Pizza Hut launches Yummy Cheesy Bites Trio

Friday, April 26, 2013

This post is brought to you by Pizza Hut Singapore

A fortnight ago, our family was invited by Pizza Hut Singapore to try out their latest release - the Cheesy Bites Trio and boy are we excited! The last time we attended Pizza Hut's food tasting, I remember I was very heavily pregnant. Do you remember?

If you are a Pizza Hut fan, you will remember that back in November 2011, there was also something similar - the Cheese Bites Treats. Unlike its former counterpart which had alternate sausage & cheese fillings then topped with cornflakes, the Cheesy Bites Trio is back to promise even better flavours.

As you can see, the pizza is made up of 18 cheese-filled bites that has fillings alternating between 3-flavour cheese and smooth cream cheese. My money is on the cream cheese. So delicious!

Apart from that, the Cheesy Bites Trio now contains three different types of topping - Smoky Chipotle, Parmesan and Black and White Sesame. Both Nian and I love the Black and White Sesame topping the most because after baking it in the oven, ooooooh. The sesame seeds are so fragrant, I don't even...!

Of course, I also had a fair share of fun at the food tasting event - I made my very own Cheesy Bites Trio, hehehe.

It is really not easy to make this Cheesy Bites Trio, by the way. Each of these 18 delicious bites are carefully rolled and stuffed with cheese by hand, can you believe it?!

Therefore, it is very, very time consuming to be making this pizza but I'd say, it is then worth the calories. :p

To top it off, each of these pizzas are served with velvety cheese dip that is savoury, yet sweet at the same time. I think it gives the pizza another jab of oomph!

Did I mention that I was making the Cheesy Bites Trio for a contest against Christine? Because I was so kiasu.... I won. *sheepish smile*

However, as a prize, both of us got to bring the pizza home and it became our breakfast for two days! Tell me about awesome prize.

Apart from the Cheesy Bites Trio, we were also pampered with a whole lot of other dishes.

Have you tried Pizza Hut's side dishes before? If not, please let me recommend you my favourite Cheesy Mushrooms (not in picture). Of course, you can also settle for Hut's Signature Chef Platter if you have a huge gang of friends eating together - more value for money mah.

The Hut's Chicken Steak is also very tender to bite and extremely flavourful. Sometimes I wonder why Pizza Hut wanna put us in such a difficult position. I already have a lot of trouble deciding my favourite pizza topping and then now they make me salivate with their other mains and sides! :O

We ended off the sumptuous meal with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I'd go for their Warm Chocolate cake with ice cream without much hesitation though!


The Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery service until 2 July 2013.

You can enjoy
- 1 Cheesy Bites Trio (any topping - I personally like their Chicken Supreme!)
- 2 Soup of the day and
- 2 glasses of sparkle drinks

at only $28.90 if you were to dine in at their outlet.

There is also a Fiesta Meal at $48.60 for the following:
- 1 Cheesy Bites Trio
- 1 Regular Pan
- 4 Soup of the day
- 4 glasses of sparkle drinks

Home delivery

Cheesy Fun Meal at $26.50
- 1 Cheesy Bites Trio
- 4 pcs Honey Roasted Wings
- 6 pcs Mini Hash Brown

Cheesy Double Deal at $28.90
- 1 Cheesy Bites Trio
- 1 Regular Pan

Once again, a very big thank you to Pizza Hut's wonderful marketing team for hosting Nian, Dylan and myself. Dylan had so much fun himself too, getting carried around by all the pretty ladies. Hehe.

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