Foto Friday 19: Very backdated photos

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello everyone! It's Friday again!

So many things have been going on but I didn't really have the time to post them up religiously but here's some to contribute to the memory lane. :D (Photos go as far back as.... last month. Oops!)



Bought this really beautiful Murano Glass watch from my online friend, Stephanie. It is such a pretty piece made up of handmade floral painting at the circumference with Murano glass & Mother of Pearl watch face. This is specially bought from Venice!

I love how intricate the workmanship is. Absolutely beautiful. ^-^


Had a meal with my work friends at Laksania NEX and boy was it disappointing. Ordered this Singapore Laksa and it was very, very mediocre. Came without coriander some more because they ran out of it.

You know, when you run a laksa-concept stall, the last thing you should run out of is coriander and laksa sauce, of course. -__-

Paid like $8 for this and it was not worth the money. Will not be going back there anymore.


Met up with my mummy friends for some Gelare waffles and ice cream. Hehe. Actually, they are both Nian's poly classmates but you know, when you're together for so long, his friends become yours and vice versa lol.


Went to a toy sale with my sis-in-law about 3 weeks back and lugged home a walker in the form of a shopping cart and a box of Lego for Dylan. I'd wanted to buy an affordable bouncer for Dylan because he is growing out of his existing one (which we also bought from the sale, but a year back, at only $30!) but this year, there were no such good deal.

The cheapest bouncer we saw was $120 and it was quite out of our budget. We haven't opened the Lego set yet because it contains small pieces, but Dylan loves the shopping cart!


I had the intention to buy this 3-in-1 Push n Scoot cuz he can sit on it, play with it and push it around but the parents at the sale were really very fierce. They were pushing and snatching and throwing these boxes of toys out of the barricaded area, while their other half catching it outside. O_O

Still a zombie apocalypse, like last year.


Finally fitted up the playpen for Dylan. Bought this a couple of months back but we never really needed to use it until recently, when the little boy is climbing everywhere! If unattended, you can sometimes find him under our dining table. Or behind his pram, or under the TV console.

Yeah, everywhere.

He seems to enjoy staying inside this little playground though, but of course, he prefers us to sit in there and play with him any time. Kids. :)


Spent only 1 day of my Week 6 in the gym. The week before this, we were happily frolicking around Jakarta and I missed working out like.. totally. I didn't even bother doing any static exercises at home.

Then when I came back to Singapore and wanted to put in 200% to make up for my missed week, I ended up having so much micro-tears on my muscles it hurt so bad... I ran a fever. #win


Got my first Hello Kitty x Tokidoki after carefully saving up 18 stamps. If you're following my Twitter, you will remember me complaining about the difficulty level in ensuring that you get all 10 figurines.

It. is. just. too. hard. And I'm kinda demoralized, even though I have many many kind friends who are helping me to collect the stamps and donating them to me. *touched*

Other than that, I've just been spending time with my little boo. :)

 #9 - #12

I love his new Paul Frank jump suit. SO CUTE ain't it? And then here's one with him throwing a mighty tantrum because he couldn't get what he wanted. LOL.


And then this was taken just before we left the house for Jakarta. Little boy was very happy and couldn't stop mumuring "Papapapa."

Bullying his mommy, as usual.


He flashes this super smile every morning... which explains why I still bothered to post this photo up even though I am in my just-woke-up face.


Another super terrible photo of me, but check out how Dylan is leaning against my arms and chuckling! I also made him massage my arms as we roll around the bed. It was a lovely weekend, even though Nian was away then. :)


Junior Tan has begun standing up against anywhere and everywhere that he can support and pull himself up. Once, he crawled to his cousin (who was barely standing firmly LOL) and started grabbing his pants to pull himself up.

Cousin didn't know what to do, so he stood quietly while Dylan was scrambling to stand up against him hahaha!


Ending this week's FF with Dylan's epic priceless expression. Pang sai cannot come out so he is squeezing really hard.

I'm gonna keep this photo and blackmail him next time when he grows up. :p

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  1. may I know where u bought the play pen gate and how much was it? does it fall when Dylan leans or pushes it? thanks! he's one cute baby btw!

    1. Hi juany! I think we bought it at $210. It was a second hand playpen with some bits of stickers already torn off but the rest are working quite well. It has suctions below the playpen so it won't topple over at all.

      In fact, it is so sturdy, it stood firm even when Dylan tried to climb over it lol. Hope this helps!


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