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Friday, April 05, 2013

Hello!! By the time you guys are reading this, baby Dy and I are already out of Singapore, spending a lovely weekend with Nian at Jarkata, hehe!

It's really quite exciting, I've flown alone to a foreign country before but this is another experience altogether! By the way, do you know that in order to save on baggage, both Dy and I flew without any check-in luggage? Everything is in the hand-carry! So I had to plan properly cuz anything more than 100ml, Nian has to bring it over first. Then I will pack separately but enough for the air trip.

Whoa stresssss~~~~

I booked Jetstar tickets, which is apparently the cheapest when I compared it against other airlines but wa lao, it had soooo many hidden charges wtf. From a $69 airfare, we ended up paying like $130 over dollars, twice the amount that was displayed leh!

Always feel very cheated when I fly Tiger/Jetstar. -_-

Anyway, leaving you with some pictures from the past few weeks! We will be doing touristy things, as usual, but we are specially making a trip to the zoo for this little boy. Can you sense that this old woman here is very excited too? :D


The first picture I've ever taken with Dylan learning how to stand at 32 weeks! Since then, he has been super enthusiastic about standing and propping his head on the wooden bar just to say hi to me.

It is quite funny to see him like that you know? Imagine the first thing you see when you open your eyes is... him grinning happily at you while watching you nua in bed.

It is quite very perfect. I think I will miss this phase of life when he grows older and stop doing this.


Spot his cheeky face looking over the railings? He is trying to start cruising, but not much luck yet. Keeps falling over every time he tries, but this just makes the stubborn him more determined to get it right.

Guess I'll just have to do my part as a mummy to encourage him! So every time he succeeds in moving towards me, I give him a biiiig hug and a mighty sloppy kiss. That makes him and I very happy. :D


Had a brunch date with Lava and Baby Aiden as well and having two babies in tow is really pretty funny... and fun! 3-months-plus Aiden is so much more alert now and he is so smiley, I think he will be a charmer, just like Dylan. Hehehe.


Received an invite from Nandos to try out their Angry Mangoes again, after lamenting that I missed out on the previous food tasting. 

Thank you for sending me such a cute headband, my tuition kid couldn't help it but laughed out loud when I told him I was angry with him and I wore this over my eyebrows LOL.

If you're wondering what the hell is Nandos Angry Mangoes, it is actually Flame-Grilled Chicken and Mango served either in burgers, pitas or wraps. And because it is spicy, sweetish and savory (as per what the good people from Nandos say), they call it the Angry Mangoes. Hahahaha.

Can't wait to head down to Nandos to try this dish out with Nian when we are back!


Another picture from our brunch date with my good friend, Lava and her baby, Aiden. Just thought this picture is worth posting cuz... I dunno why Dylan is in a spiderman pose wtf hahahahahaha!!

(And you'd realize I'm in the same clothes in almost every picture because Nian brought over most of my breastfeeding-friendly clothes, leaving me with just two or three to change about LOL)


My super active baby boy doing stunts on his bouncer and trying to offer me his pacifier. SO CUTE I DON'T EVEN. 

He loves his pacifier a lot so I guess it is pretty meaningful that he is willing to share with me when I ask him for it, right? ^^


Spent $75 on a 600 thread count bed sheet at a sale, when the usual price was $400. MAKES ME SO HAPPY, I bought two sets. Hehehe.

Actually, the sales-uncle told me that we shouldn't pay so much attention to the thread count cuz sometimes, some unethical companies will exaggerate their thread counts so the most accurate will be to touch the cloth itself.

To prove his point, he showed me a 800 thread count bed sheet and told me to touch. It felt like a 150 thread count cuz it was so rough! I then believed him. So that day, Auntie Jac learned a new skill - i.e. not to trust whatever that is printed, but always touch what I wanna buy, before I buy.

Before you know it, you'd see me squeezing every apple in the supermarket LOLOL.


In other news, I dyed my hair red!

I was in a dilemma as to what color I wanted to dye cuz I saw some girls with dip-dyed blue/purple hair and it is so pretty! Then I also wanted a royal purple hair for the entire head cuz it is cool like that.

Budden, I know I can take red the best so I couldn't decide whether to be courageous and spontaneous to try out a whole new colour, or just stick to something not too daring, but nice.

I went for the latter, obviously. :p

My hairstylist said that it is quite hard to dye other colors later on, if I want to change my color from purple/blue to something else. I could still do a red, but go for something brighter and more vibrant. So I listened to her and went for super fiery red highlights.

It is not so clear in the pictures, but just try looking at the hair in real life. It is fire-engine red. Hahaha rockin' it fierce!


Ending this week's FF with a photo of myself at the gym. 5th week since I am back, been doing some leg/abs/arms work, hopefully to tone it up!

My biggest problem is still that humungous backside lah, what else.

Regardless, since this week is a holiday week for our little family, training up can wait. Let's go and have some fun first!

See you again when we're back in SG. Bye!

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