Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 4)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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In my previous post about Pampers Active Baby Pants, I mentioned that I will be putting these pants to the 12-hour sleep test and here I am with the results!

Dylan didn't manage to sleep through 12 hours so here's something close - a 10-hour diaper on the table, yeap!

As you can see, most of the pee is stored right at the bottom. It is barely even half full and I think if we don't put hygiene into consideration, this diaper right here could probably go for another three to four hours before it gets heavy.

Alike to the Pampers Active Baby Diaper, the insides were very, very dry and warm. Rather comfortable, I'd say. Another thing that I appreciate is that with the ultra stretchy sides, the waist area doesn't "roll down" and gets scrunched while Dylan sleeps - a very common happening with diapers.

Aaaaand... that's our Superstar in the morning being very happy, as usual. ^-^ The Active Baby Pants look a little baggy because it's too big for him, but the ultra stretchy waist is holding onto his hips pretty well, until he starts climbing and crawling. Hehe.

Now the question: Is this worth $0.70/piece?

Yes, but I will not use it at the moment. I'd stick to the Pampers Active Baby Diapers because it is also very comfortable and absorbent (& costs $0.35/pc)

I will start using the Pants version is when I start to toilet train Dylan - that way, he can remove his diapers and wear them back easily on his own and it will help me to prevent any accidental wee-wees. You know, situations where he got so engrossed in playing, he forgot to tell me that he needs to pee - the $0.70 will also be more value-for-money since it can last even longer than the 12 hours.

Yes.... I'm a calculative mommy like that lol.

I'd also like to add on that I never thought changing these Active Pants will be any different from changing diapers, but last weekend while I was waiting for the nursing room (which is ALWAYS very crowded), this mommy got so impatient she got her son to the handicap toilet and changed him there, while he stood, instead of lying down.

As I watch her do it (she didn't bother closing the door lol), I thought, "Hey! This is really convenient when we go out isn't it? No more waiting for these damn nursing rooms!"

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  1. These diapers work great. We rarely have any leaks except the first time we used the diaper overnight. At nighttime, make sure to fasten the tapes as high as possible across the front of the diaper. There is a lot of absorbent material in the front of the diaper. If you fasten the tapes to low, the top of the diaper tends to roll over exposing some of the absorbent material and your baby's clothes will get wet if they pee a lot at night. This is not an issue for us during the day because we change the diapers often enough that it does not get as saturated.
    honest co


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