[KOSÉ Special] Increasing your skin's resilience

Friday, April 12, 2013

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Hi everyone! I hope the weather has been kind to everyone of you. The sun has been incredibly scorching these days and then suddenly it will start to rain in the afternoon, what the hell.

I was just telling my colleagues that it is very easy to fall sick in this kinda unpredictable weather and also very harmful to our skin.

In this last installment of whitening with INFINITY KOSÉ, I will be talking about improving the resilience of your skin.

What does skin resilience mean?

Resilience on its own refers to the ability to revert back to the original state. With a resilient skin type, it means that your skin will be able to recover from sun damages and irritation. Most importantly, it is resilient to wrinkling - thus being anti-ageing.

Some people are born with a resilient skin type, but others are not so lucky. As such, we have to rely on skincare products to improve the resilience of our skin to let it maintain its youthful state.

Last week, I talked about INFINITY KOSÉ Lotion XX and its ability to deeply moisturize and whiten the skin. Today, I will be talking about INFINITY KOSÉ's another new addition - the Serum XX

Apart from sealing in the moisture that the Lotion XX provides, you will be surprised that the Serum XX also has the ability to improve our skin resilience through regular usage!

How it works

The INFINITY KOSÉ Serum XX contains the European Elder flower extract. The European Elder has long been used as a folk remedy in Europe to reduce fever and swelling and for its diuretic effects.

This flower is known to contain several beneficial "ingredients" to stimulate cells, inhibit inflammation and improve the texture of skin.

Regular usage of the Serum XX will then improve the resilience of the skin through this Elder flower extract.

How I use it

After the application of the Lotion XX, I then pump a small amount of Serum XX and spread it evenly across my face.

These days, I also saturate clean masks** with Lotion XX then use it as a mask for about 10 minutes. After removing the mask, I will squeeze two pumps of the Serum XX on some cotton pads and apply it over my face, neck, chest and shoulders.

**The clean masks don't contain anything on its own, just dry pieces that you can use for any types of masks you make at home. It is available at most beauty stores like Sasa. (Fellow KOSÉ blogger Elaine blogged about this in detail, you can read about it if you're interested) If you don't have these masks, you can use cotton pads as well. A little thicker, but I guess it works the same. :)


Ok! With that, I shall end off this last post of  KOSÉ Special for this month. I sincerely thank KOSÉ's marketing team for this wonderful opportunity to work with KOSÉ and have the privilege to try out these very new products. It has been my utmost pleasure and my skin certainly benefitted from all the pampering from INFINITY KOSÉ. :)

Enjoy a special Introductory discount for these new INFINITY KOSÉ products:

- Deep Protection UV at $49 (U.P. $54)
- Realizing White Lotion a $99 (U.P. $110)
- Realizing White Serum at $99 (U.P. $110)

You can also find out more information at KOSÉ Singapore's Facebook page.

Remember, whitening is a long term process that requires a lot of patience, endurance and of course, the correct skincare products. To have healthy skin, remember to wash, tone and moisturize your face often! Here are my past two entries for KOSÉ Special:

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