get bored of it and I will always find something to buy home lolol.


Ending my post with my little monster at 38 weeks back then. As we talk, he is already 41 weeks! They say 52 weeks make a year, right?

My baby is turning one. How time flies. :)

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