Bio-Essence V-shape Face Series with Royal Jelly

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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I'm sure hellomrstan's readers will not be a stranger to Bio-Essence's Face Lifting Cream. 

I was first introduced to it by the Bio-Essence team back in 2011, where I tried out their popular Deep Exfoliating Gel, Youth Essence and of course, their Face Lifting Cream which became one of my holy grails that I recommended back last year.

Early this year, I spotted ultra huge posters up at Sasa and Watsons introducing their latest series with Royal Jelly - I was really excited!

Why the excitement with Royal Jelly?

The Royal Jelly is a very exclusive and special food containing many types of proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Only the Queen bee feeds on it and that is about the only thing that they feed on. With this special staple diet, they outlive 40 TIMES the lifespan of a worker bee. This clearly demonstrates the advance anti-ageing effects of the Royal Jelly.

Apart from that, its estrogenic properties also help ladies to unlock their feminine charm, effectively nourishes skin and its anti-bacterial properties is able to relieve pimples and acnes.

There are altogether 7 products in this series. Apart from the above products that I am going to review, there are also Deep Cleansing Milk, Nourishing Deep Cleanser, Deep Nourishing Toner and Nourishing Foamy Cleanser available for sale.

I know it can be a little overboard to be using all seven products at one shot BUT, I will strongly recommend using at least the three products above to achieve a V-shaped face. You can't just use the Deep Exfoliating Gel alone and expect to achieve a V-shape result because it doesn't work that way.


I use the Deep Exfoliating Gel about twice a week even though it is gentle enough to be used every day.

For this exfoliating gel to work well, you should ensure that both your hands and face are dry. Rub in circular motion. I take particular care in exfoliating my forehead, nose and chin because my T-zone is usually slightly oilier and therefore will have more clogged pores.

If you are to use the exfoliating gel daily, don't be surprised that the residue is very little - afterall, there will not be much dead skin cells to be removed if you exfoliate daily.

My skin feels significantly less oily after the wash and the cheeks are exceptionally bouncy! If you were to compare before and after carefully, you will also realize that the skin is slightly brighter and fairer.

After exfoliation, I apply the Radiant Youth Essence.

Apart from Royal Jelly and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, provides energy for skin renewal and revitalization), the Youth Essence is also packed with Green Tea Extract, which is known for its anti-oxidant properties, and Ginseng and Wolfberry Extract.

The Youth Essence is slightly heavier in texture. If you were to look at the second picture carefully, it leaves a film of oily shine right after application but it gets absorbed completely after a while so you don't really have to leave home with a shiny face.

 Lastly, I complete my V-shape ritual with my most favourite product - the Face Lifting Cream.

The one thing I like about Bio-Essence's Face Lifting Cream is that the product is so rich, I don't need to apply a huge amount on my face. When used daily, one bottle can actually last me for at least six months!

Like its predecessors, the Face Lifting Cream is packed with a measuring tape for you to measure and be convinced that your face is indeed smaller.

I started off with about 9.5cm from the edge of my mouth to my ear. You can also measure from the edge of your nose to your ear as well. I think it works both ways.

After confirming the size of your face, apply sparingly over your cheeks and your jaw line, paying particular attention to your neck.

Remember to always rub in an upwards motion and when done, complete your morning ritual with sunblock and make up.

You will also realize that your make up blends much easier and stays longer because the skin is very moisturized.

Wanna win one of the seven V-shaped face products?

There will be 30 winners picked DAILY and all you need to do is:

1. Go to Bio-essence's Facebook Page
2. Play the 'Unlock Your Feminine Charm' Game
3. Win prizes

Good luck!

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