Thai Express 2013 Menu Revamp

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This post is sponsored by Thai Express

Last week, Thai Express invited a couple of the Community Games 2013 bloggers over to their Bugis+ outlet to try out their spanking new menu and all 9 (including Dylan!) of us had a really good time eating and salivating over the delicious Thai food.

From left: Samantha, myself, Hui Yan, Ka Man, Apple, Michelle and Darren
A very big thank you to Thai Express and the marketing team for hosting us with a sumptuous dinner!

Most of you will not be a stranger to Thai Express. In fact, every time I have a Thai food craving, I will always head down to one of their 24 outlets island wide. By the way, do you know that some of your other favorite outlets like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, New York New York, Shokudo etc are all under Thai Express?

Ahhh.. now you know. :)

We started with some starter dishes like the Deep Fried Minced Crab Meat ($10.40) which I absolutely love because of the generous crab meat stuffed inside this perfectly deep fried cake. Served with a slightly sweet-and-sour plum sauce, ooooohhhh. Definitely an appetizer you wouldn't want to miss!

The Crispy Caramalized Noodle ($7.90) is also another interesting dish that you have to try because it is very very popular in Thailand! In fact, tourists and Thai locals alike, they will pair this dish with a bottle of ice-cold beer. A perfect dish to unwind yourself with after a long day at work.

As for the main dishes, I must say I love them all because all of them taste so fragrant! The Minced Chicken and Dry Kway Teow salad ($9.30) is actually pretty interesting - something like wrapping the Korean Black Pork, if you've tried it before.

Basically, you take a piece of fresh lettuce then in it, you lay a piece of fried kway teow. Fill it up with the flavorful minced chicken and the accompanying sauce, wrap it up and stuff it in your mouth at once and let the delectable flavor explode in your mouth. Yum yum.

The Stir-fried minced chicken ($9.30) is another variation to the usual Basil Chicken, except that there is century eggs added to it but because I don't take century eggs, they taste about the same to me lah hahahaha.

Another to-try dish from Thai Express' latest menu has to be the Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wings ($8.30). Sourish wings with a kick of Tom Yum spices on its crispy skin, oh my. This is the reason why I love chicken wings so much, hehehe.

As for the dessert, Dylan had a ball of time eating them because the rest of the food was not suitable for this little baby. When the Steamed Sweet Potato ($5.30) arrived, Dylan was so excited he was bouncing off my lap!

Both of us are super concentrating on the Sweet Potato. Dylan loves it so much he ate half of it by himself!
Once again, thank you very much, Thai Express, for your warm hospitality in hosting all of us bloggers in your Bugis+ outlet!

The revamp menu is available in all Thai Express outlets now.

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  1. you're looking really good in the photos~ absolutely radiant!

    1. Haha thank you dee dear! You're always so sweet with your comment. <3

      LOVE U!


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