Foto Friday 20: Frolicking Around With My Family

Friday, May 17, 2013

Here's another #throwbackFriday photos (I know, #Throwbacks are not supposed to be used on a Friday but... whatever right? Hehehe.)

Again, these are photos a couple of weeks back, basically a little compilation of my happy pills - Dylan, le husband, manicures, bright colours, Manchester United, friends and food.


Did a really superbly colourful set of manicure a couple of weeks back and I think this is my favourite set so far! Just simple, solid colours, but they make up to such a vibrant spectrum, I keep flashing them to Dylan because it makes him keep wanting to grab them!


Met up with my happy Vibes kids for lunch one day and Nian and I made a trip down to Telok Ayer again, after so long! After working in Jurong, I've grown to appreciate working in the CBD - nearer to town, lots of food variety and sometimes, if you're really lucky, you get to do some shopping too!

In Jurong Industrial Area.... all we get are trucks, canteen food and tiko peks. :(


We decided to have lunch at this quaint little restaurant called Flying Squirrels along Amoy Street, but you have to actually make a turn into an ulu alley before you see this cafe. I think they serve pretty decent Japanese food.

Nian had the sushi set which took really long to come, but according to him, most of the sashimi are rather fresh, except for one. I can't remember if he said was the salmon (unlikely, cuz I ordered extra portions of salmon), but my Ebi was good! I like the curry and wafu salad too. :)


Tried out Bangkok Jam at the new Plaza Singapura extention when Nian brought Dylan down to look for me while I was hosting an event. The husband was really cute lah I tell you, he wanted to bring Dylan to surprise me but he realized that he won't be able to reach in time and he was worried I will chiong home in a cab, he texted me to wait for them.

You know... the best way to end a hectic day of work is always dinner with your family. Doesn't matter how is the food - of course, good food is a bonus but I really appreciate eating with my two boys. It makes me really very contented and happy! :')


Talking about the food at Bangkok Jam, unfortunately, it is pretty average. I won't say that it tastes bad, but it's not fantastic either. In fact, for the amount we paid, I was expecting some decent fare from the kitchen.

But nope.

The service was also really, superbly slow even though we went at about 8.30PM? Peak hour has long passed and the restaurant was not even crowded, yet I had to request for a menu when I sat down - the waitress left us there with nothing for a good whole 10 minutes!

Then when my Phad Thai came, I started eating. I ate and ate and after I finished the whole plate of kway teow, both Nian's Pineapple Rice and our appetizer was not even served! -__-

I thought appetizers, like its name, are supposed to whet your appetite before your main dish. In the end, it came even later than both mains. And by then, they had already cleared my fork and spoon and I had to request for another set. Took them another five minutes or so when the cutlery area was right behind us - I'd have helped myself if I had known!

Saw another table of ladies who eventually went to the serving counter to help themselves with the iced water because they've asked for a refill so many times, it was not given. Another ang moh lady didn't finish her chicken because it was served cold and hard. (She complained to the waitress and I kpo so I eavesdropped. Hehe.)

Overall, I think the speed and service really need some improvement. If I were to fix my Thai food craving fast, I think I'll fall back to the reliable Thai Express.


Another random makan session with my family, this time at Ichiban Boshi, one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. I really love their Hotate Cheese I tell you. Every time I go, I eat the same thing. LOL.

Dylan is eating all sorts of food that we eat, as usual. And in the picture above, his dad is feeding him chanwamushi, which he LOVES, I tell you!

Don't you think that the two of them in father-and-son matching clothes are extremely cute? :)

Nian bought three sets of Man Utd rompers for Dylan as soon as we found out that we were pregnant and of course, little boy couldn't fit into European sizes until he was 8 months old.

Can you imagine as you are reading now, he is already nine months old? Time definitely flies. Another 3 more months the little one will be ONE YEAR OLD!


I don't think Nian and I can ever resist these awesome sashimi and sushi. How did I manage to tahan from eating these during pregnancy!?!??!



The Man Utd away romper that he wore for our weekend lunch, and below is the home romper, complete with a ski cap. Hehehe.


When we posted pictures of him in jersies on our Facebook, we had a couple of friends who told us to "give him the freedom to choose his favourite team".

Gosh. 说到这里我就生气!

Really hor, last warning to all these people who try to tell us what to do okay. What do you mean by giving him the freedom to choose his favourite team? You mean he can actually make a choice now?

That he can watch a soccer game and decide that he will screw Man Utd and decide to support Chelsea* instead? That he will actually be happy/sad that we dress him up in a Man Utd jersey?

Obviously he can't right, so WTF DO U GUYS MEAN BY GIVING HIM THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE? He can't even choose now. So stop harping on it like we're forcing him to support Man Utd just because we got him to wear the jersey okie?

Just look at the photo and enjoy how cute he looks! Look at his smile! Why keep harping on the "lack of freedom to choose his favourite team". Siao one. -__-

*If I can help it, please BE a Man Utd supporter. Mummy doesn't wanna fight you when we watch a game together. :) I love you, son.


In other news, I cut my hair short, again.

Well.......... I wouldn't say it is super-short kinda short, but short enough that I won't have to tie it up. I think I've been tying my hair so much these days, it makes the top of my head very flat and ugly.

Anyway, the weather had been really bitchy so far so I don't think I can survive for long with shoulder length hair so OK BYE SEE YOU NEXT TIME.


It doesn't look really short here but it actually falls just right under my jaws. So yes, it is really pretty short lol.


Ending this week's FF with a picture of Nian and I! If you've noticed, we very long time don't have our photos together liao.....................

Anyway, you can see how short the hair is in this picture right?

I know I keep talking about the hair but I really like how cooling it is now lah. And I *think* I look younger with shorter hair, no?! I always tell Nian I wanna cut my hair but this conversation always happens:

Me: Honey, I wanna cut my hair short! Okay?
Him: Dowan lah. Nice meh?
Me: Why not nice?
Him: Cuz... cuz... your face quite big mah. Then short hair cannot cover.

I cannot take this shit. Other people can say my face is like ham chee peng I don't care BUT MY HUSBAND CANNOT SAY LIKE THIS OK.

So to prove my point, I cut my hair right in front of him while we were at the salon together.

I think I look prettier leh. Hor?

The end.

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