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Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Do you watch movies? You do right?

One thing that always makes me envious of those actresses in the movies is that when they wake up, they always look gorgeous - clear skin, smooth hair and even their boyfriend's white shirt doesn't seem to be creased wtf.

Sometimes no clothes are on but that's beside the point. Look at her hair!
 Well.. not so lucky for me.

I don't know what's up with my hair, but if you've read the post I wrote for my new hair-do, you'd realize I have very flat hair when my hair is long.

But when it is short, I get a lot of flyaways. -__-

Can you see? This is my wake-up hair lolol
It is not so bad when I use a conditioner when I wash my hair, but when we talk about washing hair when Dylan is around, it's like showering with a time bomb.

Turn on cartoon, make sure baby sits safely, runs into the toilet (stripping on the way), turn on water (haven't even waited for warm water to run), wet body, soap, squeeze shampoo, OH WHAT? 5 MINUTES ALREADY?

Rinse everything off, step out of the shower, dry myself, wear clothes. Baby cries for me. Exactly 10 minutes.

No time for conditioner and let it sit for 1 minute (as per the instruction on my conditioner lol), sorry!

Nowadays, time has been easier to manage with Asience's Leave-On Hair Treatment cuz I can use them in the bedroom, where Dylan is, and I don't need to wash the goodness away. #OneStoneKillsTwoBirds

Asience's Leave-On Hair Treatment is available in three different formats: oil, milk and water to suit different hair types. All these hair treatment also contain Beauty Essences of Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf to provide intensive repair.

From left to right:

Treatment Water (200ml): Suitable for tangled and untamed hair, it repairs your hair and retains the moisture without weighing your hair down.

Treatment Milk (100ml): Suitable for dry and frizzy hair - I use this immediately after I wash and towel-dry my hair. It really tames the flyaways very well and my hair falls smooth and straight when it dries completely.

Treatment Oil (28ml): Non-greasy hair treatment oil that is best for severely dry and damaged hair. I'd recommend this to ladies with split-ends especially, but if you don't, you can apply at the hair ends anyway to boost and seal moisture in your tresses.

For best results, blow dry your hair after applying the hair treatment so that it absorbs into the hair better, but if you're like a busy mom like me, it's also okay if you don't blow dry.

I didn't, but that result is still great!

The Asience Leave-On Hair Treatment is retailing from April 2013 onwards at $14.90 each at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.

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