Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 1)

Monday, April 08, 2013

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

Hello there! Our family just touched down yesterday, after a short 4-day trip to Indonesia, Jakarta. It was a really fun trip (for the husband and I, at least. LOL) because we did quite a bit of exciting things together.

I'll go more into our trip in my later posts, but today, I'd like to talk about some other baby stuff - diapers! Yes, again!

Previously, I had done a review on the various diapers that we have tried, but you would have noticed that we haven't got down to trying Pampers, one of the Top 10 recommended brands in BabyCenter.

**psst, BabyCenter is like the Holy Grail for a lot of mummies. If you have a question regarding parenting, head on over there. They've got answers to almost every question I have!

So this time, a huuuuuge thank you to Pampers Singapore, Dylan has the opportunity to try Pampers out. :)

Dylan is very happy!
I'll be breaking down this review into 4 different parts:

- Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 1), which you're reading now, will cover the physical aspects of the diaper

- Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 2), the overnight test! Will Pampers Active Baby diaper be able to tolerate Dylan's 12 hours sleep + tossing & turning?

- Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 3) will cover the Active Baby Pants, which I'm really excited in letting Dylan try because ever since he has learned how to stand and cruise, changing diapers is really a challenge. O_O I'll be talking about the physical aspects of the pants in this post.

- And lastly, Pampers Active Baby Series (Part 4) will cover the absorption of these Active Baby Pants.

Apart from these reviews, I will also be sharing some parenting tips, specially brought to you by Pampers Singapore. April and May are truly parenting months in!


To give you some background knowledge, Pampers Active Baby is available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL.

Dylan weighs about 7.5kg and it fits him well. Even though I'm already very happy with the existing brand that we are using, I'm impressed by how thin Pampers Active Baby is.

In fact, it made our packing for our trip so much easier! Just take a look at the comparison:

8 pieces each, but a whopping difference in terms of thickness.

The width of Pampers Active Baby is also slimmer at 9cm, as compared to my exisiting diaper at 11cm. Even though my existing diaper doesn't give a lot of diaper bunching, parents whose children have chubbier legs may consider Pampers Active Baby to reduce diaper bunching incidences.

You can also interest your children with the five different animals featured on Pampers Active Baby series.

I don't know about most kids, but my Dylan shows a whooooole lot of interest in his diapers every time during changing time. He will be picking up his diapers and scrutinize at the colours, feel the material (lol I think!)... and then taste them. -__-

I thought these 5 animals were pretty interesting to him; and helpful when I point to them and name the animals for him.

All in all, I give a 4 stars out of 5 to the overall physical appearance - I only wish for a slightly stickier tape!

Pampers Active Baby is available in all leading supermarkets.

Will Pampers Active Baby pass the overnight test? Stay tuned to Pampers Active Baby Series Part 2. :)

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