Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 3)

Monday, April 22, 2013

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Hello daddies, mommies, daddies-to-be, mommies-to-be, very-enthusiastically-doing-research-ladies and gentlemen. Ok what the hell, it's a HELLO EVERYBODY!

I hope your weekend went by well; it was okay for us, except that poor Dylan ran a fever very suddenly on Friday night.

We still don't know what caused the fever; it went away with a couple of doses of Panadol, but we're putting the blame on teething, even though I didn't feel any new tooth cutting out lol.

My mother-in-law says that Dylan could be too heaty and advised me to boil some barley water for him so I guess I'd be hitting the supermarket tomorrow to buy some barley seeds!

Anyway, talking about Dylan, we've just managed to open our first pack of Pampers Active Baby Pants, after using the diaper counterpart for his bedtime.

Mom, I'm a big boy now so I wear PANTZZZZZ!

Well, for Dylan, he's not a "big boy" as he thinks he is because he can't really fit into the L-sized pants properly without having a baggy backside, hahaha!

The Pampers Active Baby Pants is only available in L and XL in the local market so the Medium-sized baby buns still can't quite fit into it, yet. Let's give him a month or two, okay? But in the meantime, let's take a look at the diapers.

Instead of five different animals in the Pampers Active Baby Diapers, the pants counterpart sports an elephant playing with toys and showering. Sigh, HOW CUTE can these images be!?

I was pointing to Dylan and telling him about the elephant playing with toys and showering and apparently, he prefers the blue pants, with the elephant in the bathroom!

This Pampers Active Baby Pants is really very soft. In fact, the entire Pants is so soft it is capable of preventing pressure markings on our babies, which is great news because pressure markings can lead to abrasions.

With an active baby who is constantly climbing, crawling and walking, abrasion is the last thing I want my baby to have.

If you were to look at the bottom part of Pampers Active Baby Pants carefully, you will realize it forms a V-shape; kinda like an underwear.

The slim crotch-shaped design is specially put in place such that it helps to make movement easier for our babies.

I cannot imagine having to walk like there's something stuck underneathe... there. #IfYouGetWhatIMean

First time parents who have never worn a diaper-pants before must realize that just like a pair of underwear..... you cannot wear the front as the back and the back as the front.

You will give your child a wedgie.

I wouldn't have known if there wasn't a Front label for me! Thankfully, it is put very visibly. I'd have let my son wander around at home with his baggy diaper-pants worn the opposite way LOL.

existing brand | Pampers Active Baby PANTS | Pampers Active Baby DIAPERS

I've also compared the thickness of Dylan's ordinary diapers vs Pampers Active Baby Pants and Pampers Active Baby Diapers.

The Pampers Active Diapers still win hands down in terms of thickness, but the Pants counterpart is pretty thin too!

This Pampers Active Baby Pants contains a soft waist stretch and does not have sticky tapes to hold it up. I've also did a calculation at NTUC today and it comes up to about $0.70 per piece.

Honestly, $0.70/piece is rather expensive, given that the Pampers Active Baby Diapers only costs about $0.38/piece. We will be testing out its absorption and the results will be out in the next installment of Pampers Special.

Is the Pampers Active Baby Pants worth the $0.70 per piece?

Stay tuned.

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