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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

This review is sponsored by Marie France Bodyline

Hi everyone! I hope the week has treated you well so far because it has been pretty great for me, that's for sure!

I think generally Dylan is my root of happiness. If I have to die now and rank some of my happiest happenings, I think giving birth to Dylan (not including the 40 hour of pain) will come in a close fight with the day I got married to Nian.

Position #3 will probably be the day when I finally passed my TP and got my driving license lol. I was so freakin' happy I almost fainted.

Position #4 will be the day when I won the super grand prize that consisted an iPad, Samsung Note 2, Samsung S3 and this very MacBook that I'm typing on now. I was so happy I think I peed a little in my jumpsuit wtf.

I'll share with you more about my own happiness ranking some other time but I'd like to share with you the highlight of this week - me being back at Marie France to lose some weight again!

A very big thank you to Marie France Bodyline for having me back trying out their latest body slimming therapies.

I had the luxury of having the Slimming Professionals to help me target some of my stubborn fatty area in 2011, months before my Chinese wedding. Back then, my treatment involved the following:

- State-of-the-art V'Pro machine
- Ultrasonic machine
- Anti-cellulite serum
- Signature wrap
- Tummy and thigh massage treatment
- Hot Blanket treatment

This time, I am back at their Bishan branch to try out their CSBS - Contour Sculpt Body System and ISS - Intellect Spot Shaping Treatment.

But before that, let's have some tea and a little talk with the nutritionist!

All clients are served with a welcome drink + a wet towel to freshen yourself up from the humid weather outside!

Fat% still puts me under the obese category LOL

Before we begin on any discussion, I was asked to take a body fat analysis and it showed that I have 28.1% fat percentage. It was a good improvement because previously, my fat% was a whopping 34%!

Not even joking!
My Body Fat Mass back then was 21kg (gasp!) and now, some 2 years later, it is down to 17.5kg - even though I weigh roughly the same. Thanks to speaking with Marie France's nutritionist back then, I had a very good insight of what to eat and what to avoid, so shortly after my sessions with Marie France, I continued to lose weight. :)

This time, I spoke to the nutritionist about my addiction to bubble tea. You know what she told me? "Each cup of bubble tea is equivalent to almost two bowls of rice leh."

Okayyyyyyy. I don't think I should consume THAT much of sugar and carbohydrates if I really want to lose those extra weight! Just like the previous year, I will achieve my ideal weight if I shed another 3 more kilograms.

Which I definitely don't think it is too difficult!

Back to CSBS, it is an excellent treatment to visibly reduce inches, lift and tone targeted areas of your body. Infused with Marie France's signature potent plant and mineral blend, the compression of the Contour Sculpt Body Wrap will help to get rid the body of impurities and fatty acids through the process of lymphatic drainage.

It also helps to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretions, and improve skin’s elasticity over time.

The CSBS costs $128 per session of 45 to 60 minutes treatment.


As for the ISS - Intellect Spot Shaping Treatment, it is specially created to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from undesirable spots like love handles, flabby upper arms and thighs.

Wrapping up the boob area before we start so that you don't stain your lingerie
This non invasive technology incorporates proven techniques of ultrasound fat breaking and Marie France Bodyline’s signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap concept.

Ultrasound with anti-cellulite gel rubbed on the area for 9 minutes each
As I'm typing now, I can feel that the love handles at the back (I did the exact area as the model above) are softer. It used to be pretty tough and hard but now it is softer and doesn't feel as stubborn anymore lol.

My therapist is also very experienced - from the way she massages the stubborn love handles as she makes small talks casually, I can tell that she has mastered all her arm power from the endless stream of happy clients from Marie France.

If I were to massage someone for a good whole 20 minutes, you bet I'll end up having jelly arms at the end of it!

The ISS Cold Wrap
The FMS works by using a cold wrap, which "tricks" the body into thinking that the environment is cold, thereby encouraging the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to “burn off” as energy.

I finished off my ISS treatment with a further booster of Anti-Cellulite Serum with deep tissue detoxification massage for enhanced results.

The ISS treatment costs $360 per session of 45 minutes.

After two relaxing hours at Marie France Bodyline, here's a before and after shot for your comparison. I think my lower tummy is somewhat smaller, after my therapist's strong massage. 

Overall Opinions

All in all, I think the session at Marie France Bodyline was a very enjoyable one because the outlet's ambiance is remarkable - I felt like I was transported to another time and place where I could put down the worries of Dylan and all and truly relax myself, while losing weight.

All Marie France staff, from my nutritionist to my consultant to my therapist, were all very professional. There were also no hard-selling from their end, which was good because hard-selling scares me! 

They are also very meticulous because even though we changed from room to room for different treatments, my therapist always made sure I had a warm cup of water at my reach, without me asking for it.

All the machines were also state-of-the-art, very new and very well taken care of. You wouldn't spot a dirty machine because all of them are carefully cleaned before and after they are used. Aside, if you were to ask the therapist questions regarding your treatment, they will also be very willing to explain and show you, which I find it very comforting. 

You wouldn't want a therapist who doesn't know what she's doing, do you?

If you are also looking at losing some stubborn fats that you'd like to target, maybe you should give both CSBS and ISS a try. Personally, I like the ISS treatment more because of my therapist's powerful massage. It really relaxes me after a long day at work!

If you're interested to try, you can now get some amazing deals with the following e-vouchers. Just print and hand it over to them to enjoy these amazing rates, only for my readers!

Instead of $128 per session
Instead of $360 per session
 Once again, thank you very much, Marie France Bodyline, for this opportunity to try out your latest body slimming technology. :)

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