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Friday, April 19, 2013

This post is brought to you by National Vertical Marathon

Before I got together with Nian, I never really considered about running vertical marathons - simply because I don't even run at all, hahaha!

But honestly, when Nian first proposed to have me run my first Vertical Marathon, boy... I don't even have any words to describe it. Okay, I was kinda excited but I think I was more of nervous ba?!

My first vertical marathon in 2009

Besides, I think it was really crazy of me to attempt to scale 72 floors on my first attempt. Like seriously??? I don't even climb 12 floors up to my flat and there I was, attempting to climb something SIX times the height. -__-

Thankfully, I survived the climb and I scaled yet another 72 floors in the following year, coming in 47th in the Women's Open category.

My 2nd attempt in 2010

With just two race experiences in my pocket, I wanted to climb more. I actually enjoyed scaling upwards than forward, I don't know why! It's kinda like... your torture is more short-lived kinda thing.

If you run a 21KM, wa lao eh. You would have to be tortured for a minimum of 2 hours, sometimes even more if you're unfit. For the vertical marathon, the longest you can take is probably 45 minutes?

In 2011, Nian introduced me to National Vertical Marathon.

My 3rd attempt in Vertical Marathon, but first ever National Vertical Marathon in 2011

What I appreciated about the NVM:

1. It is more manageable than the Swissotel Vertical Marathon

If you're a newbie to Vertical Marathons, I will recommend you to take part in the NVM first. As compared to 72 storeys, you will only need to climb 40 storeys in their new climbing location - Asia Square.

Now, don't get me wrong, even though I say that it is more manageable, it is in fact very challenging for someone new in vertical marathon!

For example, you need to consider whether you want to take single steps one-by-one, or you want to increase your speed to two-by-two BUT risk cramps if you're not well-trained.

You also need to think about how to overtake in the narrow stair well.

Of course, the ventilation is also very challenging because the air in there is very still and stale - you bet you'd need so much more stamina and endurance as compared to running flat ground!

2. It has a lot of interesting categories

The NTU Sports Club really tries their best to host as many different people from different walks of life as possible.

Lover's Challenge ($60/team)

Some wise men once said, "If you can go through hardships together, you will stay together."

I think this is why the Lover's Challenge category is always one of the most popular ones! Besides, I think this is a good test for your other half - how do they treat you when they are tired themselves?

I've seen some really sweet boyfriends who would piggyback their girlfriends because they couldn't climb no more... I've also seen boyfriends at the back of their girlfriends, pushing them up literally.

I've also seen boyfriends shouting at their girlfriends like soldiers like that. O_O wtf LOL.

No matter how you plan to conquer the 40 storeys, I'm sure this will be a wonderful memory for the both of you, yes?

Family Fun Race ( 3 to 5 family members: $75 / $90 / $100 for different number of members)

The Family Fun Race is a non-competitive race to let the younger ones experience the thrill of climbing up 40 storeys. If your child is healthy, above nine years old and always excited to try something new, maybe you can sign him up along with other family members - just make up a minimum of 3 people and you're good to go!

All participants in the Family Fun Race will go home with a gift pack. Awesome!

3. It has a huge range of after-race activities!

Only a supporter last year - I was 8 months pregnant with Dylan then! Didn't remember my face was SO ROUND omg!
Most of the time, the results don't come out immediately after your race. You'd need to wait for at least an hour or two and if you're one of the winners, congrats. You will have to wait some more until the entire event is over and we have a prize presentation.

It is really very boring to wait for results and the prize presentation one I tell you. Go and eat already, come back, still no results. Go and eat some more, come back, results out already BUT have to wait for prizes lol.

With that in mind, National Vertical Marathon has many, many exciting activities going on at the ground floor - either to occupy those who are waiting for their loved ones or for the contestants themselves.

Last year, there was even this Ride-The-Bull thingy which looked super fun! Basically, people are to just hang on the bull for as long as they can while the bull basically just goes into this wild fling. Most of them were flung out within 20 seconds hahahaha.

I wasn't able to try with my bulging belly last year so I do hope this year they are gonna have it again so that I can try. HEHEHE.


If you're looking for a brand new experience in running a race, you should really consider running this year's National Vertical Marathon. I mean, running those plain old 10KM, 21KM and 42KM is just long winded and tiring.

Vertical Marathons are like.... a quicky. You get exhausted, but you get it over and done with very quickly and the sense of accomplishment is equivalent to running long distance.

Registration was closed on 8 April but because of overwhelming response, they've opened 200 more slots since 10 April so grab the slots while it last, ya? :)

[Click link to Register]

And yes, Nian and I will be there too! I do hope I can take less than 20 minutes to scale this 40 storeys, but.... fingers crossed lah hahaha!

See you at the top!

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