Dylan Turns 8 Months!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

If you have been reading my humble blog, you will realize that ever since we have Dylan in our lives, I've been significantly happier and maybe less angst in me.

For this past 8 months, every time I look at this little boy, I think I'm blessed. When I look at him, I want to have a few more Dylans because he brightens up my day so much!

And every time I look at him, he makes my heart swell with so much love and emotions. I never knew I'm capable of loving someone like that. I used to use the term "love of my life" very loosely - I thought an ex was the "love of my life", but of course, who was I to know? I was so young and naive back then.

Then I thought probably Nian is the "love of my life", but really, I think Dylan and the subsequent children we are gonna have are the actual loves of our lives hahaha.

I wanted to say I'm sorry to Nian actually, but then I realized that ever since we have our own children, I'm no longer the "love of his life" too. You know in the past, when he is posted overseas for work, he doesn't really miss home much. He loves to head out and see the world and experience interesting things.

But this time, being the first time away from Dylan, the husband finds it really difficult to do so. He started missing Dylan even before he departed!

How will you not miss a cheeky face like that?
This month, the little one mastered standing up. I think I've mentioned before (have I?) that he is also trying to learn to cruise (holding onto something and trying to walk) but he hasn't really perfected his balance as yet.

He also had his virgin fall out of our bed one fine morning, which gave me a huge scare! I think this is the second biggest scare I got, after the incident where he had his bolster covering his face and because he was still swaddled up then, he couldn't remove it and started screaming.

It was like 5.30 or 6AM and I was still pretty zonked out when Mr. Junior Tan woke up and wanted to play. In order to appease him, I carried him out of his cot and laid him down beside me while I plonk my arm across him to act as a "safety belt" so that he doesn't roll / crawl and fall down.

That day, safety belt failed cuz I actually fell into such a deep sleep, Baby Tan escaped from my clutches and crawled towards the end of the bed, wanting to get something from the TV console I think. Before I know it, I heard a loud crash that made me jump right out of bed.

Poor baby was wailing at the top of his lungs because he had such a bad scare. #badmommy

Picked him up and sayang him a bit to calm him down and the above was the stoned face he gave me after the fall. Haiya. Heartache.

Brought him out shopping this month and we bought a whole lot of new stuff! We bought him a brand new wet suit to prepare him for his swimming session, together with sunblock, floats, swim diapers... and a cute little cap to wear during hot days cuz he doesn't have a lot of hair to protect his scalp lah hahahaha!

He is not really used to wearing a cap though, he kept wanting to yank it out of his head and he gets really annoyed when he fails LOL.

Went on a date with Amanda and XY this month. I think this is the second time these two little cutesy buns meet? When Dy was celebrating his first month, Mandy didn't turn up cuz she was not feeling well... then when we went out for XY's birthday when Dy was 2 months old, Mandy was with her nanny.

It was until Christmas, when Dylan was 4 months old that he met Amanda jie-jie, but then he was too young to even comprehend what was going on.

Now at 7 months, he can sit with Mandy and have some serious discussion lol.

Two little baby teeth are out now! If you were to compare it with the previous picture, you would realize how much the teeth have grown. :)

With that, I've also started teaching Dylan to brush his teeth before he sleeps!

Thanks to my good friend, Lava, who bought Dylan this banana toothbrush, brushing teeth has never been more fun than this.

It works like a teether-cum-toothbrush, so when Dy bites on the banana, it actually brushes it!

In his speech development wise, he recognizes certain words and understands some of the things I tell him. He also started to name his things in his personal way... like his pacifier? He calls it "um um" LOL.

And when I ask him, "Baby, where's your um um?" He will actually look around for it and then give it to me if he finds it!

That's pretty damn amazing I must say.

It makes me look forward to whatever that is coming in this month because this little fella has never stopped surprising us yet. :)

Thank you, God. I pray that he will be healthy, happy and have the courage and responsibility to always do the right thing.... the love of my life.

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  1. Hi Jac,

    May i know where to get this banana toothbrush.

    Want to get one for my gal too..


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