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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Hello everyone! It's another post from Pampers Singapore again! :) But before I begin, how do you like the new layout? It's nothing much of a difference, except that I refurbished the sidebars to make it neater... and incorporated a new background and header.

I've added a new tagline - saying the F word! So apart from beliving in kickin' asses, I also say the F word: Family, Fun, Food, Fashion,Face... & my favourite WTF, wtf.

As you've known, our little family went on a short trip to Indonesia about three weeks ago and it was really super fun. Of course, I also learned a lot of things, having travelled with a little one the first time.

I wanna give a virtual round of applause for Dylan, because even though it was a short 1.5 hours flight, this little boy really tried to enjoy himself as much as possible on flight!

First thing I learned as soon as I got to the airport...

Don't travel on a budget flight if you have a child below 3 years old.

Even though Jetstar accepts infants to board on their plane (We topped up $50 for Dylan) , I was shocked to realize that there were no bassinets available for him. Since he doesn't have an allocated seat, it meant that he had to sit on my lap the entire trip.

That is fine, except the seat, as all of us know.... is VERY CRAMPED.
 We were also given an infant seat belt which I was not taught on how to use it. Thankfully, a very nice Italian passenger sitting beside me gave me a quick run-through.
Suckling helps to relieve blocked ears

Dylan didn't have much of a blocked ear when we departed, but he felt very uncomfortable when we were landing - so uncomfortable that he started kicking a fuss and wanted to leave the aircraft and wouldn't stop crying. Poor boy.

As advised by fellow mummy-friends, I let him suckle on me as we descent - the swallowing action will help to unblock his ears and make him feel more comfortable.


After a 1.5-hour flight, Dylan and I took a taxi to Nian's hotel, which was about 2 hours away from the airport. By then, we were already out for close to 6 hours - 2 hours in advance for check-in, 1.5 hour for the flight and 2 hours for the cab ride.

Luckily Dylan was wearing Pampers Active Baby, which is really absorbent. The last thing I want is to look for a nursing room all by myself in a foreign land as soon as I landed!

Throwing you guys some photos of the trip.

Feasted on A&W the very first night already. A&W should come back to Singapore, you know? It will easily be one of my favourite fast food chains with their waffle ice-cream, root beer and delicious fish burger!

Talking about fish.... we headed to Seaworld the next day. It was Dylan's first trip to an aquarium and boy! He was really curious about those fishes as they swim about. It was a really funny sight. :D

Both Nian and I love to go to aquariums. If you had realized, we try to go to different aquariums when we travel. So far, we've been to the one in KL and Perth! We will bring Dylan and our children to conquer more aquariums as we go. ^-^

Pack extra baby food, just in case

As for Dylan's food, the little boy is generally not a picky eater. He eats whatever we eat, but some stuff, like Fried Rice for example, is too oily and not suitable for him. So we brought about 4 bottles of ready-made baby food for him.

Other times, we feast on desserts together!

We went to Senayan City after a short trip to the aquarium and I was blown away by how big the mall was! Parents should totally check out their nursing rooms - they have rocking chairs for mummies to sit while breastfeeding their babies ok!!!

That was where we chanced upon Pancious, where they serve really wonderful pancakes and crepecakes with home-made ice-cream at only SGD$5 each. SO AFFORDABLE & DELICIOUS.

Pack MORE Than Enough

Went to the zoo on our third day and the weather was a killer. Luckily I was well-prepared and bought baby sunscreen before we departed and I slathered on for Dylan like as though he was going on a suntanning mission.

I also prepared a cap, an umbrella and loads of extra clothes for this excursion, but I only brought 3 pieces of Pampers Active Baby cuz I know I won't need to change him until we get back to the hotel, unless he poos.

Escaped the sweltering heat and we popped ourselves into the nearest Secret Recipe we can find, for lunch. Just like everyone says, Secret Recipe is affordable everywhere, all except our little sunny island.

Paid for about $30 for the both of us for two mains, two drinks and two desserts. :D

Headed back to the hotel for a relaxing swim (I bought all the swimming essentials in Kiddy Palace and then lug them over!) and then another dip on the 4th day, the day we were leaving.

We flew Garuda Airlines our way back and I enjoyed the flight SO MUCH more! For an extra $100, Dylan had a bassinet where he sat inside and played with random toys we gave him and we got to have orange juice and meal to eat for the short flight.

The airline even gave Dylan a Baby Pack, which consisted of diapers, baby powder, rubber ducky and a whole lot of stuff.

If you have a problem of diapers taking up more than half of your luggage when you pack, perhaps you can consider Pampers Active Baby. It being ultra-slim but not compromising on the absorption qualities, makes it an ideal companion for travel. The diaper is also lined with hypoallergenic lotion with aloe vera extract that will help gently protect baby’s skin and reduces diaper rash from long hours of diaper wear.

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