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Saturday, April 13, 2013

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After being a mommy for 8 months, I realized getting a baby to sleep is probably one of the hardest things to do. Really. Between Engineering Math and putting a baby to sleep, you can bet which one I'd do.

Yup, easier than putting a baby to bed

What's worse is when you're really very sleepy, but Baby is still very happily bouncing and playing around, oh, good Gods of Olympia.

Children need to have sufficient sleep in order not to be cranky. For Dylan, it is really pretty simple to make him a happy boy - loads of milk and sleep!

How much is enough?

As a child grows older, he will require lesser and lesser sleep. Here's a table that mummies can refer to:

This is quite accurate for my 8-month-old boy; not in terms of the number of naps, but the number of hours he clocks sleeping. For him, he takes about 3 naps - 8.30AM, 12PM, 3PM and each nap can last for an hour.

At night, he sleeps from 8PM to about 7AM, which works out to be about 11 hours, clocking 14 hours a day for him.

Making him sleep

Both Nian and I have tried many, many different methods to get Dylan to fall asleep ever since he is, what, 4 months old?

I usually let him suckle on me until he is drunk by milk and then he will automatically fall asleep, but I realized this made others putting him to bed one helluva challenge because others can't breastfeed him, can they?

So slowly, we developed a sleeping routine to let him know that, "Hey buddy, it's time for bed."

The sleeping routine revolves around bringing him into our bedroom, draw the blinds and close the door. Then I'll wipe him down with a damp cloth, change his diapers and give him a good bedtime massage.

After which, I'll let him suckle on me. Yes, I think letting him suckle is my calling lah.

Luckily, as Dylan grows older, he is able to differentiate his caretakers and then accomodate to them differently. For example, if Nian takes care of him, he will just sit in his cot, play with his pillow and Huffalump and plonk into the bed and fall asleep. (Why can't he be this nice to me????)

If my mother-in-law takes care of him, he will let her pat him to sleep - which he will never let that happen if it was me putting him to bed. -__-

While this routine works quite well so far, I've been in and out of our room about 4 times as I type this post. Falling asleep? No problem.

The next challenge is to keep him asleep!

Why does my baby keep waking up?

1) Hunger
If you're having a newborn, the most probable reason is because he is hungry. Newborns' tummies are extremely tiny, so they feed very often - say, about every 2 hours?

2) Temperature
If you're sleeping in an air-conditioned room, the room temperature may be too cold for your child and hence, he is unable to sleep well. Separately, it is also possible that the room may be too hot or stuffy for him.

For Dylan, he is a perspiration-monster. He perspires so much that sometimes, even a KDK (well known for fan power ok) fan at Speed 3 cannot cool him down enough, so thank goodness for air-con.

3) Too tired
You'd be amazed that a baby who is too tired cannot fall asleep in five seconds like us. Unfortunately, the more tired they are, the harder it is to fall asleep. Some sort of machanism to punish us parents I think. :p

4) Separation anxiety
This is especially true if your child is between six to eight months because this is the time when they start to understand that Mommy and him are two separate person and well... Mommy can leave him and never return. And that, freaks him out. As such, you will find him always waking up every other hour just to make sure you are there to put him back to bed.

Our little gentleman is experiencing this now. He will wake up for no rhyme or reason, prop his head over his cot and call out to me so that I will give him a cuddle! As soon as his head hits my chest, he falls asleep... leaving me totally zonked out. Damn.

5) Milestone practicing
Babycenter also mentioned that your child will be very prone to waking up at night if he has reached a certain milestone cuz... he will be practicing it so much, he does it in his sleep too lol.

6) Teething
Teething causes a lot of ruckus in a baby's life because sometimes it causes fever and most of the time a grouchy baby wanting to bite anything and everything. I caught Dylan scratching his teeth against his cot recently. Like what a mouse would do. Cries when I stop him from doing that. -___-

7) Full diapers
Of course, what else can it be? Imagine sleeping with a pair of wet underwear - will that keep you awake? I'd bet. ;)

To prevent this, I'd suggest going for disposable diapers instead of reusable nappies because the former tend to have a higher absorption ability and it is able to keep the baby dry for a longer period of time.

Anyway, a more absorbent diaper is also more value-for-money because each piece, although costs about $0.30, can last at least 6 hours in the day and 12 hours at night, you don't need to change as often.

In fact, now that Nian and I have invested in a more absorbent diaper, plus the generiosity of Pampers Singapore, I can honestly tell you that I don't change Dylan's diapers in the middle of the night anymore. He can end his 12-hour long diaper with a powerful poop in the morning and still, Pampers will hold without exploding at the sides.

This is the little trooper this morning, with his fresh Pampers after waking up. :)

I hope this post can help you to understand your babies more and of course, a really wonderful sleep tonight! Have a good weekend y'all.

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